DKC – Chapter 1247

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Chapter 1247 – Recoil of Madness (1)

So many large purple-colored crystal stones ah.

Su Luo’s eyes were full of stars as she excitedly looked at the spread of purple-colored crystal stones before the elderly man.

Every one of these purple-colored crystal stones was the size of a fist, suffused with a sparkling and translucent, pure purple color. That color and luster appeared as if it had been washed by water before so clear, bright and penetrating.

The little divine dragon wanted to directly rush up and expropriate these plump, adorable purple-colored crystal stones for himself.

Su Luo hurriedly pulled him to a stop and held him in her arms.

Too funny, if he disturbed that elderly man’s meditation, she and the little divine dragon were not enough for him to exterminate with just one finger.

The powerful pressure and imposing energy this elderly man gave off, Su Luo had only seen it on the body of her teacher. A strong expert that could be placed on par with her teacher, how could he possibly be a simple person?

A thread of transparent saliva hung at the corner of the little divine dragon’s mouth, eyes staring fixedly at that row of purple-colored crystal stones. Apart from this, his amber-colored eyes couldn’t see anything else.

Su Luo hid behind a stone pillar, communicating with the little divine dragon in a low voice: “Don’t be anxious, these purple-colored crystal stones will certainly be ours.”

The little divine dragon’s gaze unblinkingly staring at that row of purple-colored crystal stones, and absentmindedly nodded his head.

Su Luo once again guided patiently to say: “However, that elderly man seems to be very powerful, we must think of an absolutely safe plan, otherwise, the consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.”

The little divine dragon absentmindedly nodded his head again, but his gaze was still stuck to that row of purple-colored crystal stones.

Purple-colored crystal stones were simply too tasty and too attractive.

But how could she get a hold of it, so that the elderly man wouldn’t be able to sense it?

Su Luo slanted her head to think, very quickly, a plan appeared.

She had it!

How could she have forgotten. Besides having two spirit pets, she also had a plant pet ah.

Recalling that at the time, she was locked in an underground room by Yan Xia, that old witch, at that time, the Variant Acacia Tree was on its first change. Even then, it was able to roll up Li Yaoyao and toss her away. Then, after the second change, this plant pet of hers should be even more powerful right?

Su Luo’s spirit entered her space to search, and started to communicate with Variant Acacia Tree.

Ever since the Variant Acacia Tree swallowed that Plant Essence and it changed for the second time, then, it had always wanted to find an opportunity do some meritorious work. To no avail, because there were too many people and magical beasts around Little Master to help her, it simply couldn’t insert a hand to help. Now, there was a chance to help, it naturally wouldn’t let this chance slip by.

Therefore, once Su Luo mentioned it, it agreed in haste and even patted its chest to immediately carry out this order. Also expressing that it guaranteed that the mission would be completed!

“Take it easy, I’d rather not get it then disturb that elderly man.” Su Luo seriously instructed.

At a glance, you could tell that this old man was the type that was super difficult to deal with when provoked. Only, if Su Luo was too leisurely after eating her full, would she be stupid enough to wake him up. If it weren’t for those purple-colored crystal stones, the Su Luo who had always believed that a wise man looked after his own hide, would have already run far away, carrying the little divine dragon with her.

Su Luo carried the little divine dragon and hid behind a white-colored column, at the same time, a thin gold-colored vine slowly climbed out of Su Luo’s sleeves, quietly approaching the purple-colored crystal stones in front of the elderly man.

The gold-colored vine was very thin, so thin that even the naked eye couldn’t see it clearly.

Moreover, its movements were very slow, so slow like a crawling snail.

The most important thing was, this golden vine didn’t make a trace of noise, not even making a bit of wave in the atmosphere.

Seeing that golden vine getting closer and closer to that elderly man, closer and closer, Su Luo’s heart quietly started to beat like a drum, her fists were clenched tightly. In her heart, she continued to cheer on that golden vine: Don’t be discovered, by all means, must not be discovered….

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