Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Let’s See How Long You Can Keep Up This Act

“What is Second Older Sister doing?” Yao Mowan walked to Ming Yu’s side to look towards Jade Lake with puzzlement.

“Consort Yao… Consort Yao, please talk to my master and convince her to stop this! This servant has never heard of the existence of a rainbow fish. Early this morning, niang niang ran out madly and said that she had to catch the rainbow fish for His Majesty! Niang niang has already been underwater for a long time. If things go on like this and she runs out of strength, it’d be terrible!” Ming Yu abruptly knelt down in front of Yao Mowan to humbly beg her for help.

“Rainbow fish… Wan er has never seen one either.” Yao Mowan’s clear calm eyes emitted a faint light. As she gently pressed her fingers against her cheek, she looked towards Yao Suluan who was flopping around in the water with an amused smile.

“Consort Yao…” Ming Yu looked at Yao Mowan in astonishment. For an instant, she thought she saw a shrewd light flash through Yao Mowan’s eyes. From the looks of it, Yao Suluan’s insistence that Yao Mowan wasn’t a fool wasn’t completely impossible.

“Your Majesty! You’re here!” Yao Mowan knew that Ming Yu was starting to suspect her, but she didn’t care. She jogged over towards Ye Hongyi who had rushed here.

“Wan er, why are you also here?” Ever since Feng Yihan started staying in Harmony Palace, in order to avoid the awkwardness, Ye Hongyi had held himself back and hadn’t visited Guan Osprey Palace. That was why, when he saw Yao Mowan at Jade Lake, he almost forgot what he came for.

“Wan er heard that Second Older Sister was going to catch a rainbow fish and came to help Second Older Sister! Your Majesty, just wait a bit, Wan er‘s going to look for it right now!” Yao Mowan started walking towards Jade Lake with a serious expression but Ye Hongyi immediately pulled her into his arms.

“Nonsense! How could a rainbow fish exist in this world?” His gentle tone didn’t contain even a hint of reproach. Ye Hongyi hugged Yao Mowan tightly as if she was an extremely precious treasure. The scent coming from her body was starting to make him restless.

“Your Majesty, Consort Li niang niang has already been underwater for an incense stick’s worth of time. This servant’s worried that something has happened to niang niang.” When Ye Hongyi appeared, Ming Yu immediately knelt down in front of him to beg for help.

“No way! Second Older Sister is better at swimming than anyone. It’s only been an incense stick’s time, that’s nothing! Second Older Sister said that there were rainbow fish in the lake! Really!” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Hongyi innocently with her lips slightly pouted. Ye Hongyi’s heart immediately started racing.

“Alright, alright, then we’ll just let Consort Li look. Did Wan er run over? Your forehead is covered with sweat!” Ye Hongyi’s gaze lingered greedily on Yao Mowan’s moist red lips as his slightly rough hand brushed past Yao Mowan’s forehead gently.

Ming Yu hadn’t expected that His Majesty would allow her master to keep going and immediately looked towards the figure splashing about in the water worriedly.

“Why isn’t it here? Suluan must find a rainbow fish! But why isn’t it here? Suluan had clearly dreamed of it! It was a dream granted by celestials!” Yao Suluan swam around wildly in the water. She was gradually getting more and more tired.

“Second Older Sister, don’t worry, take your time to look! His Majesty and Wan er will wait here for you, so you don’t have to rush!” Yao Mowan shouted towards Yao Suluan in a comforting manner.

“Wan er, have you seen Feng Yihan?” Ye Hongyi only glanced at Yao Suluan before shifting his gaze to the beauty in his arms. He was certain that Yao Suluan was purposefully acting like a fool. The only way he would believe was if she actually drowned herself in this lake.

“I’ve seen him. Your Majesty had Wan er welcome him at the banquet after all. But Wan er doesn’t like him. He’s like a complete block of wood and always has a stern look on his face like everyone owes him money! Your Majesty, you don’t like Wan er anymore?” As Yao Mowan spoke, she leaned her head into Ye Hongyi’s chest. She was using all her abilities to distract Ye Hongyi because she was curious how long Yao Suluan would be able to stay in the water.

“How is that possible? Out of all the women in the Inner Palace, the one we like most is Wan er!” Ye Hongyi sounded extremely sincere and Yao Mowan did believe him. However, as of now, the thing she cared about the least was Ye Hongyi’s love.

“But Your Majesty hasn’t visited Guan Osprey Palace for such a long time! Wan er misses you. Wan er wants to sleep in Your Majesty’s arms! Wan er always feels safe in them!” Yao Mowan rubbed her head against Ye Hongyi’s chest as her lips hooked in a cold smile. She knew that Yao Suluan wasn’t good at swimming. It was already impressive that she had been able to persist until now.

In the water, Yao Suluan was panting for breath. Her wet hair concealed the hatred in her eyes as she looked at the two figures on the shore. The sight of them stabbed into her eyes. It was very painful, her heart convulsed!

Her body was gradually becoming exhausted. Yao Suluan tried to swim back to the shore with what strength she had left, but when she met Yao Mowan’s eyes, she gave up on struggling. She’ll gamble this once!

“Oh no! Your Majesty! Niang niang‘s out of energy! Niang niang‘s starting to sink!” When Ming Yu saw that Yao Suluan had stopped trying to stay afloat, she immediately cried out in alarm. Ming Yu didn’t want Yao Suluan to die because she didn’t know what An Bingshan would arrange for her to do once Yao Suluan died. At the very least, when she was next to Yao Suluan, she had a chance to approach His Majesty.

Upon hearing this, Ye Hongyi turned to look towards the lake with surprise. The surface of the lake was already calm again and there was no trace of Yao Suluan.

“Second Older Sister… Second Older Sister!” Yao Mowan wanted to rush out but Ye Hongyi pulled her back.

“Get her out of the water!” In reality, guards had already arrived and had been waiting at the side. Now, at Ye Hongyi’s command, they immediately jumped into Jade Lake.

“It’s all Wan er‘s fault… wuuwuu… Your Majesty, Second Older Sister will be fine, right? Wan er remembers that Second Older Sister was very good at swimming, how could this happen!?” Yao Mowan’s tears fell like droplets of rain, but inwardly, she was displeased with how Yao Suluan risked her life. It would really be a pity if she ended up drowning like this.

“It has nothing to do with you, she was the one that wanted to find some made up rainbow fish…” As Ye Hongyi comforted Yao Mowan, he looked towards Jade Lake with his dark eyes. Has Yao Suluan really become a fool? If she hadn’t, why would she throw her life away like this?

The moment the guards pulled Yao Suluan up, Yao Mowan rushed to Yao Suluan while crying heart-wrenchingly. At the side, Ming Yu started pressing on Yao Suluan’s chest hard until Yao Suluan coughed out several mouthfuls of water.

“Rainbow fish… Suluan saw it… Your Majesty…” Yao Suluan fainted again after saying those few words.

“Second Older Sister! Your Majesty, what’s wrong with Second Older Sister? Wan er doesn’t want Second Older Sister to die!” Ye Hongyi saw that Yao Mowan was crying harder and harder and once again pulled her into his arms. Although Yao Suluan was the one near death, Yao Mowan immediately snatched away the attention with a few sobs.

“What are you guys just standing there for? Hurry and carry Consort Li back, then call for an imperial physician to look at her!” Ye Hongyi said indignantly. Only then was Yao Suluan carried back to Pure Flowers Palace by the imperial guards.

“Your Majesty, Wan er wants to stay with Second Older Sister. Is that ok?” Yao Mowan wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. Her moist eyes sparkled like delicate gems that attracted tender affection.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. She even had enough strength to speak earlier.” Ye Hongyi stroked Yao Mowan’s fair cheek and spoke gently to comfort her. He had never been so gentle towards a woman before. He also wanted to restrain his feelings for Yao Mowan since she was a fool and couldn’t be made Empress, but the more he tried to restrain his feelings, the stronger his longing for her became.

“But Wan er‘s worried ah. Your Majesty, let Wan er go, alright?” Yao Mowan held Ye Hongyi’s hand and lightly swung it. The way she was acting like a spoiled child made Ye Hongyi want to chuckle.

“Alright, fine. Ting Yue, look after your master carefully. Come to us immediately if anyone dares to bully her!” Ye Hongyi still hasn’t forgotten what occured in Guan Osprey Palace. Even if Yao Suluan was currently unconscious, he still felt worried.

“This servant understands!” Ting Yue bowed respectfully.

Yao Mowan only stopped crying and headed towards Pure Flowers Palace once Ye Hongyi left her sight.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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