Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: The Crown Prince of Qi Agreed to the Favor

“Don’t leave yet! This prince feels there’s still room to negotiate!” When Ye Junqing saw that Yao Mowan had gotten up and was heading towards her room, he followed after her.

“Is Prince preparing to get on the bed with Mowan to have a proper discussion?” Yao Mowan abruptly stopped in front of the door and glanced back. Ye Junqing’s face was so close she could faintly feel his hot, moist breath. That ambiguous sentence, this intimate gesture, caused both hearts to start pounding.

Ye Junqing had found out early how well Yao Mowan’s eyes could deceive. Whenever she pretended to be a fool, her eyes were always so innocent. However, at this moment, he was surprised to discover that her eyes were very captivating. Those eyes were like endless holes that drew you down and made you peer in to see the mysteries they contained. However, the further down you went, the more you sank, until you could no longer extricate yourself.

He really wanted to shift his gaze away, but his body would not listen to him. For a second, he even felt that Yao Mowan’s gaze was extremely familiar, that it was exactly the same as those eyes he longed for!

“Moxin…” Ye Junqing subconsciously called out her name, causing Yao Mowan’s eyes to widen with shock.

“Prince looks as if Prince does want to go in with Mowan!” Yao Mowan forced herself to remain unperturbed as she said this with a teasing smile.

“Uh… cough cough… Feng Yihan invites you to Harmony Palace tomorrow evening at six. This prince is a little tired!” As Ye Junqing spoke, he wound around Yao Mowan to push open the door and enter the room.

“What is Prince doing?” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing with a puzzled expression.

“Uh… Wrong door!” Ye Junqing was extremely embarrassed as he turned around and instantly disappeared into the main hall. Yao Mowan stared at Ye Junqing’s back with disappointment and frustration. Back then, she had truly given her heart to the wrong person and missed such a good man. Now that she had been reborn, should she hold on to his heart? But as of now, what right did she have to stand by his side…

In the midst of the peach blossom forest, Feng Yihan stood with his hands clasped as he look up at the flowers. His robe of white and the gentle light that spilled down from the stars lit up his handsome jade-like complexion while the faint worry visible in his eyes added a unique, dejected beauty to his appearance.

“Walking beneath ten thousand flowers, untouched by a single leaf. Your Highness Crown Prince has a wonderful temperament.” A clear voice suddenly interrupted the tranquil silence. Yao Mowan walked slowly through the falling petals to arrive in front of Feng Yihan.

“If we are to talk about temperament, Yihan is truly inferior!” said Feng Yihan as he invited Yao Mowan to sit down.

“Crown Prince is joking. Mowan doesn’t have any temperament, so Mowan isn’t capable of doing something as cultured as drinking tea and admiring the moon.” Yao Mowan’s gaze was pure like a pond of still water. It was very easy for people to find themselves falling submerged within them.

“It seems Consort Yao has guessed Yihan’s intentions?” Feng Yihan sat down opposite Yao Mowan as he gracefully poured a cup of Longjing tea that was harvested before the Grain Rain.

“Guessing it is one thing, what Your Highness Crown Prince says is another.” Yao Mowan took a shallow sip of the tea and the fragrance immediately filled her mouth. She had to acknowledge that Feng Yihan had put a lot of care into this tea.

“But Yihan really wants to know if Consort Yao has come to the same thoughts as Yihan?” Feng Yihan’s eyes sparkled with light. He was waiting for this woman to give him a large surprise!

“Yin Xue!” Yao Mowan wasted no more words and just softly called for Yin Xue.

“This subordinate, Yin Xue, kowtows in salute to Master!” Yin Xue appeared like a breath of wind, without a single trace. Feng Yihan has always believed his martial arts to be quite good, but he couldn’t tell where Yin Xue had appeared from at all.

“You can withdraw.” Yin Xue disappeared right after Yao Mowan’s words fell. It was so quick it was like she had never appeared at all.

“What does Consort Yao mean by this?” Despite the shock, Feng Yihan reacted quickly and looked towards Yao Mowan with his brows raised.

“Crown Prince wished to know this consort’s strength, so this consort was demonstrating it. Crown Prince also has a hidden guard, so you’ve probably heard of the clan of Yin. In addition, Yin Xue’s master used to be the martial arts alliance head, Yan Nansheng. If it weren’t for the fact that we are best friends, does Crown Prince think Yan Nansheng would be able to bear parting with Yin Xue?” In the shadows, Yin Xue’s lips subconsciously twitched. She had just returned from Phoenix Feather Manor, and regardless of what angle she looked from, she didn’t feel like Yan Nansheng thought of Master as a best friend. It would be more fitting to say he viewed her as a sworn enemy.

“It seems that the Seven Phantom Assassins are on their last trip.” Feng Yihan’s brows subconsciously relaxed, a hint that Yao Mowan noticed. This was probably a life or death fight for him. If he succeeded, he would obtain a nation, but if he failed, he would have to give up his life.

“This consort has already shown enough sincerity. It should be Your Majesty Crown Prince’s turn now.” Yao Mowan put down the teacup with a calm expression.

“Consort Yao, feel free to state your conditions. Yihan will definitely not argue!” Feng Yihan knew that there was no way he’d be able to fight off the Seven Phantom Assassins without Yao Mowan’s support, so regardless of what conditions Yao Mowan stated, his only choice was to agree.

“Mowan wishes to ask a favor of you for someone.” Yao Mowan spoke this lightly. Her beautiful features shone with mild light beneath the moonlight, making her seem like a moon fairy that had descended to the mortal realm.

“For whom?” Feng Yihan lifted his brows as he looked towards Yao Mowan. This had been outside of his expectations.

“Mowan also wants to know if Crown Prince has unspoken understanding of Mowan?” Yao Mowan didn’t answer and just looked towards him with a smile.

“Ye Hongyi? That’s not right…” Feng Yihan sank into thought. The wind arose, rustling the leaves of the peach trees and sweeping up a trail of petals in a dance. It was so beautiful it made one’s heart ache.

“Ye Junqing.” Feng Yihan’s voice was filled with confidence. When he saw the light in Yao Mowan’s eyes, a faint tart feeling arose in his heart. He should have known that it was him.

“You’re helping him? Why? Because of your older sister?” Feng Yihan really wanted to hear the correct answer, but Yao Mowan didn’t confirm it.

“If Crown Prince is willing to agree to this favor, Mowan will naturally use all her abilities to help you. However, if you’re not willing, then let’s treat it as we had never met today.” Yao Mowan’s expression was calm because she was certain Feng Yihan wouldn’t refuse.

“Alright! One day, Yihan will definitely return this favor to Ye Junqing with all the strength of Qi.” Feng Yihan’s eyes were like stars and spilled out beautiful light. With the help of such a farsighted woman like Yao Mowan, the state of Chu was destined to have a change of masters.

“Mowan will be remembering Crown Prince’s words on the Esteemed Prince’s behalf.” Yao Mowan nodded slightly and got up to leave, but Feng Yihan stopped her.

“It’s such a beautiful night, is Consort Yao going to abandon it?” The vast night sky seemed endless and was decorated with a bright, curved moon and countless gem-like stars with the soft fragrant peach flowers as a frame. It was truly a beautiful evening. Yao Mowan’s lips lifted in a faint smile.

“You’re right, it’s a rare, beautiful night, how could Mowan abandon it…” Yao Mowan said softly. Just when Feng Yihan thought that Yao Mowan would stay, she actually started walking even faster and soon disappeared into the sea of blossoms.

Feng Yihan couldn’t help but chuckle bitterly as he gazed in the direction Yao Mowan had left in. It was such a beautiful night, but the one she sought to enjoy it with was not him. Ye Junqing, how are you so fortunate…

After leaving Harmony Palace, the moment Yao Mowan stepped into Guan Osprey Palace, Ting Yue rushed up to greet her.

Niang niang, ever since you left, Prince has been sitting on the stone stool over there and drinking.” Ever since that day, Ting Yue finally understood what her master truly thought and never dared to harbor any more contrary intentions.

“You can withdraw.” Yao Mowan waved lightly before taking small, soft steps towards the stone stool in the courtyard. Elegant pear trees stood in two rows, giving off a mild, elegant fragrance and rustling like music in the wind. Ye Junqing was dressed in an azure blue robe as he sat by himself on the stone stool. As the night breeze swept by, it lifted his ink-like hair in a graceful arc, making him look like a celestial.

“There is nothing more welcoming than a timely smile, while nothing is more cherished than the fragrance of sweet snow. The description of pear blossom petals as sweet snow truly fits well.” Yao Mowan gracefully stopped on the swing next to Ye Junqing. Her toes lightly tapped the ground and the swing started gliding forward, causing her white skirt to billow slightly in the breeze like a soft wave.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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C: This translator wants to drink tea and admire the moon too! But where this translator lives, if it’s not freezing cold, it’s hot and humid with mosquitoes. Reality is so unromantic. TT_TT

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