DKC – Chapter 1232

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Chapter 1232 – Big operation of excavating the tree (4)

This was Central Palace’s forbidden area, before, she didn’t make a sound, therefore, she didn’t alarm the strong experts guarding here, but just now, this sound got out——

Thinking of this, Su Luo’s heart immediately went cold.

If she retreated now, she could teleport, naturally could escape unscathed. But like this, wouldn’t it be failing through lack of a final effort?

Su Luo wasn’t willing ah.

Thus, the Cheng Ying Sword in her hands danced quickly in the breeze, practically displayed to its peak.

Quickly, quickly, quickly!!!

She must take advantage of the time while those strong experts approached to dig out this Divine Spirit Tree!

Su Luo held her breath with rapt attention, all of the spirit force in her body was concentrated into the Cheng Ying Sword.

However, it was very obvious, it was already too late.

The speed of those strong experts approaching was extremely fast.

“Four strong experts at the ninth rank.” The little stone proudly reported to Su Luo, “Girl, there isn’t enough time, why haven’t you quickly withdrawn already?”

Su Luo’s heart was unwilling, she didn’t even raise her eyes.

If she left today, then Central Palace would absolutely raise the protection around the Divine Spirit Tree to another level. Afterwards, if she wanted to come again to dig out this Divine Spirit Tree, it would be even more difficult.

“There’s still a kilometer.” The small stone reported in Su Luo’s mind.

Because Su Luo focused all her energy on digging, the cold sweat tumbled down drop by drop from her forehead. However, she didn’t seem to be aware of it, still as before, mechanically focusing on the movements of her hands.

Four-fifths of the root system had already been dug out, there was still the final little bit…… Only a little bit more……

“There are still five hundred meters left.” The little stone’s voice carried a trace of precaution, “You can’t beat those people, at that time when they lay out the trap, even if you can teleport, you still won’t be able to escape.”

The little stone’s words weren’t just used to scare her, rather, they were facts.

Su Luo’s eyes unblinkingly stared at that sparkling and translucent snow-white root system, the movements of her hands were so quick as to only leave after-images.

“Still another two hundred meters……” The little stone said indifferently.

“There’s not enough time.” A thread of helplessness and disappointment flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

Strived for so long, she still had to give up? If she gave up this time, in the future, it would be even more difficult to get this Divine Spirit Tree……Su Luo had an intense unwillingness in her heart.

Just when Su Luo was depressed, suddenly, a thick golden vine flew out of Su Luo’s sleeve. The long vine directly wrapped around the middle of the Divine Spirit Tree’s body, with a thunderous noise, the entire Divine Spirit Tree was pulled up by the roots!

The Variant Red Acacia Tree! It was the Variant Red Acacia Tree!

Su Luo’s heart was immediately elated, didn’t expect that at the critical moment, the Spirit Gathering Tree rushed out to help her greatly. Compared to the lazy little stone that could only harp on matters, the Variant Red Acacia Tree was a lot more lovable.

At this moment, endless power from heaven and earth, the intense powerful pressure of strong experts rolled towards Su Luo, pressing her down.

If she didn’t go now, then when would she wait until?

Su Luo put away the Divine Spirit Tree and the Variant Red Acacia Tree into her space, then she concentrated her spirit power and softly mouthed the word: “Teleport!”

Afterwards, Su Luo’s figure directly disappeared in place.

Because now was the darkest moment before dawn, the visibility of people’s eyes were very low. Separated by a distance of two hundred meters, those strong experts simply didn’t notice the existence of Su Luo, this person’s shadow.

After they came rushing over, Su Luo had already taken the Divine Spirit Tree and disappeared long ago.

From front and back, only differed by a breath’s time.

“The Divine Spirit Tree!!!!!”

These strong experts at the ninth rank immediately exploded with a violent shout!

The transparent protective screen protecting the Divine Spirit Tree had actually disappeared completely. The area where the Divine Spirit Tree was originally planted, now, apart from a huge mud pit, there wasn’t anything else.

The Divine Spirit Tree!

Central Palace’s treasure within the Zhen Palace, actually disappeared without a trace, just like this?

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