Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Revealing the Identity of the Little Young Master to the Prime Minister

“What difference is there!?” grumbled Ye Junqing angrily as he watched Yao Mowan leave. After a good while, he finally took a deep breath and his expression turned serious. He recalled the three names the palace maid said yesterday before she died. The first thing he had to do was find out the identities of those three, but though he was staying in the imperial palace, there were many places that he couldn’t go to. He was originally hoping that Yao Mowan would help him, but from the looks of things now, he had no choice but to borrow the cover of night.

As a woman, Yao Mowan could sense that Ye Hongyi was doting on her more than he did any other concubine or consort. Or perhaps it should be said that she could faintly sense that Ye Hongyi has fallen for her for real. However, she only found it laughable. Back then when she did everything for his sake, it didn’t manage to gain even a bit of sympathy from him. Yet now, when she was completely acting for her own sake, her behavior attracted love from him?

The night wind swept in and continuously lifted the faint pink curtain with it as the mattress violently shook. After the incident with Yao Yu, Ye Hongyi had considerately held himself back for ten days before touching Yao Mowan again. As of now, Ye Hongyi was releasing all of his pent-up passion with no idea that the heart of the person below him wasn’t as bright as the smile on her face.

“Your Majesty, can Wan er visit the prime minister’s residence tomorrow?” Yao Mowan lay on Ye Hongyi’s chest as she looked towards him with a pleading expression.

“You may, but you can’t stay there for the night. We‘ll miss you!” Ye Hongyi always agreed to Yao Mowan’s requests.

“Your Majesty is the best!” As Yao Mowan snuggled into Ye Hongyi’s arms, her heart turned completely cold.

The next day, when Yao Mowan got back to the prime minister’s residence, the entire residence seemed to be enveloped in a lifeless air. Even the servants sweeping the courtyard seemed to be listless as if they hadn’t eaten.

But it was nothing strange. For other people, as days passed their family only grew larger, but the prime minister’s residence was losing people by the day. The only master left in this residence was Yao Zhenting so the servants didn’t have much to do.

“Third Miss? This old servant kowtows in salute to Consort Yao niang niang. Why didn’t you send someone to tell us you were coming so that this servant could prepare a reception?” When Yao Tu saw Yao Mowan, unconcealable joy appeared on his face. Yao Mowan knew that if there still existed someone in this residence that cared about her and was worthy for her to care about, that person would be Yao Tu.

“Something casually prepared is enough.” Yao Mowan nodded slightly. “Where’s Father?”

“The lord hasn’t been going to court these last few days and has been locking himself in the little Young Master’s room. He finally got a bit better yesterday, so he’s probably in the main hall right now,” said Yao Tu with a sigh.

“Is that so…” Despite caring about a son that much, he only grieved for a few days. He was truly cold-blooded. If it weren’t for the fact that she heard from Liu Xing that Yao Zhenting had recovered a little, she wouldn’t have chosen to come back today. She just really didn’t feel like giving Yao Zhenting even a bit of breathing room.

“Father!” Yao Mowan took a deep breath, then ran into the main hall with lively skips. Yao Zhenting was currently sitting inside and sampling a cup of tea.

“Mowan? Why are you here?” When Yao Zhenting saw that Ting Yue was the only one following after Yao Mowan, he didn’t bother to get up and salute her.

“Mowan missed Father and shu mother. That’s right, Mowan also brought some pastries back from the palace. Father’s heart must be bitter from losing Yu er, but once you eat some pastries your heart won’t be bitter anymore!” Yao Mowan took the pastries from Ting Yu and placed it on the square sandalwood table.

“You’re actually quite filial,” said Yao Zhenting with a sigh as he watched this dumb daughter of his.

“Ting Yue, go call shu mother over. Tell her that Wan er brought her tasty stuff!” Yao Mowan turned around and instructed Ting Yue.

“There’s no need to. Your shu mother… has gone to a far away place. She won’t be coming back.” Yao Zhenting didn’t want to waste his breath explaining to Yao Mowan.

“A far away place? Mother has also gone to a very far away place… Father, say, will Mother still come back to look for us? She’ll definitely miss Wan er, so she’ll definitely come back!” said Yao Mowan with conviction as she looked towards Yao Zhenting with her bright eyes.

When Yao Zhenting heard this, the hand that was holding the teacup shook for a moment and his facial color changed. Just at this moment, Yao Tu ran in.

“Master, there’s a woman outside that’s saying she knows Third Madam and is looking for Master for a very important matter.” Yao Tu bowed and reported respectfully.

“Did you ask her what it was about?” asked Yao Zhenting coldly as he glanced at Yao Tu.

“This old servant did ask, but she said she would only say it in front of Master. This servant tried giving her money, but she didn’t seem to have come for money.” Yao Tu naturally knew what Yao Zhenting was thinking and responded with these details.

“Let her in.” Yao Zhenting’s brows furrowed with displeasure. He knew that even if the person was Su Muzi’s relative, she still wouldn’t dare to try to cause a scene at his prime minister’s residence.

Yao Tu went out again and soon returned with an old lady that looked about fifty. The old lady’s face was shiny with cosmetics and a eye-piercing red peony hairpin was inserted into her frizzy bun. Her attire bore a striking resemblance to those of female brothel keepers.

The instant Yao Mowan saw the old lady, she couldn’t help but press her hand against her forehead. She recalled telling Liu Xing to remind her to dress up a little, but she hadn’t expected this lady to end up dressing in such an exaggerated manner. She didn’t know whether Father would believe the words of this lady at this rate.

“Who are you?” asked Yao Zhenting as he looked at the unfamiliar person in front of him.

“Replying Prime Minister da ren, this common woman’s name is Dou Lishi,” replied Dou Lishi politely as she moved closer with a bright smile.

“Yao Tu!” Yao Zhenting called in a disgusted tone and Yao Tu immediately walked up to pull Dou Lishi back.

“Didn’t you have something to say to the lord? Hurry up and say it!” urged Yao Tu.

“Oh, I almost forgot! Prime Minister da ren, this common woman dares to swear upon the Heavens that Yao Yu isn’t your biological son!” Dou Lishi’s expression was solemn and confident as she said this.

Upon hearing this, Yao Zhenting abruptly knocked the cup lid in his hand against the tea cup and then glared at Dou Lishi.

“Audacious commoner! What nonsense are you making up!?” Yao Tu hadn’t expected for such outrageous words to come out of Dou Lishi’s mouth. He immediately made to chase her out.

Da ren is wise and should know that this common woman wouldn’t dare to make things like that up without proof. Da ren doesn’t remember this common woman anymore? It was this common woman that served as midwife when Su Muzi was giving birth!” Dou Lishi continued speaking as if she didn’t see the dark expression on Yao Zhenting’s face.

“Hurry up and get out!” Yao Tu reached out to pull Dou Lishi away but Yao Zhenting stopped him.

“Let her continue!” His voice was cold to the bone. When Yao Mowan felt that dark chill, her lips hooked in a barely noticeable smile.

“Hear that? Da ren told me to continue. Let go of me!” Dou Lishi pushed away Yao Tu before looking towards Yao Zhenting again with an ingratiating smile.

Da ren, you were unaware, but Su Muzi wasn’t a virtuous woman at all. Ever since she had been kicked out of the prime minister’s residence, she started having improper relationships with my nephew, Zhou Chengwu. The two started sleeping together even though no matchmaker set them up. Later, when they ran out of money, they set their sights on you. After obtaining your affection, that woman still didn’t know to repay grace and continued having relationships with my nephew. She even spent all the money you gave her on my nephew. This common woman wasn’t able to get even a bit of it!” Dou Lishi immediately continued glibly without noticing the dark fury that was appearing on Yao Zhenting’s face.

At the side, Yao Mowan glanced at Dou Lishi. She couldn’t help but sigh. In reality, just the plain truth would be enough to anger Yao Zhenting half to death. With Dou Lishi adding vinegar to the oil like this, Yao Zhenting will probably be ill for quite a period of time.

“Get to the point!” Yao Zhenting spat between gritted teeth.

“Yes, yes… Replying Master, when you found out that Su Muzi was pregnant, in reality she had already been pregnant three months! Three months ago, you two still hadn’t gotten together ah. So based on this, isn’t Yao Yu obviously my nephew’s child?” Dou Lishi made this declaration earnestly.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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