RRS – Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 4

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Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Battle at the Goblin Village (4/6)

This burden is too much.

To me who has yet to experience any pressure and lived freely until today, this sort of gaze is precisely a heavy pressure.

“Everyone, should have all understood the situation now, right?”

Because this isn’t a comedic atmosphere, and I can’t think of any ways to resolve it, I could only ask some simple questions.

“Yes! We are determined to fight to the death!”

The goblin chief answered immediately.

It seems that the gathered goblins also have the same feelings.

Even though some of these fellows are still trembling, that’s something that couldn’t be helped. After all, fear is an instinct of living beings.

“No need to be nervous, relax. No matter how nervous you are, once you are defeated it can’t be changed. All you need to do is to think about right now is how to do your best!”

I slightly showed off a bit.

Both my body and mind are currently very relaxed anyway, and maybe, this would have a better effect.

Then, let’s begin……

If we fail, the fate of the goblins will end here……

Even so, I will still trample over their corpses and continue advancing.

Because I have already decided to rebelliously live on!

Alright! I gathered my motivation and gave the goblins their first order.

At the same time, this was also the order that I would give countless times in the future.

The leader of the Fang Wolf Tribe opened its eyes.

Tonight was a full moon, it was a night suitable for hunting.

After slowly getting up, it glanced at the surroundings.

The other members of the Fang Wolf Tribe observed the leader’s actions without taking a single breath.

This atmosphere is not bad.

The leader thought.

Tonight, we shall destroy that goblin village, and set up a stronghold in Great Jura Forest.

After that, all we need to do is to steadily hunt the surrounding demons to become the true rulers of the forest.

Of course, invading the south will need to be taken into the plans.

They, had the power to make it possible.

Because their sharp claws, can tear apart any demon and strong armor.


The leader howled.

It is time to start the ravage.

But, there also existed an element of unease.

A few days ago, their kins who were sent to scout, brought back information worthy of concern. A small sized demon with abnormal demonic energy appeared in the forest.

The demonic energy that the demon gave out, even far surpassed itself who is the leader.

That is definitely impossible, the leader did not take it to heart.

In this forest, that kind of threat simply could not be detected. What had been encountered were all weaklings; from invading until now, there wasn’t even any decent resistance. At most there was only one time when a few dozens of goblin surrounded and killed a few of them. So the scouts had definitely mistaken. Thinking so, the leader changed its sight to its front.

The village can already be seen.

It is identical to the information brought back by the scout.

It was the location that was confirmed by tailing the injured goblins. The battle strength of this village, was nothing to fear at all.

The leader is very sly, it did not become careless. But, an unfamiliar thing is blocking the way between it and the village.

That’s something that could only appear in human villages…… Fences. It seems that they destroyed all the buildings in the village, and constructed it urgently.

And in front of the entrance of the fences, a slime blocked the way.

“Okay~ stop right there. As long as you go back the way you came from, I won’t pursue the matter any further!”

The slime talked.

Acting like it is smart.

The leader snorted with disdain.

Only by creating a barrier. It wishes to stop the attack just with that?

In the end, it’s just some superficial knowledge of a useless thing.

Then I will let you witness our power! Thinking that, it gave the order.

As if transformed into the leader’s limbs Ten Fang Wolves began the attack.

The gathering of the Fang Wolf Tribe would become a single demon, showing its true value.

The reason why this was possible, was all due to the effect of 【Thoughts Transmission】. Just based on communicating via thought, they could carry out orders faster.

The first attack should have already destroyed the fences.

However, the leader who was imagining the goblins scattering like rats, suddenly revealed a shocked expression. The unit that attacked the fences were repelled. Among them, there were even companions who collapsed on the ground while spewing out bloodied foam.

What exactly is going on? The leader hurriedly began to observe.

The slime at the entrance did not make any movements at all.

Is it not done by that fellow?

One of his subordinates walked up and reported.

(It’s precisely that fellow! It’s that fellow who gave off a demonic energy that’s even stronger than Boss!)

What kind of joke is that! Thinking that, it looked towards the slime.

A small weak demon that commonly appears on the plains.

Just based on them, even being referred to as demon was kind of strange. An insignificant existence.

This guy actually has a stronger demonic energy than me…… Impossible! The leader became enraged.

The leader of the Fang Wolf Tribe was an extremely sly demon.

Using the experience accumulated through many years, he developed elaborate and meticulous plans. Also, he had the courage to calmly put them into practice.

Based on this experience, from the information on this slime, it did not see any aspects that surpassed itself.

At this moment, the leader made the biggest, and most fatal mistake of his entire life.

And this mistake, also determined its own fate.

(Just a mere slime —— see how I’ll tear you into pieces!!)


Ahh, that scared me.

I didn’t expect that they’d suddenly attack. Even though I acted cool and warned them to return the way they came from, they simply didn’t even bother to listen.

The Fang Wolf Tribe began to attack the fences from all directions.

I clearly prepared to settle it with negotiation, and they made all my prepared lines go to waste.

I had worked really hard on practicing them during the construction, you know.

My first order, was for them to bring me to the injured.

Even though there were sixty of them plus ten-odd survivors, it didn’t seem to do much in changing in the construction efficiency. But since everyone was so motivated, it’s better to let them do something within their abilities as much as possible.

The injured, were all placed in a building that seemed to be extremely unhygienic.

They had tentatively used some sort of herb medicine for treatment. But…. if this continues, they will undoubtedly die.

The wounds are deeper than I had imagined. The parts that looked like scratches and bite wounds had already begun to fester.

Seems like I’ve got a big job to do. Thinking that, I began to treat everyone.

First, I swallowed the one in front of me. After mixing him well in recovery medicine, I spat him out.

The village elder seemed to have said something but I ignored him, and began to swallow and spit them out sequentially.

After healing a few of them, I turned around and only saw that……

For some reason, the goblins were all kneeling down.

What exactly are these guys doing?

It seems that they have again, misunderstood, and thought that I possessed the power of resurrection.

This is seriously troublesome. I directly spat out several recovery medicine, and made them treat the patients themselves.

In the end, even though it took some time, we still conducted treatment for everyone.
After that, I issued new instructions to the goblins.

Which was to set up fences. Unfortunately, there was no time to cut down anymore trees so they could only be made from the currently available things.

Without any hesitation, I ordered them to take apart their houses and utilize the scrap materials to construct the fences.

An enormous circle that surrounded the village was also drawn as a mark for placement.

Taking the gaps of time in between tasks, I chose a few who were sharp-eyed and good at bows as sentinels.

The opponents are wolves and their noses were very keen. I ordered them to go and scout, while reminding them multiple times not to push themselves.

I felt that each and every one of them had the expression of willing to die in valor on their faces. They’re really an exaggerated bunch.

In the afternoon of the second day after I visited the village, the fences were complete.

I used spider web to reinforce and fix the fences in place while increasing its strength.

Coincidentally, I set up 【Steel Silk】 traps in unnoticeable areas. If they rush into the fence unknowingly…… Heh heh.

After the battle ends, I must remember to quickly retract them.

An opening was set on the front side of the fence.

Once 【Sticky Silk】 finished speckling here, then the preparations will be finished.

Next up was to wait for the sentinels’ report.

During this time, the injured goblins gradually recovered and awakened. They touched their bodies with faces full with disbelief. It seems like the effect of the recovery medicine is quite good.

I had initially thought that more applications of the medicines were needed…… It was a surprising effect. It really is a miscalculation that makes one happy.

After that, we gathered the leftover materials in the center of the village and ignited them. This makes one think of camping, but now is not the time to think about that.

Someone needs to stay guard in the night.

Because I do not need sleep, I suggested that I myself should do it. However..

“Absolutely not! How can we let Rimuru-sama do such things!”

“That’s right! Just leave the guarding to us, Rimuru-sama, please quickly go rest!”

Yeah! That’s right! The surrounding reactions were intense.

Even though I am really happy for their concern, they should be quite tired already. No choice, I set up a shifts system, and made them rest respectively.

Late at night, the scouts came back.

According to their report, the Fang Wolf Tribe have already started to move.

Although they were wounded a little, everyone was safe.

I had initially that they were just clumsy and filthy demons but I’ve really experienced a lot from them in these two days.

If possible, I still hope that all of them can safely pass through this crisis.

Thinking so, I set up the 【Sticky Silk】 at the opening.

Well, that’s probably all of the preparatory work.

Since the battle has begun, there’s no choice but to follow the initial plan.

Even though I was worried that the strength of the fences were not strong enough, it wasn’t destroyed by the Fang Wolf Tribe. Seems that the effect of the traps were very significant. I slighted relaxed.

For now, all of these were within predictions. Not only did the space set between the fences block the enemies’ attack, they also created the opportunity for retaliation…

If it’s this space, no matter how weak the goblins are, they could still attack the enemies using bows and arrows. There have already been a few Fang Wolves who got caught and fell while screaming miserably. Naturally, there were squads who tried to forcefully break through by squeezing through, but they were left to the goblins armed with stone axes on both sides that were responsible for cutting their heads off.

Even though they only practiced for about two hours, they all worked very hard. They tried pretty hard to understand my words and carried them out. Now is the time for their hard work to pay off.

The Fang Wolves are indeed strong. Every one of them has the strength of ten.

If grouped up, their battle strength will even more so increase by another dimension.

However, since just a single one of them is already so strong, then you just need to overwhelm it with numbers. If them being in a pack is very strong, then it’s all good if you don’t let them form a pack. In simple terms, it precisely is to use your brain. After all, the strongest organism in the world, are the humans who have knowledge. (ED: Pfft)

How really unlucky…… Thinking so, I leisurely looked at the leader of the Fang Wolves.

A mere wild beast, and yet it wants to defeat me…… What nerves it had.

The leader of the Fang Wolf Tribe, panickedly looked at the situation which was opposite from what he had imagined.

The subordinates had already begun to waver.

It’ll be bad if this carries on.

The reason why the Fang Wolf Tribe could show its true potential, is precisely because they are a pack. Their distrust in their leader, will directly result in the worst outcome.

The leader understood this very well and thus, it made a fatal mistake right here.

Was it angry that his subordinates were useless? Or was it afraid that his companions will push all the blame onto him?

Anyways, it decided to display its power in this place.

It itself was the strongest existence in this pack and it was strong enough even when alone.

In that instant, the victor had been decided.

My eyes focused on the leader of the Fang Wolf Tribe from the start.

Even so, to the surrounding goblins, it probably looked as if that the opponent had disappeared.

But to me, this speed is nothing to look at, it’s so slow that I almost yawned.

Everything is just as planned.

The current situation, has indeed proceeded as per one of the scenarios I had envisioned at first.

It was using the sticky silk traps at the opening to capture the leader of the Fang Wolf Tribe. Although with its strength, it might be possible for it to easily break free from the 【Sticky Silk】.

I didn’t have any ways to confirm that, but it’s fine even if it could do so. The aim of 【Sticky Silk】 was merely to seal his movements, even if it was just for a instant.

If 【Water Blade】 was released and dodged by it when it’s moving freely, then that would be way too embarrassing. Besides, it would be bad if it hits one of us instead. What’s needed on the battlefield is flexibility.

But it seems like I had worried too much.

These fellows couldn’t even break the fences. Although I had considered setting up 【Steel Silk】traps at the opening, that trap isn’t enough to have the effect of a fatal blow, so it’s fine this time.

In this kind of situation, it’s necessary for me to act like an overwhelmingly strong being. The 【Sticky Silk】 trap was exactly made for this.

I used 【Water Blade】without hesitation and chopped down the leader’s head.

It was very easy, and there wasn’t even any decent resistance.

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