DKC – Chapter 1134

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Chapter 1134 – The Underground Tomb (2)

Following Beichen Ying’s exclamation, everyone couldn’t help but look in the same direction as him.

Not far ahead from here, there was a red-colored coffin suspended a meter from the ground in mid-air, the whole thing gave off a horrifying stench of decay, penetrated with an absolutely strong, murderous aura.

“Why is it that I feel a little bit cold?” Zi Yan rubbed her hand and saw her exposed skin break out in goosebumps.

“You’re not alone.” Beichen Ying also followed and rubbed his hands. Like Zi Yan, his skin also broke into goosebumps.

Not only these two, everyone at the scene also had the terrifying feeling of their blood running cold.

“Maybe we should continue to walk and avoid it? I have a very bad feeling about this.” A rare serious expression appeared on Beichen Ying’s face.

Beichen Ying was not a coward, but now, his heart was filled with a deep panic and alarm. This was something he had never felt, even when confronting a strong expert.

It could be seen how much pressure that coffin gave them.

Nangong Liuyun’s ink-black eyes flickered like stars, unfathomable, nobody could guess what he was thinking.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed a little, and he gave a cold shout: “Come out!”

Everyone was all at a loss.

“Awoo, awoo——“ The little divine dragon jumped down from Su Luo’s shoulders, and flew full speed towards the shadow in the right corner.

His speed was exceptionally fast, appearing like a blur in everyone’s eyes, then, they lost track of him.

“Where is this something?” Li Yaoyao pulled on Situ Ming’s sleeve and asked in low voice.

“It seems to be a very pure and strong flavor, let’s wait for the little divine dragon to come back and have a look.” Situ Ming could only feel a bit of difference, unable to say the specifics. If it wasn’t for Nangong Liuyun’s shout, he simply hadn’t sensed it at all.

However, half of Situ Ming’s words were a guess.

Because the little divine dragon didn’t capture the enemy as they had expected, and bring it back.

Instead, very quickly, came the cries of the little divine dragon.

How strong was the little divine dragon, Su Luo was aware of it. At that time, Li Yaoxiang was left utterly helpless by the little divine dragon messing around with him. But now, the little divine dragon was suddenly at a disadvantage.

Su Luo, in the blink of an eye, landed not far from that corner.

Nangong Liuyun was deeply afraid she would be injured and directly hugged her to his chest. However, this posture didn’t obstruct her line of sight.

Su Luo saw the current little divine dragon, and couldn’t help but feel that it was hilarious.

The corner was pitch-black and shadowy.

If you looked carefully, you could see a little cave in that corner.

The little divine dragon extended his claws to poke into the cave mouth. Originally, he probably wanted to dredge something up, but who knew…

“It bit me….” The little divine dragon turned his head around, eyes filled with tears to look at Su Luo. That appearance looked absolutely pitiful, making Su Luo’s, who had wanted to laugh, heart go soft.

“Little Dragon is clever, let’s fish that thing out okay?” Su Luo suppressed her laughter and stroked the little divine dragon’s head.

Little divine dragon nodded tearfully.

Although he was in so much pain that tears directly came out, but who told him to pick such a heartless little master?

Our little divine dragon silently used his own claws as bait, trying to “fish” the little thing out of the cave.

“Ah, it’s not a thing? “ Su Luo was astonished.

She originally thought that some sort of magical beast was hidden in the cave, but who would have known that it was a baby wearing a red dudou (1).

The baby in the red dudou was around three or four years old, as if he had walked out of a new year’s painting. He was fair and soft, round and plump, full of joy.

But on this little guy’s head was a green leaf that looked a lot like a ginseng leaf.

At this moment, the little guy bit tightly on the little divine dragon’s claw, making him want to cry but lacking the tears.

Suddenly, another shadow flashed by Su Luo’s shoulders.

So, it turned out to be the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

“Howl, howl, howl!” The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox charged at the ginseng baby like an artillery shell, while howling out threats along the way.

Normally, the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox also frequently bullied the little divine dragon. But seeing him being bullied by someone else, she absolutely wouldn’t allow it.

One could only see that all of a sudden, she charged towards the back of the ginseng baby, going straight to bite down on that snow-white tender buttock.

“Boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo—— “The ginseng baby immediately started to wail from being bitten.

“Aw, aw, aw—— “ The little divine dragon was also in pain.

“Howl, howl, howl——“ The little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was determined not to let the ginseng baby have an easy time.

For a moment, the three little guys’ voices rose and fell in succession, sobs, roars and howls mixed together.

Just so happened that every one of these three little guys’ strength was very strong. Their voices contained the strength of heaven and earth, making everyone’s ears echo with buzzing sounds.

Li Yaoyao, with the worst cultivation among them, her ears vibrated until they nearly bled.

Su Luo suddenly felt that her head had expanded.

Beichen Ying hurriedly said to Su Luo: “Sister-in-law, quickly make them stop. I’m about to go deaf. Also, if they continue to be so noisy, be careful that they may wake up whatever life form is in that coffin.”

Those two spirit pets were both Su Luo’s, they were very arrogant to other people, only Su Luo could do anything about them.

Su Luo didn’t have any choice, she stepped forward and lifted each of them up and brought them back.

The little divine dragon was crying and spasming sporadically with sobs, as if having suffered an enormous wrong. That little appearance of sobbing spasmodically on and off made Su Luo unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

The little divine dragon became shy from being watched. His two little claws latched onto Su Luo’s clothing, his little head shyly buried in her bosom.

Su Luo speechlessly poked at him. “Wasn’t it just being bit a little mouthful? Is it worth crying as if your parents had died? You’re a dragon ah. The almighty respected king that looked down on the world and can produce cloud with one turn of the hand and rain with another. You are from the divine dragon bloodline okay?”

The little divine dragon became even more shy, his little head buried there was motionless, directly pretending to be dead.

Su Luo patted his head and turned to glare at the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

This little guy was different from the little divine dragon who was naturally foolish. Normally, this little fox was cunning and fierce. Although the little divine dragon’s strength was stronger, but he was always still bullied by this fox.

“You, ah you, normally, you don’t yield a bit to him, now, you bit so hard?” The crystal stones produced by the Amethyst Crystal Fish in her space originally was taken care of by the little divine dragon. But ever since the little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s arrival, the little divine dragon wasn’t able to get another crystal stone.

The little fox lifted her tails, raised her chin, and humphed twice: “Only I can bully the little dragon!”

Su Luo rubbed her chin and she glanced between them with feigned seriousness in her eyes: Could it be that this little Nine-tailed Spirit Fox wanted to walk the barbaric girlfriend route?

Su Luo’s expression when looking at the two spirit pets made their fur stand on their ends…

“Sister-in-law, there’s still another one here crying until the sky vibrates with the sound.” Beichen Ying reminded Su Luo.

Su Luo turned her gaze to look.

Currently, the ginseng baby was sobbing spasmodically off and on, he used a plump circular finger to point at Su Luo’s group of people. He sobbed accusingly: “Ni lei o si me nan!”

Su Luo’s face had an at-a-loss blank expression.

She looked towards Nangong Liuyun, but only exchanged an identical expression of dismay.

In the end, what was this little guy saying ah? Completely incomprehensible okay?

Su Luo tried to communicate with him: “Child, why are you here alone? Where is your family? There is a teleportation array here, do you know about it?”

Ginseng baby rubbed the tears from his eyes and glared at Su Luo at a loss: Is this pretty older sister speaking bird language?

Momentarily, their surroundings fall abnormally quiet.


1) Dudou: as mentioned before, this is a square cloth laid on a person’s body as a diamond tied around a person’s neck at one corner on top. The two side corners are tied around the back. This serves as undergarment for kids and bra for females.

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