DKC – Chapter 1135

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Chapter 1135 – The Underground Tomb (3)

There was simply no way to communicate ah…. What to do? Su Luo spread out her hands, expressing she simply had no method.

“Ni lei zao ke! Wu zao kun ba!” Ginseng Baby waved his hands, immediately about to leave.

“Ah——“ Su Luo hastily shouted for him to stop.

If she let him leave, where would they find another person to ask about the teleportation array?

Su Luo pick up the little divine dragon whose head was buried against her chest: “This baby is speaking bird language, do you understand it or not?”

Su Luo’s only hope was placed on the little divine dragon’s body, although this last bit of hope was on the verge of crumbling.

The little divine dragon shook his head, at a loss. Although he had inherited memory, however, he was still young, not all of the memories were passed on. As a result, he still didn’t know a lot of stuff.

Su Luo tried to use sign language to communicate with the Ginseng baby, however the other party’s face remained innocent and at a loss…..

Okay, completely unable to communicate.

Just when Su Luo was completely out of ideas, a heavy sigh came to her mind.

“Presently, the people of today, alas, there isn’t anybody who understands the Mystic clan’s language…it really is hard to imagine.”

This was the Little Stone’s voice!

Su Luo smacked her head, how could she have forgotten about this major character? If anybody understood the mainland, nobody could compare to the Little Stone who emerged to tower over everyone countless of thousands of years ago.

“Mystic clan? Could this Ginseng Baby be from the Mystic clan?” Su Luo used her mind to communicate with Little Stone.

“In the coffin, is a leader from Mystic clan.”

“No wonder its breath was so formidable, giving people such terrifying feeling.” Su Luo suddenly realized, “ Quickly tell me, do you understand Mystic clan’s language?”

“Know a little more or less.” Little Stone proudly lifted an eyebrow.

Since Little Stone said he knows it more or less, then it was sufficient proof that there wouldn’t be problems communicating.

“However, how can I let you communicate with that child? Take you out from my space?” Su Luo felt that if she let everyone see that the Little Stone could also speak, when the time comes, after it’s been spread out, it would be another major troublesome matter.

Treasure attracts disaster, she knew this saying better than anyone else.

“No need, borrowing your consciousness is fine.” Little Stone went along with Su Luo this time and very easily agreed.

When Su Luo opened her eyes again, the cold clear pupils carried a thread of penetrating strength.

“Ni lei zao ke!” Ginseng Baby seethingly pointed at the gates to go out.

This time, Su Luo understood, so it turned out that this little guy was yelling at them to leave.

With great difficulty, they ran into this little living person, only if Su Luo was a fool would she leave.

“Little guy, are you from the Mystic clan?” Su Luo used the Mystic clan’s language to communicate with the Ginseng Baby.

As soon as Su Luo said those difficult and hard to pronounce words, it immediately startled everyone as their jaws dropped to the floor.

Momentarily, everyone’s eyes was focused on Su Luo.

They all looked at Su Luo as if having seen a ghost.

This… what she said just now sounded similar to what the Ginseng Baby said.

“Uh?” Ginseng Baby’s eyes immediately opened wide in surprise, and he rubbed his eyes. So it turned out that this pretty older sister was also from the Mystic clan?

“I am from Mystic clan, and you?”

“What is he saying?” Beichen Ying asked in surprise.

“He said he is from the Mystic clan, and then asked if I was also from the clan.” Su Luo finished answering Beichen Ying, then she squatted down and smiled gently and good-naturedly at the Ginseng Baby: “Tell this older sister, who is in that coffin?”

Ginseng Baby stuck his chubby finger in his mouth, and slanted his head to size up this pretty older sister.

Su Luo slapped her head, how could she have forgotten about that thing?

Su Luo took a small bottle of High grade Celestial Spirit Water from her space. Like a big bad wolf coaxing a little rabbit, she said: “Do you like the taste of this?”

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