Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: A Familiar Assassin

“What is the Esteemed Prince investigating?” The mirth faded from Yao Mowan’s eyes and was replaced by a serious expression.

“Replying Master, the Esteemed Prince was searching for information about Sun momo, Eunuch Zheng, and Yun Er,” reported Yin Xue.

Yao Mowan’s heart suddenly hurt as if someone was squeezing the blood out of it. She still remembered vividly how Sun momo and Yun Er had ran back and forth busily but happily the night she gave birth to Zhong er. Eunuch Zheng was so happy, he even personally cooked her some nourishing dishes. They were the people she had been closest to in this palace! But as of now, although she returned to the palace, she would never be able to see them again. Ye Hongyi, you really owed Mowan too many lives!

“Master?” called Yin Xue softly when she sensed Yao Mowan’s abnormality.

“It’s nothing. Is there any news about Yu Funing?” Yao Mowan pulled herself away from those unbearable memories.

“Yu Funing has a hidden guard stationed in Fragrant Steps Pavilion. Yin Xue was worried about the hidden guard sensing something so Yin Xue didn’t get too close and couldn’t hear much of the details. However, Yin Xue did hear them mention Sun momo, Eunuch Zheng, and Yun Er. Based on this, Yu Funing is likely involved in the events that occured in the Cold Palace that day,” said Yin Xue with certainty.

“Yu Funing also has a hidden guard? No wonder she had been able to send the letter to Ye Junqing without anyone finding out. With this, things are trickier. Yin Xue, take a trip back to Phoenix Feather Manor and call Yan Nansheng here for this consort,” said Yao Mowan solemnly.

“Understood!” Yin Xue immediately left after getting this order.

In the main hall, Yao Mowan’s eyes turned slightly cold. Yu Funing has chosen to reveal the truth behind her death in order to give Ye Junqing a reason to fight again. Looking from Yu Funing’s perspective, this choice should be correct. However, Yu Funing overlooked one thing. As of now, Ye Junqing was staying in the imperial palace, so his every move was within Ye Hongyi’s grasp. If there was any hint of something going on, how was it possible that Ye Hongyi would allow Ye Junqing to continue living!? The road she was trying to lead Yu Funing along wasn’t this one!

That night, Yan Nansheng who hadn’t appeared for a long time showed up in front of Yao Mowan. Yao Mowan could sense the plain wariness in Yan Nansheng’s eyes.

“This seems to be the Guan Osprey Palace. Is Nansheng worried that I’ll steal something?” Yao Mowan looked towards Yan Nansheng with a harmless expression as if she had been wrongly accused.

“Hard to say!” Yan Nansheng couldn’t help but fear this woman’s ability when he recalled how she had swindled the Elements away.

“Let’s get to the main topic. Mowan has something to ask.” Yao Mowan indicated for Yan Nansheng to sit down, then started speaking seriously.

“You can ask, but first give the Elements back to me.” Yan Nansheng took advantage of this opportunity to haggle.

“Then let’s just forget it. In any case, Mowan isn’t really friends with Ye Junqing so whether he lives or dies has nothing to do with Mowan. You can leave now!” Yan Nansheng had barely spoken when Yao Mowan abruptly got up to leave.

“Don’t go ah, I’m just joking! Say it, what do you want?” Yan Nansheng suddenly felt that life was very sad. He was the grand alliance head of the martial arts circles, the young master in charge of Phoenix Feather Manor, yet this woman completely had him wrapped around her finger. Whenever he was in front of Yao Mowan, he felt like all of his power was useless. No matter how he tried to attack, it just seemed to hit a sponge and make no impact.

“It’s very simple, I want you to kill Ye Junqing…”

For Yu Funing, it was practically a dream come true to have Ye Junqing come to her Fragrant Steps Palace for a meal. But she didn’t want to see Yao Mowan even in a dream. It was a good thing that Yao Mowan wasn’t carrying that damned cat this time, otherwise she probably wouldn’t have been able to stop herself from locking Yao Mowan outside.

“This consort kowtows in salute to the Esteemed Prince and Consort Yao. Please come sit, the noon meal is already prepared.” Yu Funing’s gentle eyes lingered on Ye Junqing for a while before she relunctantly shifted her gaze away. A person like Ye Junqing who seemed to carry a halo of light around him was a beautiful scene no matter where he went. The problem was, a fool that didn’t fit the picture was always standing by his side. It not only made people feel that it was a pity, it also made people extremely envious.

“I’m really sorry to bother Big Sister Consort Xian again.” Yao Mowan walked to the phoenix table with a smile. Behind her, Ye Junqing snorted. It was hard to imagine that Yao Mowan actually also knew the words ‘I’m really sorry!’

A little while into the meal, Yu Funing finally noticed that Yao Mowan was acting different from usual. Not only was she barely talking, she kept looking around from time to time during the meal. She seemed to be waiting for someone?

“Ah, I’m really full now. Big Sister Consort Xian, Wan er will head off first!” Just when Yu Funing felt that something was strange, Yao Mowan suddenly got up to leave.

“Then this prince shall also take his leave.” Ye Junqing naturally wouldn’t stay if Yao Mowan’s was leaving. However, right after he got up, Yao Mowan abruptly shook her head.

“No! You can’t leave! Sit down!” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing with a serious expression as she said this sharply.

“Why?” Ye Junqing lifted his brows as he looked at Yao Mowan, puzzled.

“In any case, you can’t leave! Big Sister Consort Xian, make him stay here! Wan er‘s leaving!” Yao Mowan walked around the phoenix table with a nervous expression and quickly headed towards the palace doors.

Right at this moment, there was a strong gust of wind and a person dressed in black seemed to instantaneously appear in the main hall. The sharp blade in his hand headed straight for Ye Junqing.

“Assassin! Niang niang, be careful!” The moment the black-clothed person appeared, Qian Xi pulled Yu Funing to a corner. Then she looked towards Yao Mowan and found that Yao Mowan had already found a corner to hide in.

Ye Junqing figured out the person’s identity after they exchanged a few blows, but it just made him even more confused.

“What are you doing…” Ye Junqing couldn’t finish his sentence because the black-clothed person’s blade slashed down. Each attack was strong and deadly. When Yu Funing saw that Ye Junqing couldn’t defeat the assassin, she called Fei Luan out to help him.

When Fei Luan appeared, the black-clothed man attacked a few more times, then disappeared in a flash.

“Fei Luan, withdraw! There’s no need to chase! Esteemed Prince, are you alright?” Yu Funing called Fei Luan back, then ran to Ye Junqing’s side worriedly.

“I’m fine…” As Ye Junqing was replying, he saw that Yao Mowan was trying to sneak out of Fragrant Steps Pavilion.

“Consort Yao isn’t going to wait for this prince?” The ice-cold voice contained unconcealed anger. Ye Junqing didn’t even glance at Yu Funing and strode straight towards Yao Mowan.

Yu Funing reflexively followed after Ye Junqing but Qian Xi pulled her back.

Niang niang, don’t worry. This servant saw everything clearly earlier. The Esteemed Prince wasn’t injured,” said Qian Xi deliberately in reminder.

“Who exactly was trying to kill him?” Yu Funing’s slender frame leaned against the palace doors as her hand tightened around her handkerchief. The light in her eyes turned cold. When the assassin’s blade had been about to pierce Ye Junqing’s chest, she felt as if her world was about to collapse. At that moment, she finally understood that if Ye Junqing no longer existed in this world, her reason to live would also disappear.

“Did niang niang notice that Consort Yao seemed to be acting differently from usual today? It was like…” Qian Xi felt that something was off but couldn’t pinpoint the exact problem.

“Like she knew that someone would come to assassinate the Esteemed Prince, so she tried to leave after just a few bites?” Yu Funing’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“And when the Esteemed Prince indicated that he was leaving with her, she was strongly against it. This servant will be so audacious as to say that Consort Yao was definitely aware that an assassin was coming, and she even knew that the assassin’s target was only the Esteemed Prince. That’s why she didn’t run away in a panic when the assassin came and instead hid at the side without fear!” Qian Xi was certain of this.

“This consort was wrong!” Yu Funing took a deep breath and stomped back inside. Behind her, Qian Xi cautiously closed the doors before following her.

“This servant doesn’t understand what niang niang means?” Qian Xi looked towards her master, puzzled.

“This consort shouldn’t have tried to reveal the truth behind Yao Moxin’s death to Ye Junqing! Think about it. Based on the feelings Ye Junqing had for Yao Mowan, once he finds out that her death was caused by someone, he’d definitely try to find the person behind it, right?” Yu Funing started calmly analyzing the situation.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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