The Successful Business of a Slave Career Planner: Volume 1 Chapter 1

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I was sitting on a train that was relatively less crowded, I have been waiting for 10 minutes already, for my business partner to arrive, that I decided to take a nap.
That was me, that was the beginning of Mitsuji Toshiki’s reincarnation to a different world.

I was organizing the information in my head.
Was this a dream? I was first suspicious, but also there was no explanation that would make sense. The details was so realistic for it to be lucid dream.
I’m probably in a situation now where I have entered a different world. At least I know instantly that I’m not in Japan anymore.

It’s because of the clothes.
Before I noticed it, the suit of good quality which I wore earlier became a light brown dirty robe. I can compare it to a beggar of a fantasy world, or possibly someone from a lower laborer class.

The watch that I wore earlier was gone of course. My cellphone was also gone. My business card case and my business bag was gone too.

Speaking of which, I had checked my body and noticed that I might have entered as a poor poor man of this world.

I had check my surroundings.
The place I am now was in a big tent.

The canopy was wide forming a cage, I had an image that it seemed like it was as big as a residential hut used by the desert nomads. The tent was large that can probably fit around 30 people in here.

Seemed like it had degraded as there were tears in the leather material in a few places. However, there was a slight opening in the entrance nearby for the light to enter, although it was dim inside the tent, I was still able to check inside.

It was a strange world inside the tent.

First of all, there are a lots of naked people.
There are about 30 of them.
I could say that some of the people I saw had big physiques, some are malnourished, some had their body covered with fur, and some are extremely tall.

Human… No, I should say it’s probably demons, or should it be sub-human?
I’m not really sure the correct word to use, but they are clearly a being different from a homo-sapiens of the modern world.

The only thing common among them was that they don’t have any clothing.
You lose the dignity of a person if you are naked.

(What the hell is this?)

I can’t fully grasp the situation.
For example, I can say that there was a cat-girl(?) beastman in front of me who was malnourished and starving.
However, I don’t understand why.

Why was there such a girl in front of me? Nude and currently starving.
As if she was like….

(Isn’t she a slave?)

I stepped back that instant I came to that conclusion.
At the same time, I heard a voice behind me.

“Oi! Toshiki! How long will it take you bastard!”
“Yes! umm.”

Toshiki. How come he knows my name?
Though I was thinking about it, I was racking my brains on how i can speak to him without sounding unnatural.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t properly understood it
“Huh? Can’t you even sort out the slaves!?”

That was useless as the big man, who asked, suddenly smacked my face with his fist.
I didn’t understood the situation as it was all too sudden.
My nose was in pain as tears runs down from my eyes.
I who had struck the back of my head so hard, thought that the big man was staring at me like I’m stupid.
Apparently, I who was named Toshiki, seems to be in a position to serve this big man.

Aside from the difference on the way he speaks, he was also dressed differently.
I was wearing a unkempt light brown robe, but he was wearing a robe that was heavily decorated.
It was certain that I was at the bottom in terms of the hierarchical position between me and the big man.

“F*cking cheeky face. Who told you to get away from me!”

This time I got a kick.
My thigh was relentlessly kicked.
I had no other choice but to lower myself and apologetically said “I’m, I’m sorry”.
Before long, he got tired and heard in a displeasing voice “That’s good then”.

“Don’t think you can quit. Clean up after this, you move back now”

“……. I’m sorry”

I was apologizing as I keep my distance.
Although I didn’t blew up in sudden anger earlier, I was now getting angry.
I was getting angry but I think I was no match for him.
Certainly I can’t fight back. I will lose due to difference in power.
It was humiliating.
I sighed in my mind.
Even if I think about this, there was no getting away from it. I decided to distract myself by thinking other things.

(Sorting of the slaves huh?)

Well it’s was not impossible for me to observe other people’s forte.
That was my occupational experience from my previous world because I was a Career Consultant.

A career consultant was something like a business consultant.
The work closely resembles counseling as I utilize various data such as appropriate qualifications, appropriate abilities, and psychological approach, to counsel one’s aptitude and aspiration
I have technical qualifications as a career consultant by passing the national licensure exam.

So I think it will be possible for me to observes a person’s suitability.

(This is going to be troublesome when it comes to the slaves of the other world. I don’t know the structure of this world)

I gave up.
Although I had improve my skill in personal observation with much effort in my previous world, it was useless if I don’t understand the structure of this world.

For example, assuming there was magic in this world. If I judge muscular people as “You’re suitable in construction!”, it was meaningless if all engineering construction of this world was done by magic.
It was necessary to acquire the general knowledge of this world early.

I wonder how would I sort out the slaves.

“Shit, You were hired as an apprentice because you’re a kid with an appraisal skill. But you’re not useful at all”
“I’m sorry”
“Why did Kubera-sama, the God of Wealth, gave this shithead a blessing? I ain’t using my magic just so you could just waste it. …..[Status Open]”

God of Wealth Kubera.
It was possible that I heard those words somewhere.

God of Wealth Kubera, was certainly one of the gods of a certain game
One world had surfaced in my mind.
[Fantasy Tale]. It was a fantasy RPG that I got a little addicted, one that boasted worldwide sale as a mobile social game app.

I played it fairly enough that I know the general knowledge of the game world.

If this world was the same as [Fantasy Tale].
I felt that various pieces had made sense in my mind.

Demon Slaves, daughters of the beast tribe, incantation of [Status Open]. All of them matches the world of [Fantasy Tale].

Perhaps I was transported within [Fantasy Tale].
One aspiration had grown within me the moment I though up of that hypothesis.

I want to achieve success in my life on this world.

“This, This guy seems usable. This one…. Is useless. Alright, this other one”

While the big man was sorting out, I had secretly made up my mind.
I have to get rid of this big man first.
Of course I will have to use a gentle method to be free, however, i will have to use force if necessary.

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