A Slave Career Planner Can Be A Successful Profession Volume 1 Chapter 2

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The next day, in accordance with our daily routine, I accompanied several slaves to the Merchant Guild.
Merchant Guild was a very large merchant association located at the centre of Oasis district. If you would like to do business here in the trade city of [Oasis District] of the blessed country of Bakaristan, you must without fail register on the Merchant Guild. Otherwise, you will be subjected to administrative sanctions and cessation of business. And depending on the circumstances you will get arrested.
In other words, all the merchants in the Oasis District are registered in the Merchant Guild (As it’s supposed to be).
The Merchant Guild’s influence over the merchants and trade in the Oasis district was as big as it was unusual.

I don’t need to know how the guild works yet. I just need to stock up on necessary information for now.

I walked into the Merchant Guild while looking around.
I was heading to the guild’s library. Lots of books were inevitably stored in the Merchant Guild of Oasis District as there were lots of people going in and out.
I think I had to read that book to a certain extent to learn the necessary minimum of information.

<em?Tax laws and commercial laws are probably necessary. In addition to that, I would like to read the documents related to business every time I come here.

Since it will not be known how long it will take if I widen my reach, I need to pay attention and narrow down the books that I need to read in advance and focus only on the necessary knowledge.
In that sense, Analyze Skill was very helpful.

Commercial Law (Bakaristan) 5th Edition
It is a book of laws that was generally established for Bakaristan and deals with commercial laws.
Revised sections of the 5th edition are as follows:
* General Rules, Chapter 5: Commercial Registration
* General Rules, Chapter 8: Miscellaneous Rules
* Commercial Transactions, Chapter 1: General Rules
* Commercial Transactions, Chapter 3: Buying and Selling

As you can see, I can roughly grasp the summary just by looking at the book’s back cover.
I can know the name of the book. How long has it been published (How old was the information.). What were the contents. What edition was it and what were the revisions. It was fairly convenient not to check them by opening the books one by one.
In addition, the Advance Search function of Analyze Options has demonstrated its power.

Commercial Registration
Registration for registering commercial matters prescribed in the Commercial Law and the like for the purpose of public notice.
There are two types of registration, personal registration and store registration.

In this way, since I didn’t know the words Commercial Registration in the book “Commercial Law (Bakaristan) 5th Edition” that I read earlier, I can pull up the information just by performing Advance Search.
Even if didn’t read the whole book, I can pick out the main points and just research the details.
Thanks to it, I was able to start studying the law with great efficiency.

Even with just a short break of 30 minutes every day was sufficient to learn. And it’s been four months already.

30 minutes a day, that was the time limit that I can spend studying between miscellaneous work such as fetching the water.
Still, I was learning sufficiently to make progress.
To begin with, the Merchant Guild was an organisation for mutual aid of merchants. Naturally, there are introductory books and the like that was simplified in an easy-to-understand manner of commercial laws.
By reading and searching, I can efficiently absorb knowledge.

I can probably work as an employee for judicial affairs in a large trading firm now.

Despite thinking about it, I finished studying today and left the Merchant Guild. I went back to the slaves who were told to rest as the reason for them to wait.
When I thought that I have to carry that heavy water again I got depressed. But then I muttered to myself “just you wait and see” to psyche myself up and picked up the water again.

“… Damn”

The water was heavy after all.
By the way, according to Commercial Law, it was illegal to force unpaid labour to employed workers. But if it was not an employed worker but a slave, it seems that unpaid labour was not illegal.
Since in Mark’s head I was a slave, it seems that he has an understanding that my unpaid labour was not illegal.

Does that mean that there are no wages because slaves are owned by their masters? … Seems like the social norm of this world is a bit harsh.

However, that will become a discussion until I become familiar with the Commercial Law and Tax Law. I thought that I should, at most, enjoy the short break.

“Cleaning you say?”


Mark was cursing at me with a threatening tone as he was grabbing me by the collar.
Glancing from afar, he saw a tent in which all of its fabric had been completely peeled off and only the frame of the tent was left. I woke up several slaves in the morning and told them to peel off the fabric in order to clean today.
Surely Mark would have been surprised, as he got up in the morning because of the noise.

“What the fuck are you doing as you please! Are you going to take responsibility if anything happens? Huh?”

“I’m sorry but I have no excuse. But, even if I have to respond to your kind words, I have already received your permission.”

“You’re fucking lying! Do you have proof!? Huh?”

“Even if you ask for proof…”

Mark’s anger resounded clearly on the clear early morning air in the Slums district.

But your order yesterday, that should clearly have given me permission. … This bastard, did you forget about that? Or you do remember and you just want to yell at me.

While thinking about it, I was glancing at the tent that only had the framework left.
Of course, there was a reason I suddenly did this.

First of all, by stripping it down to just the frame will improve the ventilation, the interior of the tent will be completely ventilated.
In fact, the tent of the low-class slave (A tent that can accommodate 30 people) was not very well ventilated until now, so there were considerable hygienic problems as well.
By far, the humidity will accumulate by not ventilating for a long time, and it will become an environment where pathogenic bacteria and the like will easily propagate. Besides, the air inside was pretty bad because the low-class slaves make do with a toilet that was dug within.
When I found out thru the Analyze Skill that the air was polluted, my face involuntarily stiffen.

Besides, by removing the fabric of the tent this way, the fabric would be much easier to clean.
The tent was made of animal skin, so the flea had settled and was hard to clean out. If you don’t take down the fabric when killing all the fleas thoroughly, it won’t reach the total eradication level.

So doing it this way, I could ventilate the tent and clean the fabric at the same time.
Somehow I have a hunch that the slaves being exposed to fresh air will have their facial complexion improve a little. Well, that and probably because I told them that “The fleas will not bother you all from now own”.

Mark was outraged as much to say as he was really infuriated for cleaning this place up.
He didn’t seem to care.
I could only guess that he didn’t like it.

“You bastard, if a customer had visited when you are cleaning, how would you take responsibility if the customer didn’t buy our merchandise because they find fault that the place was being cleaned?”

“I have forgotten about it. I am truly sorry for this.”

As I was talking, I kept thinking that I already took into consideration that there would less chance for a customer to come in in the morning when he gave me permission yesterday.
Furthermore, I don’t expect that a customer will come at this moment.
Actually, if I looked around, there were not any signs of even a single shadow of a person.
Therefore, Mark’s bickering was just simply an unnecessary worry.

“Don’t you fool around!”

He started with a punch. Because I already expected that Mark will beat me down, I gladly accepted that punch.

“… guh.”

“Stupid cheeky brat! Undisciplined! Don’t make trouble for me!”

“guh, ugh… I am sorry.”

I endured Marks attack after each and every pause in words by clenching my teeth.
It wasn’t difficult to endure. I even thought that I was able to train my spirit greatly to endure in the last four months.

It was not annoying anymore. There was no use getting angry with him, so it would be better just to give in.
Although I said to give in, what I meant was to give in because Mark was the kind of guy that will make you give in.
But it didn’t mean that I have to give up in resisting him.

… Haa shit, the slaves can see me too. It seems they are looking at me in pity like I did some stupid thing.

I could feel a lot of gazes while being beaten.

From the slaves.
Not to mention the low-class slaves who were out of the large tent once they had removed the fabric of the tent, the other high-class slaves (High-class slaves were not crammed into the large tent, unlike the cheap low-class slaves treated like disposable goods, they were treated graciously in high-class tents), while listening to the racket outside had came out as well.
Before I noticed it, everyone was looking at me being beaten and at Mark doing the hitting.

Only the low-class slaves had a painful look on their face.
From their point of view, I took care of them every day by cooking them food and cleaning the tent. Despite it was for their sake that the tent was stripped down for a major cleaning, I was still tortured for it.

I can see a slight sympathy from them.
While they were certainly grateful for all that I did, they thought that I brought all this upon myself.
If I hadn’t done something like that, then I wouldn’t have gotten beaten upー they pitied me.
As if they were looking at a brat with more compassion than common sense. But they also felt the absurdness of a child younger than them getting punished for trying to do something for their sake. That was the kind of expression they had.

Even though you do not have to feel pity. I could still mitigate any fatal blow with Analyze skill. ーーMore than that.

I looked at Mark while I was being steadily beaten the crap out of me.
After Mark swung his arms a dozen of times, he seems to get tired and out of breath. “Tsk” as he clicked his tongue.
As he thought that I’m not responding anymore to any of his attacks, he had an unsatisfied expression for a moment but then quickly changed to a serious one.

“Quickly fix up the place!”

Mark said as he left immediately.
I finally got a breathing room after he left me, I immediately sank down on the ground trying to take a rest.
It was painful. No matter how much you do, what is painful will still be painful.
The slaves looked at me with an indescribable expression for some time, but eventually, they dispersed gradually as if they remembered their duties.

“… Hey, you.”


Meanwhile, there was a single slave who called me.
Hetaira Lamia. A high-class demon slave, Lamia was in charge of the top slaves of this slave shop.
Hetaira, who was modest, had a gentle personality, and relied on by all the slaves, was also a woman who was oblivious to other people’s motives.
She seems to be worried that I was beaten and dizzy.

“Kid, are you ok? You seemed to be dizzy, I wonder if you’re going to faint?”

“Ah, Ms Hetaira, I’m just all right… Ouch.”

“Don’t force yourself, okay. You need to rest a little bit more since you still have to put back the tent up, okay.”

“No, no, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Hetaira looks worried, but according to the Mental Chart of Analyze Skill, the reason was not that she was “caring” but it was something else.

“Hey, why did you do this?”

It was “doubt”.

“Even if you don’t have to do this, you won’t have to lose anything. But the low-class slaves will continue to feel a little unpleasant. You’re just too soft-hearted.”

“Ah, this is way different.”

“This is different?”

“Yes. ーー I’m buying something that money cannot every buy.”

Hetaira looked sceptical at my response.

My actions were to gain their trusts.
I showed the slaves what would happen should a noble, but stupid, servant (like this brat) try to do something for the other slaves against a violent, and quick-tempered master (like Mark).
This way, even if I somewhat sneak in the shadows, they would probably think that I got permission from Mark for my actions and it will be for their welfare. So they won’t necessarily expose and report it to Mark, rather if they did it, the noble and stupid servant will just be tormented again. Therefore they will probably stay silentーー And they would misunderstand my real intentions.

Of course, if you ventilate the tent and exterminate the fleas, Meena and the slaves will sure be grateful for it.

While raising up my sore body, I remembered that I need to do the “one task” today in the guild aside from the usual fetching of water.

“Is that the truth?”

“Yes. As I have actually confirmed it, she obviously had a stronger blessing than the common beastkin clans. Perhaps it’s highly likely that she is a seer.”

“Hmph, If what you said is the truth… It would be better to receive this kind of news frequently. Although this news came from someone who doesn’t amount that much, this is something that cannot be overlooked.”


“What do you think about this Miroir? Do you think you can have a use for it?”

“No. But, I didn’t think that old man Aurelius would have to personally perform this.

“This is very different. I am the branch head of the Oasis Adventurers Guild. It is therefore just reasonable that I will have to personally do this… Besides…”

“Besides what?”

“This old bones cherishes new encounters. If I personally make the move, I will certainly make a good connection. I have a premonition that it will come true.”

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