Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: The Hidden Truth

However, Yao Zhenting suddenly waved his hand and indicated for the servants to withdraw.

“Suluan, don’t be so headstrong. Go rest, you must look after your health.” Yao Zhenting had regretted his earlier choice the moment he saw the four imperial bodyguards appear beside Yao Mowan. He felt that it was lucky that Yao Mowan was a fool. She probably wouldn’t hold this against him.

Yao Mowan really wanted to laugh as she watched Yao Zhenting put into full use his skill of acting according to the situation. It was sure her fortune to have this type of father.

“Father!” Yao Suluan’s eyes were filled with blame as she looked towards Yao Zhenting. She was furious. Right at this moment, Su Muzi happened to enter with Yao Yu. Su Muzi sensed that the atmosphere was off the moment she stepped into the room, but there was no way she could withdraw after already having walked in. Thus, she stayed there timidly and didn’t dare to make a sound. However, it was to no avail. She immediately became Yao Suluan’s target for venting her anger.

“Lowly wretch!” Yao Suluan immediately rushed up. No one had time to react before she started slapping Su Muzi’s face fiercely.

“Go away! Don’t you dare bully Mother!” Yao Yu angrily rushed up when he saw that blood was leaking out of his mother’s mouth, but Yu Zhi grabbed him. As of now, Big Madam had already passed away so her only chance at survival was to perform well in front of Yao Suluan. She was aware of the fact that no one in this residence, including Master, wanted her here. As of now, Yao Suluan was her last hope.

“Mother! Wuuwuu!” Yao Yu cried inconsolably and struggled with all his strength, but he still couldn’t escape from Yu Zhi’s grasp.

Su Muzi’s face was swollen and her hair was in disarray from being hit by Yao Suluan, yet Yao Zhenting simply watched indifferently without showing any indication to step in and stop this. He knew that Yao Suluan had to take this anger out on someone.

“Second Older Sister! How could you hit shu mother! What did she do wrong?” Yao Mowan glanced coldly at Yao Zhenting, then suddenly moved in front of Su Muzi and grabbed Yao Suluan’s raised hand.

di mother is what children of concubines call the legal wife, shu mother is what children of concubines call the concubines in the family

“She wronged in the fact that she seduced men! And even gave birth to a bastard! Scram! Ben gong is teaching this wretch a lesson! Ben gong will hit whoever that dares to get in the way as well!” Yao Suluan had lost her mind from the pain of losing her mother. Currently, she was like a wild beast that was going crazy and biting everything in sight.

“Consort Yao niang niang… this common woman is fine…” Su Muzi forcefully kept herself from crying and stayed where she was without retreating although her body was shuddering uncontrollably. She didn’t even dare to lift her eyes to implore for help. She acted humble and weak, the way individuals with no power tended to do, since that was all they could do. Seeing Su Muzi like this, Yao Mowan recalled her own mother. Mother had probably had to suffer through her days this way as well, hadn’t she?

Shu mother didn’t do anything wrong. Mowan didn’t do anything wrong either! If Second Older Sister just wants to vent your anger, then hitting Mowan is the same! Just hit Mowan instead!” Yao Mowan shielded Su Muzi. Letting go of Yao Suluan’s wrist, she squeezed her eyes close. It was clear that she was very scared, but she didn’t show any intention to shrink back.

“Fine! All of you heard! She was the one who asked to be hit! Anyone that dares get in the way will be punished for committing a capital offense! It doesn’t even matter if His Majesty comes!” As Yao Suluan spoke, viciousness burst forth in her blood-colored eyes and she abruptly lifted her hand.

Yao Mowan could hear the distinct whistle of the wind. This slap probably contained all of Yao Suluan’s strength. In the shadows, Yin Xue’s gaze sharpened. She would move the instant Yao Mowan made a gesture. However, right at this moment, a fierce roar came from outside the door.

“Stop!” The cold voice contained a bone-penetrating chill. The first thing Ye Hongyi saw when he came to Bamboo Wish Pavilion was the horrifying scene. Immediately afterwards, he saw Yao Suluan move to slap Yao Mowan and his heart, for some reason, squeezed with pain.

Yao Suluan had only paused for a second. She had no intention of stopping, but could not go through with the slap since Cai Ying dragged her away.

Niang niang, you must take into consideration the bigger picture!” Cai Ying softly whispered in Yao Suluan’s ear. As of now, Ye Hongyi had already entered the room. He immediately walked over and gently pulled Yao Mowan into his arms as if handling a precious treasure.

“Your Majesty… Wuuwuu… I didn’t poison… Wan er was with shu mother when di mother… Second Older Sister doesn’t believe Wan er… And even hit shu mother…” Yao Mowan sobbed heartbrokenly in Ye Hongyi’s arms.

“What is going on?” Overflowing fury whirled within Ye Hongyi’s ice-cold pupils as his sharp gaze shot towards Yao Suluan like a knife.

“Your Majesty, you must give this servant justice! This servant’s mother had been poisoned to death by Consort Yao! Yu Zhi can testify to this!” Yao Suluan hated the way Yao Mowan always acted as if she had been wronged. She itched to just rush up and tear that face to pieces. At the side, Yu Zhi’s legs went weak when she heard this. She loosened her grip on Yao Yu and fell to a kneel in front of Ye Hongyi, her body trembling uncontrollably. She had just been trying to curry favor with Yao Suluan. She hadn’t expected for things to get this big.

“Qing Long, investigate thoroughly!” This was all Ye Hongyi said before turning his attention back to Yao Mowan. He swept his fingers over Yao Mowan’s damp cheeks lovingly.

“Wan er’s crying face isn’t pretty, zhen doesn’t like it.” As Ye Hongyi spoke, he turned and left Bamboo Wish Pavilion with Yao Mowan, not even sparing a glance at Yao Suluan.

At this moment, Yao Zhenting finally came to understand that His Majesty valued that dumb daughter much more than Yao Suluan. Hence he stood up and dusted off his garment. He glanced at Dou Xianglan’s corpse, his eyes filled with disgust, then he left without a word.

Yao Suluan collapsed to the ground, her eyes filled with pain, disappointment, and anger. Yao Mowan! One day, ben gong will definitely let you die in a manner even more painful than that your sister experienced!

Due to Qing Long’s intervention, Dou Xianglan’s cause of death was easily found out. Two hours later, Qing Long appeared in the main hall with the imperial physician that had just reexamined Dou Xianglan. Ye Hongyi was comforting Yao Mowan who was still crying.

“What happened?” Ye Hongyi allowed Yao Mowan to sit on his knee as he swept his gaze over the imperial physician who was kneeling in front of him.

“Replying Your Majesty, the prime minister’s wife had indeed died of poison. The name of the poison is ‘La Yan Sand.’ This poison takes effect slowly. The person who poisoned her probably started mixing this poison into the madam’s medicinal soup half a month ago. As the small doses added up, it caused the madam to die from coughing blood,” reported the imperial physician factually.

“Your Majesty, this subordinate has already found that Chen momo, the one who had been simmering the medicine for the madam this entire time, is currently missing and her whereabouts are unknown. It is clear from this that she’s the one who poisoned the madam,” reported Qing Long as he cupped his fist in salute.

“Imperial Noble Consort, do you hear that?” Ye Hongyi glanced coldly at Yao Suluan. There was not a trace of warmth in his voice.

“Chen momo? How could that be? Why would she hurt Mother?” Yao Suluan wiped her tears as she asked Qing Long.

“Replying Imperial Noble Consort, Chen momo’s daughter had once made a small mistake and offended the Prime Minister Madam. Prime Minister Madam had her beaten and thrown out. Due to the fact that she hadn’t been able to get treatment, she died,” replied Qing Long expressionlessly.

“What a vicious woman! Since this matter is unrelated to Wan er, Imperial Noble Consort, shouldn’t you apologize to Wan er?” Unconcealable fury appeared in Ye Hongyi’s eyes when his gaze swept across the fingerprints on Yao Mowan’s face.

“It… It was Second Older Sister that misunderstood. Wan er won’t blame Second Older Sister, right?” Yao Suluan eyes were cold, but since Ye Hongyi was present, she had no choice but to walk to Yao Mowan and softly admit her mistake.

“Second Older Sister had just lost her birth mother. Wan er doesn’t blame Second Older Sister, but you shouldn’t have hit shu mother…” said Yao Mowan, holding back her sobs. Yao Suluan was infuriated, but when she saw Ye Hongyi’s chilling gaze, she could only turn around and walk to Su Muzi.

“Suluan only misunderstood shu mother because Suluan was overwhelmed by grief. Suluan hopes that shu mother wouldn’t hold this against Suluan.” Yao Suluan lowered her eyes and forced these words out between gritted teeth.

“Imperial Noble Consort is speaking too seriously, this common woman would never dare.” Su Muzi immediately kowtowed, not daring to show the slightest bit of disrespect.

“Enough. It is the day of Prime Minister Madam’s death so you should stay here to show your filial piety. Wan er, come with zhen back to the palace.” Ye Hongyi pulled Yao Mowan up and left.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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