Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Seven Phantom Assassins

When Ye Junqing heard her voice, he looked over and his eyes lit up for a brief moment before he turned away sulkily to continue drinking.

“In reality, with Prince’s martial arts, it wouldn’t be difficult to find out what Mowan and Feng Yihan were talking about.” Yao Mowan broke the deadlock.

“Then why did you sent Yin Xue to stop this prince!?” Right after Ye Junqing spoke, he realized that he had slipped.

“So Prince had gone!” Upon hearing this, Yao Mowan chuckled and looked towards Ye Junqing with mirth in her eyes.

“Ahem… The Seven Phantom Assassins will be coming at any time. This prince must guarantee Feng Yihan’s safety, so staying nearby is perfectly normal!” refuted Ye Junqing.

“Everything Prince does is naturally right.” Yao Mowan slowly got up from the swing and sat down opposite Ye Junqing. Then she picked up the wine jug on the stone table and poured herself a cup.

“That’s not your wine cup!” Ye Junqing reached out to get the cup back, but before he could, Yao Mowan had poured the wine into her mouth. Ye Junqing couldn’t help but furrow his brows. Women shouldn’t drink alcohol in such a rushed way.

Cough… Prince is drinking alone, yet you placed two wine cups. If it wasn’t for Mowan, who was it for?” The wine was very intense and burned her throat. Yao Mowan pressed her fingers on her throat as she coughed softly.

“It’s…” It’s for Moxin. Ye Junqing didn’t say these words, but Yao Mowan knew what he had been about to say. Her heart suddenly sank. This scene was just like that night in Water Ripple Pavilion. It was the same cool night, the same beautiful scene, but their feelings were now different. Back then, her heart was filled with thoughts of Ye Hongyi so she hadn’t noticed the hurt in Ye Junqing’s eyes at all. She had seriously been dumb. Back then, Ye Junqing must have been in so much pain.

“How about Mowan sings a little song for Prince to add to the fun? Or should Mowan play the zither for Prince? Mowan could have Ting Yue prepare some side dishes. Just drinking wine on its own isn’t very interesting.” Yao Mowan suddenly felt an urge to make up for that past regret. Just as she got up to go get the zither, Ye Junqing spoke.

“This prince feels that you don’t suit being warm and gentle.” Ye Junqing had gotten a little scared by Yao Mowan’s abnormal reaction and accidentally blurt out the truth. When Yao Mowan heard this, she turned around with a cold expression to look at him. The sincerity she saw in his eyes infuriated her.

“Then Prince should just continue drinking alone! Mowan wouldn’t accompany you any longer!” Yao Mowan turned around angrily and left the stone terrace.

“I never asked you to accompany me in the first place!” Ye Junqing subconsciously refuted. Yao Mowan abruptly turned around and glared at Ye Junqing. Ye Junqing immediately fell silent.

In the following moment, Yao Mowan suddenly reached out, grabbed a bunch of peach blossoms, then threw it angrily on the ground before stomping off. This was the first time she had seriously been angered by Ye Junqing.

“Did this prince say something wrong? What is she so angry about?” Ye Junqing only dared to complain after she walked a ways off.

When Yao Mowan got back to the main hall, she sat down at the table angrily and poured a cup of tea into her mouth.

“I had just poured that!” Yan Nansheng looked towards Yao Mowan.

“So what? I can’t drink it?” Yao Mowan slammed down the tea cup and lifted her brows.

“Of course you can, drink as much as you like. Do you want some more? It is Nansheng’s honor to pour tea for Mowan,” said Yan Nansheng with a devout expression on his face as he lifted the teapot.

“When did you arrive?” Yao Mowan exhaled, then returned to the main topic.

“When you were telling Feng Yihan that we were best friends.” When he heard that, he had almost fallen off the tree.

“Is there a problem with Mowan’s words?” Yao Mowan looked towards him innocently.

“Nansheng deeply agrees!” Yan Nansheng nodded firmly. Yao Mowan seemed in a bad mood today, so it was best to avoid provoking her. This was what Yan Nansheng had learned through experience.

“The Seven Phantom Assassins will arrive tomorrow night. Yin Xue can deal with three, so the four that are left?” Yao Mowan collected her emotions and looked towards Yan Nansheng with a serious expression.

“Nansheng really hadn’t expected that you would have Yin Xue look for me just because of those insignificant Seven Phantom Assassins. Don’t you know that this is using a cow butcher knife to slaughter chickens!?” Yan Nansheng had a helpless expression on his face as he said this. After all, his title as martial arts alliance head wasn’t something he had brought with money.

“Are you sure you can deal with them?” Yao Mowan knew that Yan Nansheng was the martial arts alliance head, but nowadays, there were too many cases of false rumors. She didn’t harbor much hope until she witnessed his ability for herself.

“It’d only take a snap of my fingers!” Yan Nansheng was extremely confident, extremely proud, and extremely narcissistic as he said this.

The next day, Ye Junqing was taking Feng Yihan around as always while Yao Mowan was in the main hall keeping Fluffy company. The day passed as usual, but as it approached night, the atmosphere in Harmony Palace became very grave. Even after making all the preparations meticulously, Yao Mowan couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“Consort Yao, Yihan feels that it’s best if you return to Guan Osprey Palace.” Feng Yihan’s face contained unconcealable worry. Regardless of whether this succeeded or not, he didn’t want to make Yao Mowan endure this following period of time with him because it was bound to be painful.

“This prince also feels that it’s best if you head back first.” Ye Junqing’s expression was equally solemn. When his gaze landed on Yao Mowan’s face, he couldn’t help but wonder how a woman was able to maintain such calm despite facing such a dangerous situation.

“The tea that Crown Prince has here is delicious. How could Mowan bear to leave without enjoying a few more cups?” said Yao Mowan with a light smile. However, just because no one could see any tension on her face didn’t mean that she wasn’t nervous. The outcome of this moment would affect everything else in the future. If something happened to Feng Yihan, it wouldn’t just implicate Ye Junqing. Chu Mobei would also take this chance to make a move, so she couldn’t afford to lose this confrontation!

However, one thing that she was grateful about was that Ye Hongyi had purposefully removed the imperial bodyguards that were usually stationed near Harmony Palace because he was aware that the Seven Phantom Assassins were making their move tonight. This made things much easier for her.

There was finally movement from the roof. Although the sound was very quiet, it was chaotic. It was clear that the people they were waiting for had arrived!

Ye Junqing knew that it was already too late to persuade Yao Mowan to leave, so after he heard the noise, he got up and sat down next to her.

Feng Yihan, who had gotten up at almost the exact same time, sat back down when he saw this scene. Yao Mowan probably hoped that it would be Ye Junqing sitting next to her.

Feng Yihan was shocked by the fact that he was worrying over such a matter in this life or death situation. He had barely interacted with Yao Mowan a handful of times, yet he had already developed feelings for her.

“In a little while, when we start fighting, stay close behind this prince.” Ye Junqing said in a low, determined tone.

“Are you sure you can protect me?” asked Yao Mowan softly even as brilliant light flashed through her eyes.

“This prince will die before failing.” It was only a few simple words, but it caused Yao Mowan’s heart to start fluttering.

“Why? You’ve always hated me.” The anticipation in Yao Mowan’s eyes deepened.

“Because you’re Moxin’s younger sister!” There was an instant that Yao Mowan was envious of herself. What kind of predestined affinity had she had for him to be this attached to her?

Right after Ye Junqing spoke, Ting Feng and Liu Sha crashed through the window. In the dim light given off by the candles, Yao Mowan could see that the two of them were pale and there was blood at the corners of their lips. They had probably suffered severe internal injuries.

“Master, hurry up and leave!” Ting Feng abruptly jumped up from the ground and moved to shield Feng Yihan. Almost simultaneously, seven figures surrounded them in a flash.

“Everyone in this room must die!” This cold voice felt as heavy as metal and made a faint echoing buzz. Yao Mowan furrowed her brows. The seven people in front of her were wearing masks of Yama and dressed in black cloaks. There was no way to distinguish one from another.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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