DKC – Chapter 1233

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Chapter 1233 – Big operation of excavating the tree (5)

At this moment, the four strong experts looked at each other in dismay, they all had a hard-to-describe shock in their eyes.

“How could the transparent protective screen……This was a restriction set up by the venerable ancestor ah, who could have broken it?”

“Moreover, breaking this restriction will certainly trigger a mechanism and naturally would issue a sound, but we……” Completely didn’t hear it ah.

“Just now, the Divine Spirit Tree made a sound, the distance from when we rushed over, this was no more than five breaths’ time. However, the Divine Spirit Tree was actually just carried off like this?”

“Chase! That person certainly hasn’t gone far!”

Thus, these four strong experts, guards of Central Palace, rushed out in four different directions.

Their speed was very quick, putting their old lives on the line to chase.

However, they completely never expected that the little thief that had dug out the Divine Spirit Tree, at this moment, was just hiding under the roof, watching the four of them dash away.

Su Luo covered her small mouth and started to giggle.

Chase oh, chase oh, the farther you guys run, the more you won’t catch up.

Although tonight was hair-raising, fortunately, she successfully accomplished it. Therefore, our Miss Su’s mood was especially good.

She prepared to return to tell Nangong Liuyun and the rest this good news. With these six Divine Spirit Fruits, Nangong Liuyun’s injury would certainly heal very quickly.

“Teleport.” Su Luo was very pleased as she teleported. She felt that if she teleported a few more times, she could safely return to that remote little courtyard.

However, Su Luo never expected that this time, her luck would be so……Strange!

“Where is this?” Su Luo speechlessly looking at her surroundings.

It was pitch-black all around, the visibility was extremely low.

However, Su Luo still clearly recognized, this was a man’s room.

The room was arranged in a luxurious but low-key manner, a faint male smell drifting along……

Su Luo, for lack of a better option, was just about to teleport once more, but at this time, she suddenly saw the figure that was asleep on the bed turn over and get up.

Our Miss Su’s heart was startled and directly hid behind the door screen, not daring to budge in the slightest.

A fierce knock on the door came from outside.

“Come in.” The man on the bed draped on some clothes and got up, quickly finished dressing.

“Second Young Master, a huge disaster has occurred!” The tone of the man dressed in black carried a trace of anxiousness and trembled.

Second Young Master? The light of insight flashed through Su Luo’s mind. The person that could be called Second Young Master in Central Palace, it seemed there was just one ah……Moreover, Su Luo even knew him.

“What happened, speak slowly.” This tone carried a trace of calm to placate, dependable as Mount Tai.

Such a familiar voice, Su Luo directly recognized it. Sure enough, the person that was sleeping on the bed was precisely Mo Yunfeng.

What kind of luck was this of hers ah, she actually directly broke into Mo Yunfeng’s bedroom. Fortunately, her natural disposition was to be cautious and careful, so every time after teleporting, she would hold her breath with rapt attention when she appeared. Otherwise, Mo Yunfeng would have already discovered a clue the first moment she appeared.

After she knew it was Mo Yunfeng, Su Luo became even more careful. Mo Yunfeng was a ninth-ranked expert, if Su Luo wasn’t careful, then she would be discovered.

Su Luo very carefully hid herself and then listened to the dialog between master and servant.

The man dressed in black continued to report: “Second Young Master, the Divine Spirit Tree, the Divine Spirit Tree was stolen away by someone ah!”

“What did you say?!” Now, the steady-as-Mount Tai Mo Yunfeng directly leaped up. He lifted up the black-clothed man by his collar, eyes opened wide, glaring at him with disbelief: “What did you say just now? Say it again!”

The black-clothed man’s neck was bound tightly, coughing incessantly. Mo Yunfeng, seeing this, directly tossed him to the ground.

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