Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: It’s Fine, He’s Used to It

“You’re living on my food and sleeping under my roof, so isn’t it natural for you to help me a little to pay me back?” Yao Mowan responded as if this was a matter of course. Ye Junqing was instantly made speechless. Perhaps he should reconsider Yan Nansheng’s proposal. He swore that he definitely wouldn’t stay here a second longer once he finished investigating the true cause of Moxin’s death.

Yu Funing was surprised to see Yao Mowan appear with Ye Junqing in Fragrant Steps Pavilion. Then she saw that Ye Junqing was holding Fluffy, and she felt the urge to charge up and kick that cat flying.

“This consort greets Esteemed Prince and Consort Yao.” Yu Funing quickly sorted out her emotions as she walked gracefully to Ye Junqing and curtsied.

“Big Sister Consort Xian, don’t be so polite. The ginseng soup you made for Fluffy last time was really tasty, Fluffy has become completely addicted to it. Big Sister, can you have them make another bowl for Fluffy?” Yao Mowan walked up and grabbed Yu Funing’s hand as she asked this with an earnest expression.

“Why not? Qian Xi, tell the imperial kitchen to make a bowl of ginseng soup. Also have them prepare lunch. The Esteemed Prince and Consort Yao will be having their afternoon meal in Fragrant Steps Pavilion today.” As Yu Funing turned around to give Qian Xi instructions, inwardly she was very vexed. Back then, she had sent the ginseng soup for Ye Junqing to taste, but those several thousand taels worth of soup ended up going into an animal’s stomach.

Ye Junqing’s lips subconsciously twitched. She really didn’t bother to be polite at all!

Once Qing Xi left, Yu Funing asked Ye Junqing to take a seat, then pulled Yao Mowan to sit with her on another chaise lounge.

The moment Yao Mowan touched the chaise lounge, she recognized the Millennium Jade Ice that was being used as a seating pad. This type of jade was warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It was extremely rare, even Ye Hongyi probably didn’t have the fortune to enjoy such a luxury.

The Director of the Board of Rites, Yu Qing, has always been a very cautious man. The only thing he could bear to spend money on was on this daughter. Although it was said that wealth should be kept hidden, Yu Qing didn’t bother to do that at all. After all, every time the imperial court’s finances got tight, he always managed to think of a way to get enough money. Ye Hongyi had once told her that he knew about Yu Qing pilfering from the state treasury, but compared to his abilities, the bits he shaved off were insignificant. It could be seen from this that Ye Hongyi trusted Yu Qing a lot, so Yao Mowan didn’t plan to use the Soul Sand Garden to deal with Yu Qing. She had a different plan in store for him.

“Junqing, Fluffy’s asleep so you’re not allowed to move. If you bother Fluffy and end up waking her up, I won’t let you have dinner!” Yao Mowan was in the middle of gossiping with Yu Funing when she looked over and noticed that Fluffy had fallen asleep in Ye Junqing’s arms.

“Then shouldn’t you also talk more quietly?” Even though Ye Junqing was extremely unwilling, he obediently stopped moving and sat there quietly like a beautiful sculpture.

“Oh! That’s right! Big Sister Consort Xian, let’s talk more quietly!” Yao Mowan nodded as she covered her mouth with both hands and looked back towards Yu Funing.

When Ye Junqing saw Yao Mowan like this, he finally understood that the most painful thing in the world wasn’t to make a famous battle god hug a sleeping cat. The most painful thing was to have to accompany a woman that was more shrewd than a monkey in acting!

“No matter how much Consort Yao likes Fluffy, it’s still just a cat. It’ll be very tiring for the prince to keep holding Fluffy like that.” Yu Funing’s long eyelashes trembled slightly as she suppressed her fury. She couldn’t tolerate the way Ye Junqing had to resign himself to such humiliation. She couldn’t tolerate how Yao Mowan was using her power to bully people. Had the world turned on its head? A fool could command the undefeatable battle god as she pleased now? If Yu Funing hadn’t seen this with her own eyes, she really would have thought she was having a nightmare.

“It’s fine ah! He’s already used to carrying her, so don’t worry! Oh, what were we talking about earlier?” Yao Mowan’s harmless smile now looked as sinister as that of a demon’s to Yu Funing.

During lunch, if Qing Xi hadn’t woken Fluffy up with the smell of the ginseng soup, Ye Junqing probably would have had to sit through the entire meal. Yao Mowan was the only chattering on continuously about random things at the dinner table. Yu Funing and Ye Junqing were both immersed in their own thoughts.

Even when they were about to leave Fragrant Steps Pavilion, Yao Mowan didn’t forget to have Ye Junqing pick Fluffy back up and feed her the rest of the ginseng soup.

“How could you have a prince do something like this? Qian Xi, go get the ginseng soup and see the Esteemed Prince and Consort Yao back to Guan Osprey Palace!” Yu Funing’s heart ached unbearably when she saw how much humiliation Ye Junqing had to quietly endure. She now hated Yao Mowan to no end.

“How could Wan er trouble Big Sister Consort Xian’s people with this? It’s fine, he’s already used to it!” Yao Mowan’s repetition of ‘he’s already used to it’ almost drove Yu Funing crazy with anger.

After Yao Mowan left, she abruptly turned around and overturned the phoenix table again.

Niang niang, what need is there for you to hold a grudge against a fool? Your health is more important,” consoled Qian Xi. She didn’t dare to say anything bad about Ye Junqing this time.

“Does being a fool give her the right to bully others? Did you see how much she humiliated the Esteemed Prince!? No, this won’t do! This consort cannot just look on as the Esteemed Prince suffers such humiliation! Fei Luan!” Right after Yu Funing called, a hidden guard clothed in black appeared next to her.

Niang niang, please reconsider! Who dares to guarantee that the Esteemed Prince isn’t simply acting this way for His Majesty to see? If you touch Yao Mowan, His Majesty might pin the blame on the Esteemed Prince. At that time, wouldn’t we have ended up dropping a rock on our own foot?” Qian Xi hastily explained this possibility when she saw that Yu Funing was about to send Fei Luan out.

Yu Funing’s heart abruptly clenched when she heard this and she waved to have Fei Luan retreat before turning to look at Qian Xi.

“You really think so?”

Niang niang shouldn’t forget that the Esteemed Prince did show up at the side room of the Cold Palace last night. He has definitely seen Qiao Er. Based on what Fei Luan heard, although Qiao Er didn’t have enough time to tell the Esteemed Prince about the person who caused Yao Moxin’s death, she did mention Sun momo, Eunuch Zheng, and Yun Er. As long as the Esteemed Prince investigates those people, he’ll eventually find out about the cause of Moxin’s death, and at that time he’ll definitely revolt! Niang niang should wait until that time to lend him a helping hand.” Qian Xi analyzed the situation calmly.

“Your suggestion is not bad! Then we’ll just have to allow Yao Mowan to live awhile longer!” Yu Funing’s eyes were cold as she said this between gritted teeth. At the side, Qian Xi’s eyes darkened slightly. When she told the lord what her master was planning, the lord had ordered her to oppose her master’s views as much as possible. This task was truly troublesome.

“Why are you purposefully humiliating this prince in front of Consort Xian?” Ye Junqing knew that Yao Mowan always did things with motives.

“I’m helping you ah! I’m helping you with fending off troublesome peach flowers ah, yet you don’t even know to feel grateful!” Yao Mowan replied in an angry tone as she continued mulling over a different matter. There were other meanings contained within the words Yu Funing spoke in the imperial garden. It seemed she knew about the events that occured in the Cold Palace, so she was definitely involved in what happened last night. However, she needed to get evidence.

“Nonsense!” Ye Junqing immediately refuted.

“Ha, could it be that you didn’t notice the way Consort Xian looked at you? If my guess isn’t wrong, she’s been in love with you for quite a while,” said Yao Mowan as she drew closer to Ye Junqing.

“The more you speak, the stranger your words get. This prince has now helped you, so could you help this prince with something?” There were benefits in being a little shameless when dealing with Yao Mowan! Ye Junqing decided to treat her the same way she messed with him.

“I can’t!” replied Yao Mowan straightforwardly.

“Why?” Ye Junqing’s eyes abruptly filled with anger as he inwardly complained about how unreasonable she was.

“Because Mowan isn’t living on your food or sleeping under your roof. And, that night you bad-mouthed Mowan, did you forget?” Yao Mowan stopped walking and turned around to look towards Ye Junqing. Her long eyelashes curled slightly at the ends and her beautiful eyes sparkled like gems in the light.

Cough cough… You seem to hold grudges against this prince quite a lot.” Ye Junqing was completely speechless when Yao Mowan acted this way.

“It’s not ‘holding grudges,’ it’s ‘settling accounts.'” Yao Mowan’s lips curled slightly, then she took Fluffy from his arms and walked away with light steps. How could I hold grudges against you? All I remember are the good things about you…


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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