Surprise it’s DKC chapter 75

DKC Chapter 75  is here:) Brought to you by June and Brian… Another thank you chapter? Sort of, I am gifting this chapter just so I can complain about the endless Chinese idioms in this chapter. I also need an idiom for; getting their comeuppance for bragging…because while I was translating this chapter I thumbed my nose up at alyschu and ATG staff for how great my outdoors translating setup was compared to theirs. That was until a wasp landed on my laptop…I screamed and ran in doors and waited for sometime to retrieve my laptop with today’s translated chapter of DKC. (-.-) Yep lesson learned, being boastful was not good for my health.

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  1. ludagad says:

    “Getting their just desserts.” Though getting their comeuppance for bragging specifically… is a bit specific. Some things are just untranslatable and you can only count on describing and explaining them. But I’m not native, so maybe someone knows a better idiom.

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