A Slave Career Planner Can Be A Successful Profession Volume 1 Chapter 1

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I sat on a relatively less crowded train car, and as I was waiting for my business partner to arrive at the appointed time I decided to take a light nap.
As I close my eyes I felt in an instant, my consciousness fading away.
That was my, Mitsuji Toshiki’s, reincarnation to another world beginning.

What, what happened here? Where am I?

The next thing I knew, the scene in front of me was completely different. I was not inside the train that I was sitting in a while ago, this place was unusually dim.
The way I saw it, it seems I am inside a tent. It was a tent that the desert nomads usually used, seemed like it had degraded as there were tears in the leather material in a few places. It had a large canopy and the size can probably hold around 30 – 40 people.

What the, my clothes also. Just what is this made of?

It was not just the place. Even my clothes had changed.
The good suit I was wearing earlier had now became a dirty brown robe. It was like I’m a beggar from a fantasy world, or comparable to a lower class laborer.
Of course my wristwatch that I was wearing earlier was now gone. My mobile phone was gone too. My briefcase and my business card were gone too.
On the contrary, I think that I myself became smaller. Even touching the area around my mouth didn’t feel like I had a shaven beard. Also the feeling of my skin, it felt like the skin of a young boy that was not rough.
Did I became young again? But I didn’t see any mirror around me to confirm it.

…. And, what is this place?

It was a huge transformation as I saw that the scenery and my body had suddenly changed, both of which I was worried about.
The scene around me was strange.

There were rows of naked people standing.
It was about 30 people when I counted, and they looked fragile. I could say that some of the people I saw had big physiques, some were malnourished, some had their body covered with fur, and some were extremely tall.
Wait, they were not humans… No, I should say it’s probably demons, or should it be demi-humans? I don’t know the correct word but they were clearly not someone you will see in modern society, a person that was different from Homo-sapiens exist here.
What was common to all of them was that all of them were not wearing any clothes.
A person that was naked will be robbed of their dignity.

What the hell is this?

I can’t comprehend the situation completely.
No, this situation I might be able to understand. Before me was a Werecat beast girl, she was starving and malnourished.
What I didn’t understand was, “Why does this have to happen to her?”
Why was this girl in front of me? Naked and starving.
As if she was like…

Is she a slave?

I stepped back the instant I came to that conclusion.

“… Excellent…”

The werecat whispered.
I reflexively started at her face. There was something in her eyes as she stared back at me.
Who was she? Was she okay? What was she?
Various questions popped to my mind, but no answer came to mind.

Fortunately, I could understand and communicate with her, so I thought of asking her some questions but I was stopped by the voice I heard behind me.

“Damn it, Toshiki! Why the fuck is it taking so long, you bastard!”
“Yes! Uh, uhm.”

I looked back, there was a big man huffing and puffing in displeasure.
Toshiki. It seems that he knows my name. But recalling back through my memories, I could not recognize the owner of that voice.
While thinking who the hell was he, I was racking my brains on how I could speak to him without sounding unnatural.

“I’m very sorry, I didn’t understand it well.”
“Huh? Can’t even sort out the slaves!?”

The effort was useless as the big man, who asked, suddenly smacked my face with his fist.
A single blow. My nose felt intense pain and my eyes were tearing up.
I staggered due to the impact, and banged the back of my head. I couldn’t get up quickly as I felt dizzy.
While sitting up, I looked up at the big man and was shocked.

This big man was commanding this place.
He had a crooked expression that showed displeasure, it was a face that was frowning like it smelled something bad. His nose was reddish like he was drunk, with a greedy look in his eyes.
He was probably a desert merchant. He looked the part as he was wearing a good quality embroidered robe. However, he doesn’t have an attractive appearance, he rather reminded me of a fierce animal.
The big man roared with a deep voice.

“… You, that fucking cheeky expression. Who said it’s fine to pick a fight with me!”

This time I got a kick.
He relentlessly kicked the same spot on my thigh. “What is your response!” as he angrily roared at me.
I couldn’t endure the pain as I lowered myself and apologetically said “Stop it please, I’m sorry.”
Before long, he had had enough and I heard a displeasing voice “… Serves you right”, as he stopped kicking me.

“Don’t think you can quit. Clean up after this, and now, back away.”

“… I hear and obey.”

I was apologizing as I kept my distance.
Although I didn’t blow up in a surge anger earlier, I was now getting angry at the unreasonable treatment.
I was getting angry but I think I was no match for him.
I certainly couldn’t fight back. I will lose due to the difference in power. Because there was a big difference, as his physique was bigger than mine, it was obvious that I will lose if I fought back.
It was still humiliating as I sighed inwardly.
Even if I think about this, there was no getting away from it. I decided to distract myself by thinking of other things.

… What the heck is going on here.

That was the biggest question first.
What did myself get into? Was this a dream? I thought about lots of things, but an answer was unlikely to appear.
Strictly speaking, I have never noticed that I was in a dream if I really was in a dream. I will only realize it will be a dream after I woke up, so there was no doubt that I didn’t feel like I was in the middle of a dream.
Perhaps this was not a dream. If so, where am I?
Another world, that was the word that came to my mind. However, I couldn’t conclude it at this point.

And this, sorting of slaves?

If I had to mention the next matter that was of concern, it was the words ‘sorting of slaves’ that the big man had mentioned.
In other words, this was probably a world where slaves were taken as an ordinary existence.
Then it only meant one thing, this world was not the Earth that I know of.

… Maybe this is just a dream, maybe I am in another world, but I still don’t know what to do.

I thought so, while rubbing my nose that was in pain.
Well, it was not impossible for me to observe other people’s forte.
That was because I had experience as a Career Consultant, a job I currently have.

A career consultant was like a business consultant.
The work closely resembles counseling – by giving them advice on what career they can pursue based on their aspirations and aptitudes through taking advantage of various data such as their qualifications, suitability, proficiency, and psychological analysis.
It was a profession that even had a national qualification exam, and I am qualified as a Career Consultant expert.

So I thought that wouldn’t I just be able to observe the person’s suitability? Howeverー

This is going to be troublesome when it comes to the slaves of the other world, as I completely don’t know how this world works.

I gave up.
Even though I have improved my skill of personal observation with much effort in my previous world, it was useless if I don’t know how this world works.

Suppose for example, that this world was really a different world and let’s say that this was a world with magic. If I judge muscular people as “You’re suitable in construction!”, it was meaningless if all engineering construction of this world was done by magic.
In order for that not to happen, it was necessary to acquire the general knowledge of this world as fast as possible.

I wonder how will I do it? If this was a dream let me wake up quickly, was what I thought.

“Fucking shit, you were employed as an apprentice because you’re a kid with an Appraisal Skill. But you’re not useful at all.”

“I’m really sorry. … ?”

“Why the hell did Lord Kubera, the God of Wealth, grant this shithead an Appraisal Skill? I ain’t using my magic just so you could waste it. ー [Status Open]”

God of Wealth Kubera.
It was possible I heard those words somewhere.

God of Wealth Kubera, was certainly one of the gods of a certain game.
[Fantasy Tale]. It was a fantasy RPG that I got a little addicted to, one that boasted worldwide sales as a mobile social game app.
I played it fairly enough that I know the general knowledge of the game world.

If this world was the same as [Fantasy Tale].
The moment I had thought of that, I felt that various pieces had made sense in my mind.
Demon Slaves, female beastkins, incantation of [Status Open]. All of them matches the world of [Fantasy Tale].
Perhaps I was transported within [Fantasy Tale].

Ah, now I see. … I mean I don’t know what it’s like to dream, but I’m definitely in [Fantasy Tale].

I’m convinced. By the way there was a race of Werecats in [Fantasy Tale], that explains the presence of that beastkin girl.
A new hope had grown within me the moment I thought up that hypothesis.

In any case, if this was a dream, this was a good dream. However, if I had been reborn into a completely different world, this would be a great opportunity.
I can start my life anew.
And I will redo it eagerly.

ーーIf this was a dream, this is a good dream. But, if this is a restart of my life, then I must have a successful life in this world.

Such words were emerging within myself naturally.

“This, this guy seems usable. This one… Is useless. Alright, this other one.”

While the big man was sorting out slaves, I had secretly made up my mind.
I have to get rid of this big man first.

It seems that big guy, named Mark, will make us work hard.

While carrying water in the scornful sun, I inwardly cursed.
The dry weather of the dessert was scorching. Nevertheless, the crowd of people continue on with their business, albeit a sweltering temperature reigned.
There was only one country with the largest population in [Fantasy Tale], the blessed country of Bakaristan.
The name of this trading city was [Oasis District] (The name of the city was really named after Oasis district) whose various inhabitants consist of humans, demi-humans, and demons.
A beastkin was selling meats. A dragonkin was buying. There was of course a goblin who was exchanging unknown currencies for gold coins with a smile.
It was a sight that definitely shows that this was a fantasy world.

I was steadily walking through the city while carrying a jug of heavy water on my back.

It is certain you won’t have any drinking water if you don’t draw it from the oasis. However, how far do you think it is from the Slums district to the Oasis district… tsk.

What had me raging since a while ago, was none other than the harshness of Mark’s treatment of me.
Simply, the amount of water being carried was unusual. Mark’s shop holds around 30 slaves, assuming each of them drinks two liters a day, it would be around 60 liters.
At this moment, aside from me were three other slaves carrying the water, in other words each person carries around 15 liters from the Oasis district to the Slum district
This was reasonable up to this point.
Normally, drawing water was made to be done by a slave who was good at physical labor, but it was definitely not a kind of job that was meant for a skinny 15 year old brat (I determined I was actually 15 years old when I used Appraisal Skill towards myself).
Mark deliberately made me do it. “This is to rectify your cockiness” seems to be his reason.
This was absolutely ridiculous.

Damn it, why can’t you run your slave shop business in the Oasis district instead of running it on the border of the Slum district.

I thought that if the shop was operated in the Oasis district it won’t be far to carry water.

If I had to describe the Slum district in a few words, not lively would be the correct expression.
There were lots of people busily crowding the Oasis district, while on the contrary, the slum district was rather sparse.
There were people lying down at an alley corner and there were shops that sells dubious food filling the air with a peculiar smell, gloom would be a close representation of the district.
The stagnant side of [Oasis District]. That was the slum district.

The location of Mark’s slave shop was in the middle between Oasis district and Slum district (To be precise, in the one big city called [Oasis District] there was an area called Oasis district and there was an area called Slum district, that shop existed at the border between them).
A bit away from the center of Oasis district, down the road to Slum district, there was a shop that had a different shade of color from the slum’s declining atmosphere.
I thought that the location was exquisite since it was elegant but only people with shady desires seem to like it.

… Finally, I can see Mark’s shop…

I stopped my legs, and felt a small amount of relief.
We went inside the shop after putting down the heavy water, and I greeted Mark by saying “I have finished the job”.

Mark was sitting there like a rock.
His reply to me was being glared at by his large eyes. As I heard him snort, I was already prepared to be beaten at once.
It was always like this. Every time he was in a bad mood, I get beaten up.

“You know what to do next after drawing the water right!?”


I would not be punched, but I would be kicked. It was fortunate that I was hit just below the solar plexus, I would have stopped breathing if it did hit there. Instead I felt my internal organs in my abdomen had been injured, as pain rushed through me.
I believed that I leaked out a groan.

“You don’t have to tell me every little thing, do you understand! Don’t always bother me!”

Mark’s bellows were a shower of spittle, thus instead of reporting each and every little thing that went on, I slowly but surely decreased the amount of times I had to answer to him. But this asshole would just yell “What the hell do you mean there’s nothing to report?!” and the vicious cycle would continue as normal.
That was the main point I would like to shout at him.
Anyway, it would be better if I get beaten a few times only, so I will do the job that I deemed that I can do and just simply compile my report. I hope it will be a positive as Mark would get less annoying.
And at the moment I thought of this and that, I immediately heard “The fuck are you getting cheeky.”

… Worthless piece of scum.

“Do you understand? Huh?” as he grabbed my hair and raised me up, he couldn’t hide the desire to beat me up any longer.
I was convinced that I need to escape this unfortunate situation.

My aching body moves at the beat of the whip.
After drawing the water, it was to take care of the high-class slaves and low-class slaves.
I had to lightly clean the interior of the tent, cook meals for the slaves, and buy supplies if it was low.

… Slave of the slaves, I must be one if this is what I’m doing.

While I was cleaning the tent with a dust cloth on one hand, that self-loathing remark popped into my mind.
I am a personal servant. A young personal servant that was powerless and would be frequently used by Mark.
If I could run away I may be able to escape the unreasonable exhibition of violence. I also don’t get any wages due to the mysterious doctrine of “We provide education for being a merchant and offer food and a place to sleep.”

Unpaid labor, corporal punishment.
Still, the reason why I haven’t ran away yet was because I don’t know where to live, that was the only reason.
Who would take care of a kid from the slums with an unknown background? Assuming there was a shop somewhere that was in need of hired help, even if I consider that they will be hiring a personal servant, they will not hire a person with an unknown identity and would probably just buy a slave to employ.
In other words, there was no assurance that the place I’m escaping to would be peaceful.

Even if I run away, whatever I will do, I would need knowledge and means…

Fortunately, I was not a slave. If push comes to shove, It was possible to fight back against Mark.
What I meant to say was, I was not restricted at this moment by the slave crest tattooed at my back, so even if I went against the order of my employer, I would not suffer from intense pain or death.
Mark seems to believe that I didn’t realize I was not a slave, that I’m still thinking the slave crest on my back will suppress me when the necessity arises.

I thought that the slave crests were very useful magic.
Even for a violent merchant like Mark, the biggest reason why the slaves hadn’t ran away yet was because of the said slave crest.
The slave crest was a like a contract magic, it was tattooed to the body and their behavior can be restricted by the owner of the contract. It fosters absolute compliance to orders, if they were rebelling against the order, the slave crest will start to burn and will become painful, tormenting the slave.
Speaking of the pain, it can make people go mad with the worst of cases going into shock and dying.

However, I’m not affected by the slave crest. Seems like the slave contract was not aware it was being interrupted. … This is a really important fact that I’m independent from Mark.

I was looking for an opportunity to make effective use of this. When the time comes, I will be able to bare my fangs.

For example, even though I didn’t receive any wages, I was able to save up three gold coins.
I was able to save up because every time Mark asks me to do errands, I would purchase the ones that were cheaper than usual and save the few percent of difference, or I would buy something cheap at the Oasis district and sell them much higher in other places, or I would buy good quality items from the boy who picks up scrap metal during my free time.
I was able to save up three gold coins in the past 4 months.
Something can be done when the time was right.

The problem was, when should I bare my fangs?

… I have the Appraisal Skill and the blessing of the God of Wealth Kubera. On the contrary, that wasn’t the only thing I have.

I silently opened the status screen with the incantation [Status Open]. It was very convenient just to think the incantation to open the display.

Name: Toshiki Mitsuji
Age: 15 years old
Level: 6
HP : 20 MP : 7
Strength : 5
Agility : 7
Magic : 4
Vitality : 6
Unique Blessing : Blessing of the God of Wealth
Unique Skill : Analyze Option
Special Skill : Analyze Lv. 10

As you can see from that Status Window, you can clearly confirm that I am not a slave. Because if someone was a slave there would be an identifier (slave) beside their name.
Why was I not a slave? That was all because of the blessing of the God of Wealth. I carried out a [Search Option : Advance Search] towards the part of the Status Window that shows Blessing of the God of Wealth, and a detailed popup information was as follows.

[Unique Blessing : Blessing of the God of Wealth] A Blessing of the God of Wealth Kubera. Support is given to merchant skills.
Negotiation Skill Growth +
Contracts are invalid without consent

Seems like slave contracts will be rendered useless if the contract was created without my consent

It seems that I am obliged to be thankful for this fortune. If I had signed a slave contract, there would be nothing that I could do.

I looked at the other slaves. [Name : Meena Serianslope (Slave)], [Name : Kane Reptalian (Slave)] was shown on the status window and the word slave was clearly visible.
If I believe what my Analyze Skill was displaying, then I am not a slave unlike them.
I felt uncomfortable about myself for having a slave crest on my back but not being a slave myself.

This is a problem, if Mark use his Analyze Skill on me, does that mean that he would discover that I am not a slave? It should be so, but…

That was my biggest concern, but somehow Mark’s Analyze Skill and my Analyze skill were “The things that are seen are different…”
There were various information that I can see, that Mark seems to not be able to see.

Skills, for example. [Special skill: Analyze Lv. 10] was written on my special skills, it was something called Skills in the world of [Fantasy Tale].
The skill and skill level was something called the special skill and specialty information of that person.

But Mark doesn’t see what was the person’s skill or how high the skill level was, and so on unlike me.

This is all thanks to Appraisal Option. Whether or not I can fiddle with this, this would make a huge difference.

[Unique Skill : Appraisal Option] You can set options when using Analyze Skill.
Display Name : ON
Display Age : ON
Display Lv. : ON
Display Status Values : ON
Display Blessings/Skills : ON
Display Trust Meter: ON
Display Mental Graph : ON
Advance Search : ON

This blessing called Appraisal Option was apparently the so-called Config Window.
It seems that I can set the options to either ON or OFF so that I can customize my Analyze Skill.
I do not know yet what all of these options are, but in any case, knowing all information on [Name], [Age], [Lv.], [Status values (Strength, Vitality, etc.)], [Blessing/Skill], [Trust Meter], and [Mental Chart] was quite a big advantage.

On the other hand.
The only information that Mark can apparently see was only [Name], and [Status values].
There was a slave with a skill and a slave without one, but because their status values were the same it was inferred that they would be sold at the same price.

Therefore, I have far more information available than Mark.

Mark’s Analyze Skill was Lv. 2, far lower than my Analyze Skill Lv. 10.
Considering all these facts, Mark Analyze Skill was vastly inferior to mine in performance, as he doesn’t know the information such as whether I’m a slave or what kind of skill or blessings I have.

Of course, I don’t know how Mark came to know that “I have Analyze skill” (perhaps I accidentally blurted it out). However, if I assume that kind of information was visible to him just like me, I would definitely expect he knows that I was not a slave.

… I’m going to take advantage of the fact that he’s mistaking me for a slave, and set a trap for that bitch.

I continued to clean the tent while I’m rubbing my stomach that was still in pain.
As I devised a plan on how to entrap Mark in my head, a snickering smile appeared on me.

Ah, I’m so tired today…

It was evening.
I looked around as I warmed myself next to a bonfire that was ignited for the night watchman.

Public security was poor in the Slums district. The absurdity reached the point that if someone was killed unnoticed, and even if it was obvious that they were obviously murdered by a person, they will just think of it as an ‘Unforeseen Accident’.
Certainly, Mark’s shop was right in the middle of the Oasis district and Slums district, so it was necessary to be vigilant for any attacks or the like.

That was why Mark had been cautious by making the slaves guard the area.
Regardless if it was day or night, there would be two people armed with weapons on a changing shift system.
Fundamentally, it was slaves with good physique that were responsible for guard duty, but for some reason I was also assigned for guard duty.
Was he making an example out of me? Or was this for revenge? Regardless, Mark boasted that “This is for education.”

The night, I don’t really dislike the night guard duty itself.

I didn’t like that my sleeping hours were shortened, but I did not dislike being a night guard.
I could say I was rather grateful for it.
Because it was possible to warm my body near the bonfire under the guise of being a night guard.

Unlike the slaves, my bed was located in the narrow warehouse tent. The nights can get terribly cold and I can’t stretch my body as I want so I get joint pains.
That’s why I couldn’t sleep soundly all the while and would wake up in the middle of the night.
Therefore, I would get a better quality of sleep by warming up my body near the bonfire. In that sense, I wanted to do more work as a night guard.

I was a night owl anyway before I was reincarnated, I won’t be able to endure only if my sleeping hours was insufficient.
While I was warming myself at the bonfire, I was drinking a cup of hot water that I boiled, and spent my time idly watching the stars (Of course I was being vigilant of my surroundings); in a sense, I was comfortable.

…. Now then, I should think about it – how to break down my current situation…

I suddenly looked towards the merchant’s tent where Mark was currently sleeping. I have never been inside that tent, but I know that there are lots of valuables in there.
For example, a business permit from the merchant guild, client contracts, and numerous slave contracts.

Should I use force?

Let’s assume I could restrain Mark so that he couldn’t move.
And then, I would re-register the business permit under my name, and rewrite the owner’s name on the numerous slave contracts. If I could do that, would I be able to overtake the shop?
NO, would be the answer.

It would be necessary for Mark to officially relinquish his management rights, or overthrow his management rights through formal procedures.
While I could forcibly rewrite the owner’s name, it was no more than simple robbery.
If Mark exposes me, it simply meant I would just be arrested.

So, will Mark be able to abdicate his management rights?
I’m certain he won’t.
Judging by his personality, he was a person who had a strong desire for authority and had no interest in making money. So even if heaven and earth had turned over, he wouldn’t relinquish his management rights.

So in other words, how to strip him of his management rights, but…

The bonfire sways with a crackling sound.
I think it would be an impossible mission to strip him of his management rights, it seems easier to just run away from Mark alone.
Overtake the business? Or run away? Or should I just give up and accept my fate.

… At the very least the third one is a no go. I would certainly die if I leave it as is.

I remembered how I was treated every day. The usual beat down and constantly being yelled at. Sometimes I would get hit and my life would be in a real crisis (When I looked at my HP using Analyze it had sufficiently decreased).
If I was suffering from sickness such as a cold or fever, he naturally wouldn’t let me take a day off. I had no salary, so I can’t buy any medicine, and would have possibly died if he beat me when my body was weak.
It was going to end badly.
Even if it wasn’t that terrible, what the hell with getting a second chance in life only to live a life of a slave.

Should I run away? Or should I take over the business?

Either way, I would first need the general knowledge of this world. I must definitely stock up on knowledgeー

“Uhm, are you ok?”


A voice came out as I was deep in thought.
Meena Therianthrope. She gave me a quiet impression as she doesn’t usually smile, but once we got along she was friendly and had a nice smile, a girl with such a side to her.
She was a girl from the Werecat beastkin, and she was a slave the same as I (actually I am different).

Name : Meena Serianslope (Slave)
Age : 15 years old
Level : 6
HP : 21 MP : 6
Strength : 8
Agility : 9
Magic Power : 2
Vitality : 4
Unique Blessing : Dreamseer
Special Skill : Spearmanship Lv. 3
Special Skill : Dancing Lv. 2
Special Skill : Body Strengthening Lv. 1

It was clearly written by the Analyze Skill as Meena Serianslope(Slave), the fact that she was a slave without a doubt.
Despite the fact that there were some information that I saw (in particular she had Spearmanship Lv. 3, a unique blessing called shrine maiden of dreams, among other things), she was merely just one of the slaves of Mark.

And the current shift of night guard duty was being handled by me and Meena.

“What’s wrong, Meena.”

“Uhm, are your injuries alright? You have been rubbing your stomach today while working.”

“Ah, there’s no problem. It’s already been four months… Oh well, I have already gotten used to it.”

She seemed to be closely watching my actions, perhaps she saw me rubbing my stomach while cleaning the tent.
Actually, Mark’s kick sufficiently dealt a severe blow that my HP had decreased considerably. However, due to the appropriate treatment, (Analyze skill said that it would be enough to drink anti-inflammatory analgesics, that’s why I was boiling some herbs that were effective and drank it) it was somehow getting better.

“Ah, you are right, it has been four months already.”


“? What’s wrong?”

Meena was looking at me with a strange face but I couldn’t carelessly speak a word.
Four months, that means it has been four months since I came to this world.
These four months I have endured violence and absurdity, it was traumatic. However, only I should know the hardship of those four months.

Because it can’t be know to anyone else that I was reincarnated four months ago.

Meena’s remarks, is there a meaning behind it?

I vaguely replied “Ah”, while sipping the hot water, to Meena’s suggestive remarks.
In exchange, I decided to ask another particular thing I wanted to hear.

“Hey, about that thing four months ago. That time when I made a blunder in the selection process. Do you still remember?”

“Eh, yes. I still remember it.”

“That time Meena, didn’t you murmur something like “finally”? What was the meaning behind that word?”

That’s right, during that time, she certainly murmured “… Excellent…” towards me. What in the world was the real meaning behind that word?
This is purely my hypothesis, but perhaps it is possible that she knows I’m a reincarnated person, and wasn’t it a perfect timing when she uttered “Excellent”?
I can’t wait to get to the bottom of this, so I have to ask first and ascertain the other side’s response.

“It is a secret.”

For some reason she showed a mysterious smile, Iーー I couldn’t read her at all. However the Analyze Skillーーーーーー was reading her state of mind accurately.
There’s fluctuations in the Mental Graph, she is trying to conceal somethingーー was what I thought while reading the Mental Graph meter that popped up. There was not much impatience and distress, but the emotion of surprise was strongly indicated.

“It is a secret, however, it was true that it was excellent.”

“That’s why I was wondering what was excellent?”

“Hehehe, I saw an unpleasant dream, but I thought it might not be a dream for me this time, my Lord.”

“What did you say…. milord? I am not your Lord.”

“Who knows what it could be?”

“What it could be you say…”

It seems like she was both evading the question and speaking truthfully. I gave up on reading too much between the lines on her statements as that leads to nowhere.
When I heard she say those words, I felt I could become a Lord, but I couldn’t understand the sentiment behind her words.

“There’s more to it, milord.”

“What? Why are you calling me a Lord?”

“If you are considering freeing yourself from Mark, should I help you?”


“Because I’m a seer.”

So you admit you’re a seer was what I thought, but her tone was certainly serious, therefore I can’t take her words as a joke.

“So, what do you think?”

Showing a friendly smile, Meena approached me just a little, she looked liked a child when they were up to make some mischief.

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