The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner: Volume 1 Chapter 2

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I had learned it after all.
The name of this big man was Mark.
When the magic [Status Open] was used as a test, a display like this appeared.

 Name : Mark Tracey
 Age : 41 Years Old
 Level : 10
 HP : 36 MP : 7
 Strength : 6
 Agility : 8
 Magic Power : 5
 Endurance : 6
 Special Skill : Negotiation Skill Lv. 2
 Special Skill : Appraisal Lv. 2

Negotiation Skill Lv. 2 and Appraisal Skill Lv. 2 are treated under the designation of “Skills”. In short, that was the blessings granted by the gods, the Lv. part was a reference on the strength of the blessing.
For example, the skill Swordsmanship Lv. 1.
When comparing people with this skill and those who had not, those that have this skill can had their sword technique grow stronger more faster.
The higher the level, the bigger the effect of the blessing. For example, if it became Lv. 5, there would probably be no one on this continent that can match them.
These knowledge are from my memory during the time I was a gamer of [Fantasy Tale].
As far as I remember in the game, the NPC can only reach Lv. 5 as the highest, even if enemies are included it should be only up to Lv. 7
It was possible for players on the other hand to grind all the way to Lv.10.

Generally, there isn’t a way to verify if a skill exist or not in the game.
For example, what kind of skill does oneself possess? What kind of skill other people had? There was no way to check that.
However, I can see it. It was possible to analyze the skill of other people by activating the Appraisal Skill. This skill will let me able to see if a blessing exist on other people, I am able to identify the actual numerical values and composition.
I was convinced that was it. And this can be useful.

(Well, I will have to keep silent about this around here)

On a certain day.
A customer came over to Mark’s shop and purchased a battle slave. The customer was a member of the knights from the chilvaric kingdom of Vakharaistan, they were the so called elite.
The request from the knight was “I need to chose a slave that had a tough and fit physique”. There was no particular skill specified.
Mark replied with “yeah, yeah” and brought three people.
Their status was about the same, there was no big numerical differences between them. However their skills was completely different from each other.
One person was an ordinary slave that doesn’t have any skill.
Another person had a Swordsmanship Skill Lv. 2, befitting as a swordsman.
The last one had a Fire Magic Lv. 0, a valuable person with basic knowledge of magic.
Their value was clearly different. It was only appropriate that the 2 slaves that had been blessed with skills should naturally be twice as expensive compared to the slave that doesn’t have any skills.
However, Mark set the price of all three of them to be the same. Because the statuses were the same that he had set the same price.
Mark, which had the appraisal skill, set the price the same for the 3 slaves. I was somewhat shocked.

I noticed it then, that perhaps Mark can only read the numerical status values.

As a test, I had asked Mark to do something.
I pointed out the cat-girl beast that I saw previously (she seems to be called Meena) and said “Excuse me sir, It seems the status display is blurry, can you read aloud the status of that slave?”
I received a glaring glance.
After Mark made a fool out of me, he said it to me.
“Hmph, Meena, HP 21, MP 6, Strenght 8, Agility 9, Magic Power 2, Endurance 4. Don’t waste my time again”
I wanted to ask if there was anything else.
But I believed that perhaps Mark hasn’t seen any more data.
Because it was written on Meena’s status [Unique Blessing: Shrine Maiden of the Beastmen Tribe].

(If I can read the blessing skill by using my appraisal skill, Mark must be able to know what kind of skill she have or her blessing)

However, Mark didn’t noticed it. He didn’t see that Meena was a Shrine Maiden of the Beastmen tribe.

If Mark knew about it, I’m sure he would not have mistreated Meena.
Because a Shrine Maiden of the Beastmen tribe was an important existence.
I must hear it from Mark as a test. So I asked “How much is an excellent Shrine Maiden slave worth?”
“Huh, that is still too early for you. It’s worth more than the 30 slaves in here now, probably more than a 100 slaves”
Mark replied to me in a rude way while drinking alcohol, perhaps what he said was the truth.
“In other words, we would make a bunch of money if we found such a slave”
“Idiot, of course it carries such a very expensive price. Because the maintenance cost is also very high”
“Is that so?”
“You wouldn’t know. A high quality slave must be prepared on only the best quality tent, they have to be bathe everyday and must be groomed”
“Wow, that’s really hard” was my appropriate response as I thought about it.
If that was the case, putting Meena on another luxury tent for high quality slaves is a must.
Since Mark was stingy on the money, it just means that Mark didn’t knew that Meena was a Shrine Maiden.

There was no moral obligation to tell him.
I intend to fully utilize this information that Mark didn’t knew.

Shrine Maiden of the Beastmen tribe.
I felt inclined to hear about her blessing from her directly that I had secretly asked her about it afterwards.
Whether she was by any chance a Shrine Maiden or not.
Meena was surprised. She had a facial expression as if to say how did I know, but I didn’t directly hear it from her.
Instead, I only heard her say “Who the hell are you?”
She seemed to be cautious somehow.
“I’m just a simple slave trader apprentice” is what I had told her for now. “However, I don’t quite get along with the store owner”
She never said anymore words.
Meena didn’t spoke carelessly. It was because of the carved slave seal, if she bares any ill-intent towards the master, she will suffer from the magic. Therefore she only said safe words.
However I already knew just from Meena’s reactions.
It seemed that Meena, being a Shrine Maiden was the truth.
It was a very important information that I would like to keep a secret.

“Hey Meena”
“? What is it?”

Mark had started another work.
I saw it as a chance to talk to Meena.
Of course Mark must not know about it. If he knew about it, it will just give him a reason to beat the shit out of me.
So far, my reason was just to talk to her.

“Why were you captured?”

I just want to really hear her story.

Meena’s status is not the kind that she should be caught easily.
Her numerical values doesn’t really differ that much from an ordinary person.

 Name: Meena Serianslope (Slave)
 Age : 15 Years Old
 Level : 6
 HP : 21 MP : 6
 Strenght : 8
 Agility : 9
 Magic Power : 2
 Endurance : 4
 Unique Blessing: Shrine Maiden of the Beastmen tribe
 Special Skill: Spearmanship Lv. 3
 Special Skill: Dancing Lv. 2
 Special Skill: Body Reinforcement Lv. 1

Having Spearmanship Lv. 3 will make her an excellent spear fighter compared to that of the common soldiers.
Because at Lv. 3, it will make her on par with a veteran adventurer. So how?

How did she got captured?
That question was bugging me.

“Why are you asking about that?”

And Meena responded with somewhat looking baffled.
There were signs that she was being cautious and I stopped thinking about it.

It was reasonable that Meena should not trust me
In fact she would even thought I was a suspicious person.
Why didn’t this man told Mark that she herself was a Shrine Maiden?
Perhaps there was some evil scheme being planned.
Such signs would make someone cautious.
So looking it at Meena’s point of view, it was reasonable to think so.
I thought this would take quite a while.
Shouldn’t I build her trust over a long period of time to get the story out of her?
I should probably do it that way.

I must first make a plan and give great effort to receive Meena’s trust.

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