DKC – Chapter 104

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Chapter – 104 Shaken to the core (2)

Surrounded by deafening noise, Su Luo felt a murderous air sailing over her head in passing.

Half of her head peeked out from within the hole. Su Luo was astonished when her eyes met with the Venerable divine dragon’s icy-cold eyes.

After one deadly attack by him, she was miraculously still alive! The Venerable divine dragon frowned in displeasure. “Shameless human, you dare to rob me of my son!”

Since the silly little dragon was not around, with a wave of the Venerable divine dragon’s hand, her life would end.

Su Luo glanced at what little remained of Er Huang’s body. She nervously swallowed and changed her expression to a flattering smile. Her starry eyes looked at the divine beast, silently made a solemn vow, and clenched her fist. “Your Venerable divine dragon sir! That was a misunderstanding, a complete misunderstanding! It was absolutely not what you think! I certainly had no intention of kidnapping the little dragon from Your Eminence!”

Su Luo was determined to never divulge the truth about what happened. The consequences of admitting her guilt came down to one word: death!

The highest level of deceit is not to fool another, but to fool even yourself! Su Luo made a fist. She was going to lie at a level approaching the celestial realm.

The Venerable divine dragon lowered his eyes, sweeping her with a look of disdain: “I’ll give you a chance to explain.”

The next few words would determine whether she would live or die. She hurriedly inverted right from wrong in her mind and began to speak. In summary, the story was that in order to let the divine dragon concentrate on defeating the phoenix, she had taken away the little divine dragon to protect him. Finally, Su Luo said wholeheartedly, “In the end, the little divine dragon was returned to you without a single hair harmed on his head.”

The Venerable divine dragon’s cold eyes were filled with deadly stillness. He disdainfully glanced at Su Luo. “Despicable human, you dared to make an equal contract with my son!”

Divine dragons were very distinguished while despicable humans were insignificant, yet both sides had entered into a contract of equals. How could the Venerable divine dragon accept this?

At this time, the Venerable divine dragon had one hand behind his back. From within his sleeve, something small began to move. A small provocative head poked out as if desiring to get out. However, with just a pat by the Venerable divine dragon, it became confused and disoriented, thus tumbling back into the sleeve.

Su Luo began to cry inside her heart. If she said that it was the little divine dragon who had initiated the contract, she speculated that the Venerable divine dragon would definitely kill her with one slap. However, the Venerable divine dragon might not know all of the facts of the matter.

Su Luo wiped her sweat. She could only try to divert the Venerable divine dragon’s attention.

Su Luo pointed to Er Huang’s mutilated body with a look of indignation. “The Venerable divine dragon. When this shameless disciple saw me holding the little dragon before, she tried to force me to surrender the little dragon. She tied me up, the results of which you can clearly see. When I told her that the little divine dragon had to be returned to you, she attempted to kill me to vent her anger! Fortunately, we encountered you, the Venerable divine dragon! Your Eminence descended like the immortal god of justice. Your prestige and might are as vast as the oceans, your mighty dragon appearance is formidable…….The Venerable divine dragon had the kindness to save me, I…..will engrave it into my heart. Even if I were to die ten thousand times, I won’t speak of this!”

The Venerable divine dragon let out a –humph– sound, lifted his chin, and knotted his brows. “Graceful words, definitely the flowery speech of humans.”

Su Luo silently thought: you knew that the words were elegant but insincere, yet weren’t you very pleased to hear it?

The Venerable divine dragon looked at the shattered pieces of the corpse and also looked at Su Luo’s thin and weak body. His brows once again wrinkled. “Incapable human, even such a tiny ant dared to take unfair advantage of you.”

Okay, Su Luo conceded. This Venerable divine dragon was very literate and accomplished, every word was full of condescending sarcasm.

Despicable human, shameless human, incapable human,…–XX–human, the space before human could be filled with a million derogatory words according to his whim.

It actually should not be too surprising. Confronting the human race, the dragon race had a natural superiority complex.

The dragon population grew very slowly. However, each baby dragon that was born had outstanding innate talent. Even if they did not cultivate while maturing and just spent time eating and sleeping, they can still stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest humans.

However, the ant that the Venerable divine dragon referred to was Er Huang, right?

Su Luo defended herself, “That was because earlier my spiritual power was sealed. Of course I wouldn’t be able to beat her. Once I’ve learned some magical techniques, naturally I will be far better than her!”

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