DKC – Chapter 1248

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Chapter 1248 – Recoil of Madness (2)

Just when Su Luo was so nervous that she didn’t dare breathe, the golden vine got close to the purple-colored crystal stone closest to her. Afterwards, it quietly wrapped up that crystal.

Just when the golden vine was about to fly back, suddenly, that elderly man’s body shifted slightly.

Su Luo’s heart immediately jumped into her throat!

Her luck couldn’t be this bad right? This elderly man wouldn’t just wake up like this right?

Su Luo’s heart violently throbbed, but very quickly, she adjusted back to normal. She adjusted her body’s functions to the slowest tempo. Only like this, could she achieve her aim through underhanded means and not let that elderly man discover her presence.

That golden vine also laid on the ground motionless, not daring to budge even a bit.

The figure of the meditating elderly man swayed, but he didn’t open his eyes, and also didn’t make other movements. However, the spirit power around his body became somewhat denser once again.

Su Luo waited for a long time and saw that this old man was once again in the selfless cultivation state, before she relaxed her guard. Just now, that was a close call, she was almost discovered. Su Luo wiped away at the non-existent sweat on her forehead.

Now, under Su Luo’s command, the golden vine wrapped up that purple-colored crystal stone and slowly pulled back.

Finally, the purple-colored crystal stone that was fetched back with great difficulty, fell into Su Luo’s hand at last.

The little divine dragon in Su Luo’s arms, once again, his sparkling, transparent saliva with dripping sounds, fell down.

Su Luo, in annoyance, stuffed this huge piece of crystal stone into the little divine dragon’s mouth: “Take it. Hold it and nibble on it slowly.”

Afraid that the sound that the little divine dragon made when nibbling on that crystal was too loud and would wake that elderly man currently cultivating, as a result Su Luo directly delivered the little divine dragon into her space.

Moreover—— the corner of Su Luo’s mouth curved up into a pondering arc. She still had a little spirit fox in her space, this little brat was also a glutton. It was also a master that saw good stuff and would look forward to it. She’d just let the little divine dragon go play with the little spirit fox, then.

This side of the room, Su Luo had already fixed her gaze on the other six purple-colored crystal stones.

In this world, purple-colored crystal stones were really rare. Even if someone had it, it would also be in the hands of absolute experts and under their control. Even if Su Luo had a great amount of wealth in her hand, she also simply had no access to buy it. Therefore, Su Luo’s plan was calculated onto those six purple-colored crystal stones.

Looking helplessly at the treasure in front of her and not take it, this action was not something someone of Su Luo’s nature could do.

However, this old man before her eyes ah…Su Luo had one hand supporting her chin, her beautiful eyes wandered around quick-wittedly.

In regards to an expert’s pressure in Central Palace, the only one who was on par with Teacher was that mysterious Mo family’s ancestor. No need to guess, this old man absolutely was Central Palace’s elder ancestor.

Mo Yunfeng used promises and threats to invite her group to Central Palace, just to get Su Luo’s blood. Just from this point, her conflict with Central Palace would inevitably exist. Moreover, it was a bitter state of ‘you live I die’. Forget about the rest of the people in Central Palace, if this elder ancestor was to undertake the task, even at Nangong Liuyun’s peak period, he still might not be able to beat this old man.

If she didn’t come across this, then fine, now, even the heavens were helping her, if she didn’t grasp this opportunity, wouldn’t it be too great of a waste? Wouldn’t she be hacked by lightning, then?

Looking at that old man immersed in cultivation and totally oblivious to the arriving danger, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth arched up into a cold smile.

Old man, if you must blame someone, blame that your Central Palace’s schemes were not principled. This matter can’t be blamed on me oh. Su Luo silently said this sentence in her heart, afterwards, she started to communicate with the golden vine.

When the golden vine was preparing to snatch the second purple-colored crystal stone, Su Luo coldly smiled. She took out a piece of crystal stone about the same size as that purple-colored crystal stone.

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