Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Using the Elements to Trade for Yin Xue

“Your Majesty, di mother treated Wan er really well, Wan er wants to stay too…” Yao Mowan’s beautiful eyes sparkled as she looked towards Ye Hongyi. The naive innocence in those eyes caused people not to know if they should feel angry or laugh at her ignorance. Dou Xianglan would treat Yao Mowan well? Not even a ghost would believe that!

Zhen’s dumb little Wan er ah! Let’s go!” Ye Hongyi pulled Yao Mowan and continued walking. However, when he reached the door, something seemed to have occurred to him and he look towards Yao Zhenting.

“Which lowly servant was it that tried to frame Consort Yao?”

“Your Majesty, don’t worry, this humble subject will definitely punish that lowly servant severely!” Yao Zhenting cupped his fist respectfully to send them off. Yao Mowan looked at Yu Zhi who was kneeling in the corner and smiled knowingly as a trace of coldness flashed through her eyes. Yu Zhi’s attempt to frame her earlier was definitely a grave mistake, but from the start there was no way Father would let her off for treating Yao Yu that way. As Yao Mowan silently considered all of this, her smile deepened.

Yao Yu’s end was extremely tragic. She was thrown into the Purgatory Room for six hours. By the time she was let out, she was half dead and ended up being fed to a dog. Yao Mowan listened to Liu Xing’s report as she gently stroked Fluffy. She laughed coldly. She truly didn’t know how the dog had been able to swallow someone with such a black heart.

Niang niang, supper has been prepared.” Ting Yue carried the last dish, koi pastries, to the table, then walked to Yao Mowan’s side.

“En. Have you attended to the Esteemed Prince?” Yao Mowan exhaled softly. Putting down Fluffy, she walked to the table.

“This servant has already delivered the Esteemed Prince his portion.”

“Good. Then you two should also withdraw and go eat. There’s no need for you two to wait upon me here.” Yao Mowan waved as she sent Ting Yue and Liu Xing away. She finally had a bit of appetite now as she looked at the table full of dishes.

Just as Yao Mowan was about to move her chopsticks, a mild and sweet fragrance drifted over. Yao Mowan didn’t speak and continued to focus on eating without even lifting her eyes.

“Ting Yue, that girl, actually dared to hold a grudge! How could she bring so little food to ben wang? It’s simply nowhere close to enough!” Ye Junqing was dressed in white and looked graceful and elegant as he walked in. A trace of embarrassment showed on his handsome face despite his best efforts to cover it up.

“You don’t seem to be able to eat this much?” Seeing that Yao Mowan wasn’t responding, Ye Junqing decided to mediate for himself and sat down.

“I heard you went back to the Prime Minister Residence? You didn’t suffer any grievances, right?” Ye Junqing inwardly celebrated the fact that there were two bowls and chopsticks on the table. He casually picked up the bamboo chopsticks and was just about to pick up some food when he saw Yao Mowan put down her porcelain bowl and looked towards him coldly.

Ye Junqing’s lifted hand immediately stopped in mid-air. He couldn’t very well continue with his motion or pull his hand back. After being frozen for a few awkward moments, he finally retrieved his hand.

“Fine, ben wang is here to admit his mistake. Ben wang shouldn’t have hit you. But… you also made a mistake…” Ye Junqing looked towards Yao Mowan with a serious expression.

“Mowan’s mistake was in not dodging in time when wang ye acted.” A ripple of emotion passed through Yao Mowan’s tranquil eyes. Her voice was as pleasant to the ear as the soft murmur of a clear spring.

“If you’re going to be this way…” However, when Ye Junqing saw the clear marks on Yao Mowan’s face, he swallowed his words right back down. It was hard to imagine how hard he must have hit her for the marks to be still so clear even now.

“Is Mowan not right?” Yao Mowan lifted her eyebrows, her expression very calm.

“You’re right!” Ye Junqing weeped inside his heart. These words was completely against his will!

“So this is what wang ye thinks ah. Wang ye can leave now!” Yao Mowan’s voice turned frosty.

“Then that’s not right!” Ye Junqing immediately changed his attitude. Ye Junqing had come to realize that trying to speak logically while this woman felt like making trouble was definitely just an act of self-oppression.

“Perhaps in wang ye’s eyes, Mowan has never been right. Wang ye can leave now!” Yao Mowan once again issued the order of expulsion.

“…” Ye Junqing was finally utterly defeated. He hung his head as he placed down the chopsticks and silently left. A faint smile appeared on Yao Mowan’s lips as she watched Ye Junqing’s dejected figure leave Guan Osprey Palace. She liked Ye Junqing most the way he was right now, when he was able to feel happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. This way, at least his heart wasn’t like dead ash the way it had been when he was in the Esteemed Prince Residence.

Right when Ye Junqing’s figure faded from view, wind aros, and a red garment appeared in front of Yao Mowan. It was a handsome face that seemed almost gender neutral, a countenance that had no match in the world. Yan Nansheng was truly extremely beautiful. All living things would fall for him with just a glance.

“Isn’t beauty being a little too much of a bully?” Yan Nansheng drew back his sleeves and sat down opposite Yao Mowan as he looked towards the direction Ye Junqing had left in. Yao Moxin was the only other person in this world that had been capable of causing his Junior Brother to be so helpless. As expected of biological sisters.

“Is Alliance Head planning to stick up for the Esteemed Prince?” Yao Mowan restrained her admiration for his beauty and looked towards him with lifted brows in a slightly pressuring manner.

“Ahem… currently I don’t have that sort of plan. Today, I came here only to see Lady Mowan!” Noticing the abnormal glint in Yao Mowan’s eyes, Yan Nansheng decisively made the choice to put his own safety first.

“There are no other matters?” Yao Mowan continued to look at Yan Nansheng with raised brows. Those clear eyes seemed to have the power to see through one’s heart. Yan Nansheng suddenly felt very exposed.

“None!” Yan Nansheng shook his head firmly.

“That’s best. Since you’ve already gotten to see the person, then Mowan won’t accompany you any longer. This day has been tiring.” Yao Mowan swayed gently to her feet and made to walk towards the bedroom.

“Don’t leave ah! I have something good that you should see! Feng (wind), Yu (rain), Lei (thunder), Dian (lightning)!” The moment Yan Nansheng’s voice rang out, four people dressed in dark garments appeared in front of Yao Mowan. There were two men and two women. The men were like jade trees that shielded one from the wind, while the women were composed and dignified. As for their martial arts, it definitely was at a high level since Yan Nansheng had said that they were good.

“What do you mean by this?” Yao Mowan sized up the four in front of her and turned to look towards Yan Nansheng. She already had a pretty good idea of what he was planning.

“You shouldn’t underestimate these four. They’re ben zuo’s most capable right and left arms!” Yan Nansheng gave the four people his highest assessment.

“And so?” Yao Mowan slightly touched her cheek. Her crafty eyes sparkled as she looked towards Yan Nansheng with a faint smile. She was like a small flower that swayed in the spring wind, she looked extremely pure and innocent.

“And so… ben zuo has decided to give the four of them to you!” said Yan Nansheng resolutely as if it had taken him a lot of courage to do so.

“En. Mowan once heard people say that the more beautiful something is, the greater the inside disparity. However, it seems that it isn’t completely true. After all, Nansheng, you’re beautiful enough to ruin a state, yet you’re still so generous of heart. Since that is the case, as deference is no substitute for obedience, Mowan shall accept! Feng, Yu, Lei, Dian, withdraw.” It was rare for Yao Mowan to praise someone.

“Don’t withdraw ah!” Yan Nansheng wanted to stop them but Yao Mowan’s gaze sharpened as she looked towards the Elements. (Feng, Yu, Lei, Dian is either their names, or their nicknames. Regardless, they’re grouped in a quadruplet and called as one unit, so inside of saying FengYuLeiDian, I’ll just be calling them the ‘elements’ in this translation.)

“Who is your master now? Withdraw.” Yao Mowan’s voice was very soft yet it contained an unquestionable authority. The Elements were slightly taken aback for a moment, then they silently disappeared from Guan Osprey Palace.

“Nansheng ah, ben gong is truly tired, so ben gong won’t keep you company any longer!” Yao Mowan had successfully gotten a free gift and now made to return to her room again. However, Yan Nansheng moved to stop her.

“Don’t leave yet, I still have something to say!” Yan Nansheng suddenly had a bad feeling. Yao Mowan was truly impressive. She had been able to make the Elements acknowledge her as their master with just a few words, and he hadn’t even gotten to the main point yet.

“Weren’t you just here to visit me?” Yao Mowan looked towards Yan Nansheng with a innocent and confused expression.

“That’s right, but since you’ve taken the Elements, shouldn’t you return Yin Xue to ben zuo?” Yan Nansheng spoke as if that was the logical course of action.

“Are these two things related?” Yao Mowan had already guessed Yan Nansheng’s motive but she wasn’t a kind person. She saw no reason to allow a duck she had obtained to fly away. Moreover, Yao Mowan learned from Yin Xue that all the hidden guards were loyal only to their present master. Yao Mowan believed this point firmly and had no doubts about it.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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