DKC – Chapter 1133

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Chapter 1133 – The Underground Tomb (1)

However, it was not all bad, at least they got their points.

Everybody got fifty points each. This means that Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun together got one hundred points, Zi Yan and Beichen Ying also got the same.

Li Yaoyao and Situ Ming’s group got fifty points and the Luo siblings got zero.

They had finally passed the seventh challenge safely, following this, they would try to pass the eighth challenge.

What kind of dangers were waiting for them in the eighth challenge?

Nobody knew.

This challenge initially seemed peaceful, but the heavy injuries were the most bitter. Li Yaoyao, Luo Haochen and Luo Dieyi were all missing a hand. Although they had already stopped the bleeding, but they were not fit for fighting.

Li Yaoyao didn’t want to go up to the eighth layer, but this was beyond her control.

Everyone spent some time and finally found the teleportation array.

They rested for a short time, and after adjusting their mood, they entered the teleportation array.

The teleportation this time was much longer than any other time. It was so long that everyone became increasingly nervous.

Just when everyone became restless and uneasy, the teleportation array finally came to a stop.

“Where is this?” Zi Yan looked all around.

Now, they found themselves in an underground tomb.

White marbled titles on the ground, a fluorescent light that illuminated things came from all directions from the huge night pearls embedded all over.

As a result, even if it was a tomb sealed underground, the illumination was bright enough.

With this light, everyone could clearly see their surroundings.

This tomb was huge, empty and spacious, so vast and endless that you couldn’t see an end.

But in this sealed ancient tomb, the decaying smell of ancient times assaulted their senses.

“In the end, where is this place?” Zi Yan muttered to herself in puzzlement.

“What’s written there?” Beichen Ying pointed at the gravestone and cautiously asked.

Momentarily, everyone walked up to surround the gravestone.

As long as there were writings left behind, it would be able to help them resolve the mystery.

However, when they saw the words on the gravestone, everyone was all struck dumb. This crooked, earthworm-like writing, none of them had ever seen it before ah. In the end, what exactly did they mean?

Even someone as educated and widely read as Nangong Liuyun shook his head slightly and frowned to say: “This is probably some unknown race’s ancient script. However, how could it have appeared in human race’s territory?”

Unknown race, and still an ancient script? Who could understand this ah?

Su Luo slanted her head to look anxiously at the little divine dragon.

The little divine dragon had received the dragon race’s inheritance, this ancient script from an unknown race, he ought to know it right?

At this time, the little guy also exchanged an anxious glance with Su Luo, both of his eyes were at a loss, shaking his head to indicate that he didn’t understand either.

Now, even the little divine dragon didn’t know it, naturally, there really wouldn’t be people who understood it. Su Luo couldn’t help but give a long sigh.

“Then, in the end, what are we supposed to do for this challenge?” Zi Yan asked in confusion.

It could be said that she had asked the question on everyone’s mind.

Nobody knew what they were supposed to do for this challenge.

The challenges before, they had a target immediately upon arrival. Whether it was to answer questions or to fight or a gathering task. However, it was never like this challenge, where people were at a total loss.

If there was a set target, their heart naturally would have a plan, the unknown was what they really dreaded.

“Let’s go in, and just search for a passageway.” Nangong Liuyun pondered for a while and then gave the order.

Nangong Liuyun had always had an authoritative aura around his body, not to mention that his cultivation was so high to an unfathomable degree. The people present, no matter whether they got along with him or not, all of them would follow him blindly.

His words were even more effective than imperial edicts.

They all walked forward cautiously, with prudent and guarded expressions on their faces.

This underground tomb was so long as to be endless.

They followed along the long corridor for nearly two hours, before they reached the end of the corridor.

“Hey, what is that?” Beicheng Ying cried out in surprise.

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