DKC – Chapter 1231

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Chapter 1231 – Big operation of excavating the tree (3)

In less than a cup of tea time, all the spirit energy contained in this transparent protective screen was actually absorbed by the little stone until nothing was left. Not even a little bit of energy remained.

Su Luo was completely stupefied……

“This……” Su Luo looked at the little stone in astonishment, “It was all absorbed by you?”

“Uh-huh.” The small stone, wishing to continue, moved its plump body and snorted twice, “The taste is not bad, it’s a pity there’s too little of it.”

“……Too little?” Su Luo wished she could hit it for a period. That spirit energy was so concentrated that she was completely powerless, all right. This stone actually still said that it was too little, this was simply having gotten an advantage and still showing off being well-behaved. It really needed a good spanking.

“When did you start to be able to absorb spirit energy? Isn’t it that you could only absorb fire attribute element?” Su Luo curiously questioned closely.

“Last time, that Fire Source Stone Essence, you thought that little grandpa had eaten it in vain with not the slightest result?” The little stone, proudly and lovably lifted up one leg over the other, freely waving his hand, “Enough, the skilled work, little grandpa has finished for you. The remaining hard work, you can do it yourself.”

Su Luo was suddenly depressed, why did it seem like she was a small maid doing all the hard, unskilled work?

Su Luo, seeing there wasn’t much time, in passing, kicked the prattling little stone into her space. Afterwards. she prepared to dig out this Divine Spirit Tree.

That’s right, Su Luo didn’t intend to take the six Divine Spirit Fruits and be satisfied with it, she still wanted to upend this nest that depended on this Divine Spirit Tree.

If Mo Yunfeng knew about this notion of Su Luo’s, guaranteed that he would be so angry as to spit out blood. A pity that the Second Young Master Mo, at this moment, was hugging his quilt, sleeping soundly. In his beautiful dream, he was even sucking dry all of Su Luo’s blood, therefore, he was doomed to bear this tragedy.

Su Luo didn’t have a convenient shovel on hand, as a result, she directly took out Cheng Ying Sword.

Using this most valuable treasured weapon under the heavens to dig out the Divine Spirit Tree, could be considered fitting for its status.

Su Luo was afraid that the night was long with many dreams, using the Cheng Ying sword in her hands as a shovel, cutting the dirt was very fast.

The Divine Spirit Tree had already grown here for a millennium, the ground was even harder than Millennium old Black Ice. It was also that luckily what Su Luo held was the Cheng Ying Sword, if she really had come dig with a shovel, surely with the first shovel, that iron would automatically shatter.

Su Luo was afraid that her speed wasn’t fast enough, so she lifted out the little divine dragon to help. After all, those claws of the little divine dragon, were sharp to the point that even Cheng Ying Sword would yield.

The little divine dragon also didn’t disappoint Su Luo’s trust, his pair of claws dug very quickly, truly helping out Su Luo a lot.

Chunk after chunk of earth was sent flying by Su Luo, very quickly, the Divine Spirit Tree’s root system was exposed to the air.

The milky-white root system, sparkling and translucently carved, with water giving it a moist luster, made it seem especially captivating.

Su Luo’s heart was delighted. The root system on this side was already dug out, then, after digging out the root system across from her, the work would thus be regarded as completed.

However, Su Luo’s joyful celebration was somewhat too early. She hadn’t expected, mishaps always liked to occur when people’s moods were most relaxed.

The little divine dragon, seeing that root system’s moist luster, felt it was especially captivating……As a result, our glutton of a little divine dragon directly bit down towards that root system——

“Hiss——” An acute sound of air being drawn out sounded in the air!

For a moment, the surrounding spirit energy broke out into intense chaos and unrest. The major thing was, that sound of air being drawn in was really loud.

This still wasn’t enough, immediately after, a violent ‘ssss’ resisting sound sounded in succession.

SU Luo suddenly was stunned.

This Divine Spirit Tree could still give off such a strange sound ah? Moreover, its very small body was like a snake, enchantingly twisting around.

However, Su Luo very quickly returned to her senses!

Not good!

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