RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 5

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Battle at the Goblin Village (5/6)

“Listen well! Fang Wolf tribe! Your leader is already dead! I will now give you a chance to choose. Will you choose to submit? Or will you choose death!”

Now then, how will these fellas respond?

If they still want to take revenge for their fallen leader, it would become really troublesome.

There are no movements within the Fang Wolf tribe.

Not very reassuring eh…. Will they go 【We’ll rather die than to submit!】 and rush over altogether?

Then it’d really become a battle in all aspects.

The numbers on our side are ultimately at a disadvantage. I’m afraid that many lives would be lost.

I had maintained a zero death count with a lot of effort. Even though we won’t lose, I still wish to avoid this sort of meaningless conflict as much as possible

As if the battle just now were simply illusions, the Fang Wolves stared at me.

I slowly moved in front of them. Even though I don’t know what this scenery looks like in their view, all in all, I must make them understand that I am more powerful than their leader.

I came to the Storm Fang Wolf leader’s corpse unimpeded, and wasn’t obstructed by anyone.

The individuals near the leader’s corpse had even consciously retreated a step back.

I, swallowed the corpse in its entirety. This act, could be said as the legitimate privilege of an victor.

【Analysis complete, acquired mimicry: Fang Wolf. At the same time acquired innate skill: Super Sense of Smell, Imposing Force】

In my mind, 【Great Sage】’s voice sounded. Seems like I’ve successfully acquired the Fang Wolf’s abilities.

The Fang Wolves, even when their leader had been eaten right before their eyes, didn’t move at all.

I had originally thought that since it has come to this, they should only have two choices of either escaping from fright, or rushing toward us driven by fear.

Ah! Right! I think I had said something like either submit or die earlier!?

Oh no… I got too carried away, how do I wind this matter up now….

No choice, I’ll have to leave you guys with an escape route. Thinking this, I mimicked into the Fang Wolf.

Then, I roared using 【Imposing Force】.

“Kukuku, listen well! Only this time, I’ve decided to let you go. If you don’t submit to me, quickly retreat from here!”

They’ll finally run away like this, right? However, the reality still deviated from my predictions.

(We’ve all decided, to vow submission toward you!)

Accompanying the vow of submission, all of the Fang Wolves laid down. Even though it looked like they were only lying down to sleep….

Seems like, they’ve all chosen to submit to me. Is the reason why they weren’t moving earlier, because they were holding a meeting with 【Thought Transmission】? Well, it’s all good as long as we aren’t fighting anymore.

Just like this, the Battle at the Goblin Village came to an end.


Why exactly is this?

What’s troublesome will always be cleaning up the mess after a battle.

Who is it? That guy who ordered for all the houses to be dismantled… Hereon after, what do you plan to do?

Starting from tonight, where will the goblins sleep?

Moreover, who will be taking care of the newcomers?

Even though they suffered heavy casualties, eighty of them still survived.

In this case…. Anyways, today is already over! Plans for the future, can be put aside until these guys wake up.

All in all, I first made the goblins sleep beside campfires. As for the Fang Wolves, they were ordered to standby at the outskirts of the village.

Morning of the second day.

After a night of thinking, the answer I’ve arrived to was…. A plan to let the goblins tend to the Fang Wolves!

The total number of goblins who are capable of combat is seventy. There were no casualties yesterday, and the injuries were at most to the extent of light scratches.

As for the surviving Fang Wolves, there are eighty-one.

Even though this side had a lot of injured, they were quickly healed after applying a little bit of recovery medicine.

Seems like there weren’t any big injuries anyways, and the Fang Wolve Tribe’s self-regeneration ability was also very great.

The goblins that awoke were made to line up.

Non-combatants were made to stand aside and watch. After all, the surroundings were already dismantled to the point of looking like a flatland, it’s too eye-catching.

The village elder stood by my side.

It seems like he wanted to take care of my daily life, but I can’t feel happy at all from being taken care of by a goblin uncle. My sense of aesthetics, is still the same as my previous life.

Even if I’ve reincarnated into a demon, this is the only thing that I absolutely can’t give in. But, ah, there aren’t any cute girls at all in demon’s village. I’ll probably have to give up on this one.

In front of the lined up globins, I called the Fang Wolves here.

“Um~ From now on, you will form a team.”

I tried to observe the response.

They were probably waiting for me to continue speaking, there weren’t the slightest of movements.

There weren’t any who resented to forming a team, seems like there should be no problems.

“Do you understand what I mean? In short, it’s a team of two.”

Hearing my words, the goblins and the Fang Wolves who sat before them looked at each other.

Following the command, they very naturally grouped up into teams of twos.

The so-called 【yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend】. That sounds a little off…. Well, it’s roughly like that in general.

Right at this moment, I noticed something. These guys, could it be that they don’t have names?

Feels like it’s going to be very inconvenient to call them.

Taking the opportunity as the Fang Wolves and Goblins were getting used to each other, I asked the village elder.

“Village elder, it feels like it’s going to be very inconvenient to call you guys, so I want to give you names. Is that okay?”

Suddenly, all of the surrounding gazes simultaneously focused toward me.

“I-is that really… okay?”

The village elder asked back with an expression of being overwhelmed by awe and excitement.

What’s happening? Why is everyone so excited?

“Oh, of course it’s okay.”

The instant that I answered like this, the goblins that were fixedly looking toward here suddenly exploded in cheers.

Why exactly is this?

If you want names so much, why don’t you just give yourself names?

I, at this time, had not yet noticed the severity within.

Starting from the village elder first.

I tried asking for the name of his son that fell in battle, and it was reportedly 【Liguru】. So the village elder will just be called 【Liguru·do】 = Ligurudo. There were no other meanings; it just rolls off the tongue easier so it was just arbitrarily decided like this.

If he had children, then the children will be named Liguru, then he himself will add a 【Do】 onto his own name. It was clearly just a half jokingly made name, I didn’t think that it would actually be taken seriously. And also….

“I never thought that my son would also be allowed to inherit this name, really, thank you so much!”

A burst of guilty conscience suddenly struck me….

Just like this, the Goblin Chief’s name became 【Liguru】. Because it’s too bothersome to think of the next generation’s name, it’s fine to just keep using Liguru. For some reason, he suddenly made a gratified posture of prayer toward me. What an exaggerated pair of father and son. (TL note: The Goblin Chief is the Goblin Elder’s second son, and thus Liguru. The latest generation of this family will always be named Liguru, and the parent will become Ligurudo)

I started naming the Goblins with this sort of feeling. And along with it, I also named the mothers and children, bachelors and orphans who were spectating from the side.

These guys, I wonder exactly how long can they keep passing on the names…?

If the village elder got a grandchild, he’ll become 【Liguru·dodo】. If he got a great-grandchild, the village elder will become 【Liguru·dododo】… I feel that even I’m becoming a little speechless myself… Well, anything goes.

Just like this, I continued giving names.

Right at this time.

“Rimuru-sama… is it really okay?”

The village elder Ligurudo asked with a slightly panicked tone.

“What’s up?”

“No, um, even though Rimuru-sama possesses enormous magic power…. But, to name so many people at one time… Is it really alright?”

What exactly is he saying? It’s only giving names, what exactly…

“Mu? Well, it should be fine right.”

Saying that, I continued the task.

After that, Ligurudo had an expression of wanting to talk and hesitating from the beginning to end, but I didn’t mind it.

Just like that, the goblin’s naming ended, and it was the Fang Wolf Tribe’s turn.

Their new leader, is the previous leader’s son.

With a robust body similar to its father, even their style was somewhat similar.

Looking at its golden pupils, I thought about names.

Right! Since it’s Fang of the Storm, let the name be 【Ranga】! Even though the naming was somewhat whimsical, it’s decided! (TL: Fang of the Storm is written as Ranga in JP)

My surname is Tempest, so Fang of the Storm.

Oh well, whimsical is probably all I can do, since I really don’t have any taste in naming.

The instant I named 【Ranga】, there was suddenly a feeling of magic essence being depleted.

A burst of fierce exhaustion struck at me!

Wh… what? This was something I had never felt since I’ve reincarnated, a feeling of fatigue!

【Alert. Residual quantity of magic essence inside the body is low, soon entering low activity mode. Estimated time of complete recovery will be three days later.】

I’m still conscious.

I don’t need sleep, after all.

【Great Sage】’s voice can also be heard, slowly traveling into my mind.

Magic essence low…? Looks like my MP is used up.

But, where exactly did I use magic essence? Could it be that all the fatigue that was built up until now broke out altogether?

That said, there didn’t seem to be any indications of that either….

I can’t move my body.

The so-called low activity mode, is roughly just like hibernating. Even though I kept my consciousness, my body won’t move no matter what.

Ligurudo panickedly held up my body.

However, the most he could do, was putting me on the seat of honor that was beside the fire.

Even though I’m conscious, I could no nothing at all.

I, begun to examine this phenomenon.

It was indeed during the naming process that this symptom appeared.

Don’t tell me, even just giving a name will consume magic essence?

Speaking of which…. The instant I named the Fang Wolves’ leader, I did indeed feel a large amount of magic essence being siphoned out.

Drawing the conclusion took two entire days.

Seeing this, it’s no wonder why Ligurudo was so worried.

Wait a minute… This, can’t be the common sense for demons, right?

You should’ve said it clearly! Even though I really want to say that, the one that didn’t take it to heart was me myself.

If I were to complain here it’d clearly be shifting blame. But, I’ll still go gripe about it after I’m able to move.

Shifting blame? I don’t know something like that at all.

However, the goblins who saw me suddenly become motionless…

Started a fierce battle around the matter of who gets to wipe my body.

What the heck is this? Honestly though, please spare me from this kind of harem…

That said… Why does it feel like, I’m kind of being treated like a mascot…

Just like that, three days passed.

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