Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: What Did You Say? I Didn’t Hear

“You couldn’t be trying to renege on the debt?” Yan Nansheng’s beautiful eyes were wide open in a glower and his voice trembled a little. The woman in front of him was as gorgeous as a flower, yet at this moment, all he seemed to see was a devil, the most two-faced type.

“If Alliance Head doesn’t feel embarrassed, then you can take the Elements back from Mowan. As for Yin Xue, Mowan will never forsake her! Of course, Mowan feels that a proud Alliance Head like Nansheng probably wouldn’t do something like going back on his own words. If you were such a person, Mowan would truly look down on you.” Yao Mowan’s words were light and airy, yet they efficiently blocked all of Yan Nansheng’s roads of retreat.

“You! I want the Elements back…” Yan Nansheng’s voice was extremely small and an unnatural red flush appeared on his flawless jade skin.

“Nansheng, what did you say? Mowan didn’t hear it, be louder!” Yao Mowan rubbed her ear with her hand as she deliberately raised her volume.

“I said… I want the Elements back.” Yan Nansheng choked a little and pressed his lips together, but in the end still spoke a little louder. What a joke. There were only a total of eight first-class hidden guards in Phoenix Feather Manor, how could he bear to give away four for free!?

“I still can’t hear though? What did you say?” Once again, Yao Mowan pretended to be deaf. Speechless, Yan Nansheng was silent for a few moments. Suddenly, he drew close to Yao Mowan’s ear and shouted:

“I’ll give you the Elements as a gift! No need for thanks!”

Yao Mowan’s eardrums reverberated with the sound. By the time she came back to her senses, Yan Nansheng had already left with angry stomps. As Yao Mowan looked at Yan Nansheng’s downcast figure, she gave a slight smile. You want to fight me? Humph!

Perhaps due to the fact that she had just gotten the Elements, her mood improved a lot. Thus, the next morning, when Jun Xin sat down on his own at the jadeite square table and started portioning out the ginseng porridge and handed a bowl to Yao Mowan, she didn’t reject it.

“Has Prince sincerely repented?” Yao Mowan accepted the offered bowl of porridge as she looked towards Ye Junqing with lifted brows.

“Ahem… In regards to that, this prince was indeed wrong. Of course, one who erred must be punished. You can speak freely. This prince is willing to take full responsibility for his own mistake.” Ye Junqing seemed to have set his resolve. He spoke solemnly with a sincere gaze.

“From tomorrow on, don’t appear in front of Mowan while wearing white again.” Yao Mowan gently scooped a small spoonful of the porridge as she spoke lightly.

“Why?” Ye Junqing tried to keep his voice calm.

“Because you did something wrong and should be punished.” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing with her clear eyes in an innocent manner. Yao Mowan knew that white wasn’t the color Ye Junqing liked. Ever since news of her death reached the Esteemed Prince Residence, he started putting on white garments. He wanted to use the color white to mourn for the woman in his heart, to publicly show that his heart had died with her. However, how could he possibly know that the woman he was mourning didn’t want that?

Ye Junqing silently retrieved his gaze and started drinking the porridge in large gulps without speaking. Ye Junqing being in a huff was a rare sight. His sharp brows were so furrowed they formed a ‘川,’ it was extremely funny.

After the morning meal, Yao Mowan picked up Fluffy and made to leave Guan Osprey Palace. As she walked, she seemed to suddenly recall something.

“Ting Yue, if you see that the prince is still wearing white tomorrow, send his meal to the east wing.” Yao Mowan’s meaning was very clear and Ting Yue nodded knowingly. Behind her, the sound of Ye Junqing slurping the porridge got even louder.

After Yao Mowan left Guan Osprey Palace, she called Liu Xing over.

“Liu Xing, go investigate Su Muzi. See who she usually interacts with and check if those people are suspicious in any way.”

“Understood!” Liu Xing never questioned Yao Mowan’s orders and simply carried them out with all his heart. From the time he made the decision to become an eunuch, he had already given all of him, his person, his life, to Yao Mowan.

After Yao Suluan finished handling Dou Xianglan’s funeral arrangements, she rushed back to the Imperial Palace. However, even after waiting for several days, Ye Hongyi still didn’t step into Pure Flowers Palace at all.

Niang niang, if you keep starving yourself like this, what will happen to the child in your belly? You should eat something, even just a little is fine.” Cai Ying carefully offered the ginseng porridge to Yao Suluan but it abruptly got smacked to the ground.

“It’d be good if he starved to death! What dragon seed? It’s Yao Moxin, that vile spawn! How could you enter ben gong’s stomach? Get out! Hurry and get out!” Yao Suluan angrily hammered at her abdomen with both hands.

Niang niang, what are you doing? It’s easy to miscarry this way! You must look after your own body!” Cai Ying immediately stopped tidying up the mess on the ground and moved up to stop Yao Suluan.

“What did you say?” Yao Suluan suddenly stopped hitting herself as she looked sharply towards Cai Ying.

“This servant… this servant said to be careful with your body. If you do this, it’d easily cause a miscarriage…” repeated Cai Ying timidly.

“Miscarriage… It really is a good idea. Help ben gong get dressed, ben gong wishes to visit His Majesty!” Yao Suluan’s eyes lit up as her lips hooked in a cold smile.

Inside the Imperial Study, Ye Hongyi finishing marking the last memorial and placed down the cinnabar brush with a light sigh. As he leaned back languidly on the dragon throne, the image of Yao Mowan’s innocent and beautiful face appeared in his mind. If it weren’t for the fact that he had to balance the influence of the court minsters, why would he waste time to occasionally visit the four main consorts? No one knew how attached he was to Yao Mowan’s body. Every time he slept with the other consorts, he would subconsciously imagine that the woman underneath him was Yao Mowan.

“Your Majesty, the Imperial Noble Consort is outside, asking for an audience.” An Bingshan’s voice interrupted Ye Hongyi’s thoughts.

“Allow her in.” Ye Hongyi immediately retrieved the warmth that had inadvertently appeared in his eyes and spoke sternly. In a few moments, Yao Suluan appeared, walking with little steps.

“This consort greets Your Majesty,” said Yao Suluan in a sweet and gentle voice as she curtsied, presenting her body in its most enticing manner.

“Rise. What is it?” When Yao Moxin was alive, Ye Hongyi always felt Yao Suluan was better in all aspects. She was gentle, virtuous, considerate, and scrupulously abided by the womanly ways. She didn’t meddle in politics like Yao Moxin. However, ever since Yao Moxin died and especially after Yao Mowan appeared, Ye Hongyi came to feel that this woman was no different from his other consorts. The only difference that could be spoken of was that she knew too much!

“Replying Your Majesty, this consort is here to ask for punishment. That day in the Prime Minister Residence, this consort was overcome with grief and thus treated Consort Yao a little too harshly. This consort hopes that Your Majesty will take into consideration that this consort has just lost her mother and not blame this consort.” Yao Suluan spoke with her eyes lowered as she sobbed slightly.

“That’s already in the past, zhen won’t look into it anymore,” replied Ye Hongyi indifferently.

“This consort has also come in order to help Your Majesty with your troubles.” Yao Suluan retrieved the sorrow in her eyes and looked up towards Ye Hongyi with light flickering in her eyes.

“Oh?” Upon hearing this, Ye Hongyi was slightly surprised and looked towards Yao Suluan with lifted brows.

“This consort recalled that Your Majesty had mentioned that the Left General, Huan Heng, held half of the military power in great Chu and seemed to be getting restless. However, Huan Heng has always been very cautious in all his actions so Your Majesty could not do anything to him,” said Yao Suluan in a lowered voice.

“That’s right. Does dear consort have any good suggestions?” Ye Hongyi’s eyes darkened even more as he slowly got up, stepped around the dragon table, and slowly walked to Yao Suluan’s side. Wrapping an arm around her, he helped her to the red sandalwood seat at the side.

“This consort is slow-witted but did think of an idea. If Consort Chen made a huge blunder, ‘the father must pay the children’s debts.’ For the sake of preserving Consort Chen’s life, the Left General probably wouldn’t refuse to hand over his military power.” Yao Suluan’s shrewd eyes sparkled brightly.

“This isn’t easy. Zhen seriously cannot think of what mistake Consort Chen could make that would be severe enough for zhen to use her as a reason to demand for the military power.” Ye Hongyi looked towards Yao Suluan with confusion in his eyes.

“What matters more in the Inner Palace than the dragon descendants?” pronounced Yao Suluan clearly.


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