DKC – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103 – Shaken to the core (1)

Just at the crucial moment when Er Huang’s sword was about to cut into Su Luo’s back, suddenly, the vast silhouette of a divine beast emerged from behind Er Huang.

Abruptly, a black whirlwind arrived.

Immediately, the sandstorm left pebbles in its path, and dust covered the sky. A desolate and harsh aura rapidly spread in all directions, even the night had gained a savage, bloody atmosphere.

A familiar omen, an ominous premonition, Su Luo turned around and ran!

“You still want to run!” Er Huang let out a cold laugh, raising the sword and stabbed towards Su Luo’s back.

Su Luo’s heart was extremely anxious.

Er Huang was enough trouble, why had the Venerable divine dragon also came back to, join the action? Didn’t she and her treasured son already return home?

This situation was really that when it rains, it pours! All the misfortune had been encountered by her. Su Luo felt her heart crying out that it was unfair.

Er Huang’s sword fiercely struck out, however, the moment it came within twelve centimeters (1) of Su Luo, it stopped.

The sword tip sat there frozen in midair, unable to advance even another centimeter forward.

Moreover, in this life, Er Huang would never be able to advance forward a single centimeter more.

It was because at this moment, her body seemed to be held in place. Her entire body was stiff as iron, standing there like an ice sculpture. Her jaw could not stop shuddering, cold sweat pouring down her forehead. She seemed to be enduring a great deal of pain.


Only the sound of a loud –BOOM– could be heard.

Su Luo used all her strength to thrown her entire body forward, protecting her head and firmly lying on her stomach on the ground.

It was only after the noise had ended that she had unsteadily stood up and looked back.

With this one look, even she, who had seen countless bloody scenes, could not help but be speechless.

Er Huang’s entire body had exploded. Her limbs were scattered all around, and blood was splattered all over the place. The flesh on her body was charred to a crisp, even her skeleton had almost turned into powder. The ground was drenched in blood, marked with smears of guts and gore. This was a scene that could make anyone seeing it to throw up.

Su Luo turned around and wanted to run, but the divine dragon had already appeared in front of her.

Facing the divine dragon’s pair of ice-cold eyes that were like an ancient abyss, Su Luo’s heart involuntarily trembled. A chill that she had never felt before slowly rose from the soles of her feet to the rest of her body, to her limbs and through her bones.

She even felt that her back was trembling.

Just now, Er Huang’s body exploding was clearly the divine dragon’s handiwork.

It only had to wave a claw, and Er Huang had exploded tragically, not even leaving behind a skeleton. Thinking about how from the start she had kidnapped its treasured son… Su Luo felt her forehead covered with cold sweat.

All of a sudden, the enormous divine dragon in front of her changed shape, before Su Luo’s eyes, unexpectedly appeared the uttermost beautiful and handsomest man!

A head of silvery, snow-white hair that poured down in torrents, lightly and wantonly dancing in the wind. It curved lovingly and was inseparable from that beautiful face, poetic and picturesque like a painting.

A noble and stern face, with an expression clearly written in four characters: I alone am supreme.

This, this person… could this be the Venerable divine dragon that was chasing her and trying to kill her earlier? Actually, it was not a dragon mother, but a dragon father?

Su Luo felt as if her throat was being choked, unable to say a word.

“Insignificant human.” The Venerable divine dragon’s phoenix eyes narrowed, a murderous aura flashed from the depth of his eyes.

Su Luo had all along kept a close watch on the eyes of the Venerable divine dragon. Upon seeing the murderous intent, without having to think, she immediately dropped down in a protective posture and rolled into a big hole beside her.



1) one cun = 3.715 cm or 1.46 inches. It measures the width of a person’s thumb at the knuckle. Here the author used three cun, so about 12 centimeters.

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