DKC – Chapter 1250

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Chapter 1250 – Recoil of Madness (4)

The black medicine and the spirit energy inside the crystal stone were extremely similar. Only like this was it able to catch people off guard and entrap them.

Old Man Mo was caught off guard. In one mouthful, he absorbed all of the black medicine contained inside the crystal stone.

Su Luo’s heart violently throbbed for a moment.

Could Old Man Mo realize the difference? Could he distinguish it? Su Luo’s heart continued to be tangled on this question.

However, Old Man Mo’s action, made Su Luo’s heart return to its original position.

Old Man Mo seemed to be annoyed that there was too little spirit energy in this crystal stone. After absorbing it, he immediately threw it aside and grabbed a second crystal stone to absorb from.

The black medicine was worthy of being Master’s treasure buried in the bottom of the trunk. It even managed to deceive an expert like Old Man Mo.

Su Luo quietly stretched out her head and saw that Old Man Mo had absorbed that line of crystal stones one by one, like he was taking bites out of an apple.

Out of that line of seven crystal stones, Su Luo had poured black medicine into six of them. Luckily, this old man was in the most critical juncture of his cultivation. Otherwise, the moment he opened his eyes, he would be able to see the difference. Su Luo thought with lingering fear in her heart.

Seeing Old Man Mo’s face get more and more red, and sensing that the spirit energy around his body was beginning to break out into chaos, Su Luo knew that if she didn’t leave now, and instead waited until Old Man Mo went into a rage, she would definitely not be able to leave.

Su Luo held her breath with rapt attention, bringing her mind to the highest degree of concentration, and then mouthed the words: “Teleport!”

Consequently, Su Luo, who was hiding behind the pillar, immediately teleported away.

Old Man Mo’s heart seemed to sense a subtle fluctuation in space, but at this time, he was already unable to deal with other things. Currently, his entire body felt as if it was roasting above a fire. The blood throughout his body boiled up like lava.

These things were bearable. However, the most unbearable thing for Old Man Mo was that black spots started to appear in his mind!

These black spots were like a strange virus. After entering his mind, it invaded very quickly. Then, one gave birth to two, two gave birth to four, four gave birth to eight… Just like this, the virus spread out endlessly, with a speed so fast that it seemed to happened in the blink of an eye.

Tenth rank and above was the sacred domain.

The sacred domain was divided into three ranks, distinguished as commander, saint, and sovereign ranks.

Old Man Mo was originally of the commander rank, but he was now breaking through to the saint rank. As long as he broke through to the saint rank, the ones who would be on par with him in the continent could be counted on one’s fingers.

After all, in this entire continent, there were only five publicly known saints!

As long as he broke through to the saint rank, the elder ancestor of the Mo Family could then lead Central Palace onto the road of a super influential family.

However, even if this elder ancestor coughed up blood, he would never have imagined, that right at this most critical juncture of his breakthrough, the purple-colored crystal stones assisting his breakthrough would be replaced with crystal stones that were filled with black medicinal liquid. One had to know that during a breakthrough, one’s five senses would be sealed. Additionally, the black medicine was extremely similar to spirit energy, so the elder ancestor of the Mo Family was fooled!

It didn’t matter that he had fallen for this trap. Although it hurt to lose those purple-colored crystal stones, he could still accept it reluctantly. However, the gravest matter was that at this moment, Mo Family’s elder ancestor’s mind was being occupied by this black medicine. His entire sea of knowledge soon became a black ocean!

“Oh!” Old Man Mo bit his tongue, forcing himself to wake up.

The moment his head cleared up and he saw the crystal stone shells he had thrown to the ground, the elder ancestor of the Mo Family, who had always been steady like Mt Tai, suddenly flushed red. In his eyes, flames ignited like a raging inferno!

It’s fake! The purple-colored crystal stones were fake!

With trembling hands, Old Man Mo picked up an empty shell, and when he saw that transparent liquid clearly, his entire person no longer felt good…

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