DKC – Chapter 1136

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Chapter 1136 – The Underground Tomb (4)

She even pulled out the bottle stopper, fanning it to spread that clear spirit scent that was characteristic of Celestial Spirit Water.

High grade Celestial Spirit Water, regardless if it was for people or magical beasts, naturally had an attractiveness for all.

Therefore, when the Celestial Spirit Water’s scent permeated through the air, transparent saliva flowed out of the corner of the Ginseng Baby’s mouth.

“Want it? First answer a question.” Su Luo enticingly coaxed.

The Ginseng Baby, biting his finger, with a voice like sticky rice, said: “Hai gaishi baba.”

“What did he say?” Beichen Ying was unable to endure his temperament and ran around in circles from curiosity.

“He said that the person in that coffin is his father.” Su Luo finished answering and once again continued to ask several questions.

However, the Ginseng Baby was still young, his memory wasn’t clear, besides knowing that he was of the mystic clan, he was completely ignorant about everything else, which made Su Luo extremely confused.

As if the Ginseng Baby saw Su Luo’s confusion, for that bottle of delicious water, he strided with small steps and ran: “Wa zao kai ju baba sen lei, e xiaode”

Su Luo, with one move, pulled the little guy back.

“What did he say?” Zi Yan curiously asked.

“He said to go wake up his father, his father knows everything.” Su Luo unhappily said.

“How can we let him! The aura in that coffin is too powerful, moreover, it’s exceptionally frightening. We won’t end up getting any answers, but instead, we’ll be completely wiped out ah.” Zi Yan’s worry wasn’t without reason.

Compared to this pure aura from the Ginseng Baby, that aura coming from the coffin gave off a sinister dark strength. Just from thinking, one knew it wasn’t someone easy to get along with.

Su Luo stuffed that pinkie-sized bottle in the Ginseng Baby’s arms. In a seemingly real, and fake manner, she said: “Don’t bother the venerable Elder’s peace and quiet. If the venerable Elder wakes up, he won’t be able to sleep again.”

“Oh.” The Ginseng Baby scratched his head, only half-understanding.

However, he also knew that this High grade Celestial Spirit Water was good stuff, lapping at it one small mouthful at a time, very much treasuring it.

For a moment, the surroundings were somewhat quiet.

Just now Su Luo had already asked, the little guy said he didn’t see something called teleportation array. Thus, wanting to leave unscathed was already impossible.

“Search all around the place, it’s impossible that there isn’t a teleportation array.” Nangong Liuyun’s tone was indifferent, but it had an indescribable prestige.

Thus, very quickly, the eight people scattered in groups.

Time passed, by minutes and seconds.

Suddenly, a mournful screech erupted in the tomb!

“Ah ah ah!!!”

“It’s Li Yaoyao.” Su Luo’s complexion immediately didn’t look very good.

Nangong Liuyun’s complexion also sunk to an extreme low point, because he could feel an enormous aura begin to pervade throughout the tomb, and this aura was extremely similar to that venerable guy’s in the coffin.

“Run!” Nangong Liuyun carried Su Luo on his back, with several leaps, they arrived at Li Yaoyao’s side.

At this moment, Li Yaoyao’s whole body was rigid, both arms and a hand covering her head, continuously erupting into sharp yells, as if having been scared to the extreme.

Situ Ming hugged her to him, continuously consoling her, persuading her, but to no avail.

Nangong Liuyun had a calm expression, his tone was as cold as frost: “Situ Ming, you’re too indecisive, if the noise woke up that venerable guy, will you bear the consequences?”

At the same time Nangong Liuyun was speaking, his sleeves brushed past, then Li Yaoyao’s body softly fell into Situ Ming’s embrace.

Just at this moment, Beichen Ying shouted: “Not good! Not good! That venerable guy in the coffin is about to sit up!”

Su Luo, with an annoyed complexion, swept a glance at Situ Ming.

If when Li Yaoyao first shrieked, Situ Ming was able to make a prompt decision and hit her to cause her to faint, then there wouldn’t be this matter right now.

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