DKC – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105 – Shaken to the core (3)

Suddenly, a slender hand was placed on Su Luo’s head.

Was he about to swat her dead?

While Su Luo was at a loss, a sudden burst of throbbing pain rushed through her head.

With just a moment’s effort, the Venerable divine dragon withdrew his hand, and reluctantly expressed his satisfaction. “The Dragon Ring actually recognized you, a shallow, crippled human, as its owner. What a waste.”

First, excluding whether she was shallow or not, but a cripple… the corner of Su Luo’s mouth twitched.

Fine, this world was one where strength ruled, whatever the person with the hardest fist said was the truth.

Just when she was in the midst of being depressed, she felt the Restraining Spirit Rope binding her loosen. Once more, she raised her head, and saw that the Restraining Spirit Rope which was in the venerable divine dragon’s hand, had been reduced to fine powder.

Really worthy of being called the mighty and powerful Venerable divine dragon…

Just as Su Luo was sighing ruefully, she suddenly saw a dark shadow being thrown towards her arms, which she subconsciously caught.

“Awoo awoo~~~~” The adorable little dragon looked up at her with his cute little face. His large watery and clear eyes looked at Su Luo with a aggrieved expression.

This is… Su Luo was confused by the Venerable divine dragon’s action. Why would he throw his family’s treasured son to her? Didn’t he spend a great deal of effort chasing after the little dragon before recovering him?

“Take good care of him.” The Venerable divine dragon frowned. Subsequently, he tossed a jade piece at her in a haughty and dismissive manner.

“What is this?” Su Luo carefully sized up that white piece of jade. It was smooth and glossy, like crystallized amber. Her beautiful eyes observed the amber alertly with a very perplexed expression.

Could the divine dragon really be this nice? He actually gave her something?

“Ignorant human.” The Venerable divine dragon’s lowered eyebrows expressed his dissatisfaction, both hands tucked behind his back. In a rare moment, he made a lengthy statement. “Contained inside the jade piece is my spirit strength, condensed into a virtual image of me. In case little Meng encounters danger, after you crush the jade, this virtual image will come out to help.”

The Venerable divine dragon’s virtual image formed from his spirit strength? Since His Venerableness was so confident in himself, then it would be very powerful, right? Then from now on…

“This piece of jade can only be used once.” The Venerable divine dragon lifted an eyebrow and shot her an indifferent glance, “Inside, there is a manual of Dimensional Imprint instructions, whether you can learn it all depends on your ability and luck.”

Su Luo was dumbfounded. In other words, if she still hasn’t finished learning the Dimensional Imprint when she crushes this piece of jade that could save her life only once, then wouldn’t she be unable to learn Dimensional Imprint later? This was indeed a difficult choice to make.

Seeing Su Luo’s confused and conflicted appearance, the Venerable divine dragon was extremely pleased. He used his absolute superiority as an advantage to look down on her and apathetically said: “If my son has an accident, you will die.”

The Venerable divine dragon gave the adorable little dragon a glare that conveyed the feeling of hating the iron for not becoming steel. However, the adorable little dragon took no note of it as he flashed his huge limpid and bright eyes at Su Luo. His pair of paws tenaciously grabbed onto Su Luo’s sleeves and refused to let go.

Not waiting for Su Luo to respond, the Venerable divine dragon used a little strength to rub the adorable little dragon’s head. He decisively flung his sleeves, his tall figure then vanished without a trace.

After the Venerable divine dragon disappeared, golden rays of light flashed from the adorable little dragon’s body. While Su Luo was looking on, the adorable little dragon’s body unexpectedly underwent a huge change!

The originally fang-baring and claw-brandishing young dragon had turned into a cute, lovable puppy. Furthermore, his body was enshrouded in white velvety fur that meekly drooped to the ground.

This type of whole body transformation caused Su Luo to be completely dumbfounded. The little dragon had actually turned into a puppy?

However, this way was also good. Su Luo had originally been worried that after taking the little dragon into human society, with her current strength, she would not be able to protect him. Now that the Venerable divine dragon had turned him into a puppy, this relieved her of countless burdens.

It seemed that although the Venerable divine dragon looked indifferent and heartless, he had thought over this situation very thoroughly and meticulously.

“ah hu, hu, hu~~~” The adorable little dragon squirmed around in Su Luo’s embrace, like a little piglet.

“You little hot potato, alas…” Su Luo glared at the little thing in front of her and used her slender fingers to poke his head.

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