Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Angered to the Point of Coughing Blood

“That’s not possible! That’s not what the doctor said when he took the pulse!” refuted Yao Tu.

“That’s why I’m saying you guys were all kept completely in the dark this whole time. That doctor was from Village Mark Pharmacy and knew my nephew very well. Of course he would choose to help my nephew.” Dou Lishi kept saying nephew, nephew again and again. Yao Mowan couldn’t help but want to laugh. In this situation, wouldn’t it be smarter to try to distance oneself?

“How could that be…” Yao Tu looked towards Yao Zhenting in shock and saw that Yao Zhenting’s face was completely ashen and his eyes had already turned red. The veins on the hand that was gripping the teacup bulged as if they were about to explode.

“So I’m saying ah, Prime Minister da ren, you’ve been helping raise someone else’s kid this entire time! Not only this, even after Su Muzi got brought into the Prime Minister Residence, she continued to have relationships with my nephew. When people saw them on the streets, the people who didn’t know the situation actually thought they were a family of three! And…”

Crash…’ Dou Lishi was still prattling on endlessly when there suddenly came the sound of something shattering on the ground. Yao Zhenting had thrown his teacup. Dou Lishi only came to her senses when some of the tea splashed onto her hand in passing.

“Re… replying da ren, this matter… From beginning to end, it was Su Muzi, that lowly woman who seduced my nephew, so it has even less to do with this common woman. This common woman just heard… This common woman heard that you were investigating this matter and would be giving a generous reward. That’s why… that’s why this common woman finally chose to place righteousness before family. This is all that this common woman knows so… that reward…” Dou Lishi saw that the situation wasn’t good and gulped as she looked towards Yao Tu.

“Who told you that we were investigating and would be giving a reward?” Yao Tu immediately picked out the fishy part to all of this and questioned her sternly. At the side, Yao Mowan lifted her eyes slightly to look at Dou Lishi. It was hard to distinguish the light from the shadow in her clear eyes.

“Investigate! It must be investigated! Yao Tu, hurry up and get to it! I want to know the truth!” Before Dou Lishi could reply, Yao Zhenting suddenly slammed the table and stood up. Yao Mowan could see the bulging veins on his forehead that looked about to burst.

“This servant understands. Master… should this servant help you back to the room to rest?” Yao Tu worriedly walked forward when he saw that Yao Zhenting’s facial color was very pale.

“Go investigate right now! Cough cough…. cough cough cough!” Yao Zhenting suddenly felt an iron taste in his throat, then he coughed out a mouthful of blood .

“Master! Someone, hurry up and call for a doctor!” Yao Tu immediately shouted. Yao Mowan walked over as well with an alarmed expression.

“Father, are you alright? Don’t scare Wan er, alright?” Yao Mowan sounded as if she was about to cry. Inwardly, she really was a bit worried. It would be letting him off too easy if he was angered to death just with this! The pain that Mother had to endure, the torment that her younger sister suffered, she’d make him pay for all of it slowly!

Meanwhile, Dou Lishi was a bit stunned. She hadn’t expected for things to get this serious. If she really ended up angering the prime minister to death, not only would she not be able to get a reward, she probably wouldn’t even be able to keep her life. Hence, she took advantage of the chaos and quietly left the residence.

According to the doctor, Yao Zhenting’s anger had attacked his heart but he would be fine after careful rest. After Yao Zhenting fell asleep, Yao Tu instructed Chen Qiang to see the doctor out while he headed to Bright Virtuous Pavilion to find Yao Mowan.

“So Consort Yao niang niang was here? This servant couldn’t find you anywhere,” said Yao Tu respectfully with his head lowered.

“Ting Yue, this consort is a little hungry. Go get some pastries from the kitchen.” Yao Mowan continued gazing at the lush elm tree in front of her as she gave Ting Yue this command. Ting Yue understood the hidden meanings and immediately withdrew.

Niang niang, this servant has some things that this servant isn’t sure should be said.” Bright Virtuous Pavilion was very quiet. The wind arose, making the tree leaves rustle softly. The scene was beautiful enough to be a painting.

“This consort is always willing to hear what Steward Yao has to say.” Yao Mowan retrieved her gaze and slowly turned to face Yao Tu.

“Dou Lishi’s appearance is a little odd. For some reason, this servant feels like…”

“It was arranged by this consort.” Yao Mowan admitted her doings before Yao Tu even finished speaking. However, her straightforward response caused Yao Tu to be a little dumbstruck.

“Master had just walked out from the pain of losing his son, and little Young Master is already dead. Why did you…”

“Why did this consort do it? You should understand it most clearly! Moreover, everything Dou Lishi said was true. You can investigate for yourself.” The cold voice revealed unconcealable anger. Yao Mowan spoke harshly, finally voicing some of the pain in her heart.

Upon hearing this, Yao Tu glanced towards the arched door. He only looked back at Yao Mowan once he confirmed that there was no one around.

Niang niang… holds a grudge against Master? But Master is still niang niang‘s birth father!” Yao Tu watched Yao Mowan nervously.

“In the past two dozen years, has Father ever cared about Mowan’s existence? Compared to Yao Zhenting, you’re more like Mowan’s father…” Yao Mowan knew that of all the people in the Prime Minister Residence, Liu Xing and this steward were the only ones that treated her younger sister very well. This was probably also the reason why he had repeatedly helped her from the shadows.

“This servant doesn’t dare…” When Yao Tu heard what she said, he knelt down fearfully.

“The things Steward has done for Mowan are engraved in Mowan’s memories. However, Mowan’s curious, when did you figure out that Mowan had recovered her intelligence?” Yao Mowan helped Yao Tu up as she asked.

“This… This servant noticed that something was different about niang niang right when you returned with Ting Yue. Following that, Gao momo was blamed for attempting to poison Master and then there was what happened with Lou Yuxin. There were a lot of other little incidents afterwards as well, so they made this servant realize that niang niang was already no longer the same as before,” replied Yao Tu honestly.

“It’s a good thing that there aren’t a lot of people as clear-sighted as Steward in this residence. Otherwise Mowan would really be at a loss.” Yao Mowan laughed. Her guess was correct, Yao Tu had long already figured it out.

“Don’t worry, niang niang, Yao Tu will definitely keep this secret and won’t allow anyone to find out things that niang niang doesn’t wish for people to know about!” Yao Tu heard the implied meaning in Yao Mowan’s words and once again knelt on the ground.

“Steward is over-worrying. If you were going to tell, you would have already told instead of waiting until now. Stop kneeling and get up!” Yao Mowan was satisfied with Yao Tu’s response.

Niang niang… In reality, Master… He hasn’t had feelings towards anyone, even Big Madam, so…” Yao Tu had served Yao Zhenting for many years, so he couldn’t bear seeing his master hurt.

“So it was alright for him to not care about Mother’s life and allow Dou Xianglan to poison Mother?” Each of Yao Mowan’s words came out like ice. Yao Tu had no words with which to refute. Even he felt that Yao Zhenting’s indifference had been cruel.

“Some grudges will never be settled with a compromise. Steward Yao, this consort knows that you’re loyal, but these are the Yao Residence’s family matters, understand?” said Yao Mowan mildly as she restrained the indignance and sorrow in her eyes.

“This servant understands…” replied Yao Tu in a low voice. The fact that Yao Mowan revealed the truth to him showed that she trusted him a lot. This show of trust made it impossible for him to betray her to Master. Yao Tu couldn’t help but sigh. Yao Mowan’s move was placed perfectly. He had no paths with which to retreat.

Yao Mowan nodded slightly, then had Yao Tu withdraw. As she watched him leave, her lips hooked in a graceful arc. She had faith that Yao Tu knew what to do now that she had said those heartfelt words.

Yao Mowan was feeling very refreshed when she got back to Guan Osprey Palace. A moment later, Ye Junqing walked in carrying Fluffy.

“Are you really treating this prince as your cat-sitter? To be gone for so long!” Ye Junqing coldly passed Fluffy to Yao Mowan with a displeased expression.

“There’s a sentence called ‘acting innocent even after deceitfully getting a perk.’ If it weren’t for Fluffy, how could Prince have been able to get into the Office of Internal Affairs so easily? How did the investigation go?” Yao Mowan gracefully took Fluffy before glancing up to see the slightly awkward expression on Ye Junqing’s handsome face.

“You sent someone to tail this prince?” demanded Ye Junqing as he held back his anger.

“That’s right ah. How else would Mowan know?” Yao Mowan looked at him with a ‘you didn’t know?’ expression. Ye Junqing was so angry he stormed off without another word. Once Ye Junqing left, Yao Mowan called Yin Xue out.


Credits: Sponsored by Christiine Govinden-Loh, KH, and maarita, Translated by Chiyomira

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