Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Consort Li Niang Niang Has Also Become a Fool

“How did he haggle with you?” Ye Junqing was starting to wonder if his brain had gone rusty from disuse. How come he hadn’t heard hidden meanings in those earlier words?

“He said that he would give Mowan something Mowan would like before he left. There are two meanings contained within this. First, he’s expressing his sincerity. As long as Mowan agrees to his demand, he’ll definitely return the favor generously. Meanwhile, ‘to leave’ is his request. He hopes that Mowan would guarantee his safety while he’s in this palace.” Yao Mowan analyzed the words calmly.

“Aren’t you overthinking things?” Ye Junqing didn’t feel that Feng Yihan’s sentence contained that many layers of meaning.

“Mowan agreed to his request by agreeing to give him a cat since this gives him more time.” Yao Mowan exhaled deeply. Back then, she only knew that the crown prince of Shu, Chu Mobei was extremely crafty, but it looks like Feng Yihan wasn’t someone she could underestimate either.

“What do you mean by more time?” After witnessing how fast Yao Mowan was able to analyze everything, Ye Junqing suddenly felt that he really couldn’t continue to allow himself to waste away.

“He now has the time until the kitten’s weaned. He had probably already made a move in the state of Qi and is just waiting for the right opportunity in Harmony Palace.” Yao Mowan felt like she had fallen into a trap. She really had underestimated Feng Yihan.

“No way, right?” Ye Junqing was still doubtful.

“When you see him tomorrow, he’ll definitely ask to lengthen his stay. Is Prince willing to bet on this?” A strange smile appeared on Yao Mowan’s weary face as she lifted her brows at Ye Junqing.

“Other than Liu Sha, anything else is alright!” Ye Junqing immediately went on guard.

“Then forget it! Ting Yue, is the evening meal still not ready?” Yao Mowan stopped paying attention to Ye Junqing and called out for Ting Yue. Meanwhile, a large drop of cold sweat appeared on the back of Ye Junqing’s head. That had been so close, he almost lost Liu Sha.

In Harmony Palace, Feng Yihan was lying on the wisteria bamboo chair while reading a scroll. From time to time, his lips would hook in a smile. He was in a very good mood.

“Master, the scout reported that the Seven Phantom Assassins had appeared near Lake Serene. At this pace, they’ll probably reach great Chu in three days,” Ting Feng reported.

“How unexpected. Yao Mowan’s intelligence doesn’t lose to her older sister’s at all. She might even be more shrewd than Yao Moxin! Even this crown prince has no way of silently enduring for over a dozen years and pretending to be a fool. How had she done it?” Feng Yihan didn’t seem to hear Ting Feng’s report. His eyes were filled with interest and puzzlement.

“Master, the Seven Phantom Assassins are almost here…” Ting Feng deliberately repeated this news with a worried expression. Even though he had already resolved to protect his master with his life, the chances of winning against the Seven Phantom Assassins were truly dismal.

“Is that so? This crown prince really hopes that they will arrive soon!” Feng Yihan’s lips hooked into a smile as his eyes sparkled with light.

“Crown Prince has come up with a surefire plan?” Ting Feng looked towards Feng Yihan with surprise.

“Guess what happened after this crown prince brought the Rainbow Glass Box to Guan Osprey Palace?” Feng Yihan had been thinking about what occurred in Guan Osprey Palace and admiring Yao Mowan’s intelligence this entire time.

“This subordinate doesn’t know.” Ting Feng was getting a little impatient now. The Seven Phantom Assassins were almost here, yet Master was getting hung over a fool. How could he not feel anxious?

“Yao Mowan dropped and broke the jade hairpin.” Feng Yihan’s voice contained a faint tone of appreciation.

“This subordinate doesn’t understand. What need is there for Prince to mull over a fool’s actions? The Seven Phantom Assassins…” Before Ting Feng could finish speaking, Feng Yihan interrupted him.

“Yao Mowan isn’t a fool. Not only is she not a fool, she’s extremely intelligent. She has already promised this crown prince that she would guarantee my safety during this time period until I leave this palace.” Feng Yihan smiled meaningfully.

“That woman isn’t a fool? How is that possible!?” Ting Feng couldn’t believe it. After all, the way she dressed during the welcoming banquet was too horrendous a sight to possibly forget.

“You don’t believe? This crown prince will prove it to you tomorrow night!” Feng Yihan looked forward to exchanging words with Yao Mowan again.

“Then the Seven Phantom Assassins…” Ting Feng was unwilling to give up.

“From the looks of it now, the victor is not sealed in stone. You may withdraw.” Feng Yihan’s expression was more calm than worried. For some reason, he felt a baseless trust in Yao Mowan. He was certain that this mysterious woman would guarantee his safety.

The next day, when Ye Junqing heard that Feng Yihan wished to stay a few more days, he rejoiced at the fact that he hadn’t rashly agreed to make a bet with Yao Mowan. Otherwise, he’d be drowning in regret right now.

“This Harmony Palace has belonged to Crown Prince since the day you came to stay here. Crown Prince is welcomed to stay as long as you like,” replied Ye Junqing candidly.

“Yihan is deeply grateful.” People of talent appreciated each other and heros respected heros. Even though Ye Junqing’s reputation had taken a plight, Feng Yihan still felt that this person deserved his respect much more than Ye Hongyi did.

Meanwhile, although Feng Yihan didn’t receive a respectful reception from Ye Hongyi, it was still a must to carry out the common etiquettes. Hence, Ye Junqing left the Imperial Palace with Feng Yihan to head to the Ministry of Rites.

In Guan Osprey Palace, Yao Mowan was sampling tea when Yin Xue suddenly appeared.

“Master, Ben Lei sent news that great Shu is transferring troops to Mangyuan. It seems like they’re planning to send troops.” Yin Xue handed the light purple letter to Yao Mowan as she reported this respectfully.

Yao Mowan’s lips hooked in a faint smile as she read the letter. Every time she recalled Chu Mobei, she would feel a headache. That guy was seriously hard to deal with.

“From the looks of it, Chu Mobei is already sure that Feng Yihan will die in great Chu. That’s why he would make such an early move. However, this time he has been a little overconfident. Yin Xue, are the Seven Phantom Assassins really that strong?” As Yao Mowan spoke, she dipped the letter into her teacup. The purple ink dissolved in the water and the words soon disappeared. This type of ink was make from edible flower powder, so it tasted very refreshing when mixed with tea.

“Replying Master, this subordinate has never exchanged blows with them before. However, it’s rumored that they’re extremely skilled at sorcery. Everyone that has died in their hands died with a smile on their faces as if they didn’t feel any pain. In addition, the Seven Phantom Assassins have never failed before.” Yin Xue stated everything she knew.

“It seems like it’s been a long time since this consort has seen Nansheng. Find some time to head back to Phoenix Feather Manor to deliver a message for this consort. Just say that Mowan misses him! And, reply to Ben Lei and tell him to stay calm. Chu Mobei won’t have a chance to send these troops,” said Yao Mowan mildly before she took a sip of the tea.

“Understood!” Yin Xue’s lips twitched. She had ten thousand reasons to believe that Yan Nansheng didn’t want to see her master even in his dreams.

After Yin Xue left, Ting Yue ran in anxiously.

Niang niang, it’s bad!”

“What is it?” Yao Mowan remained composed. After experiencing all sorts of struggles and setbacks, she felt that there was no situation left that she couldn’t handle.

“Consort Li niang niang has become a fool!” Ting Yue’s words were shocking, even Yao Mowan’s hand froze for a moment as she lifted the teacup. Then her eyes lit up. It seemed that the child could be taught after all. Yao Suluan hasn’t disappointed her!

On the shore of Jade Lake, Yao Suluan struggled free from Ming Yu’s grasp and jumped into the lake. It was lucky that it was the beginning of summer and the water was pretty warm.

Niang niang, hurry and come up! You’ll catch a chill!” Ming Yu didn’t know how to swim so she could only shout from the shore.

“No! There’s rainbow fish in the lake, Suluan has to catch one! His Majesty will like it! Suluan must catch one to give to His Majesty!” Yao Suluan abruptly dived into the lake and didn’t reappear for a long while.

Niang niang! Someone come ah! Hurry and save niang niang!” Ming Yu looked at the lake with fear. She was so worried that her forehead was covered with sweat. This was the scene Yao Mowan saw when she arrived.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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