SPO Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Tiger Hunting (1)
There was a large, crouched shadow behind Yin. Its back was slightly raised, and it was about to ambush the completely unaware girl. It did not let out any noise. The girl wrapped in white bed sheets was completely unaware.

Yue Qiang was facing the girl, so he could see everything clearly. It really was a tiger!

The tiger was still more than five meters away from Yin, and he was only less than two meters away from her. It would appear that he was not too late.

Yue Qiang’s idea was to activate his Run skill, carry her with his fastest speed and dodge the tiger’s attack. His reaction and control were very quick, and he was much closer compared to the tiger as well.

Ever since his Run skill had leveled up, it was faster and more useful as well. He had touched the girl’s body, and he only needed one more action to free her from the attack.

It was at this moment he felt the computer screen abruptly turning dark.

It was the tiger’s pounce!

Its gigantic body covered up the sunlight shining in from the cave entrance. A smelly wind swept by.

He failed to capture the tiger’s actions at all. It was undoubtedly five to six meters away from Yin just now, and yet, in just the blink of an eye, the tiger had leaped into the air and enveloped both Yue Qiang and Yin beneath it within its area of attack.

Yue Qiang was still extremely calm. Years of gaming had given him a fine mentality, and he knew that he would definitely fail to dodge the attack if he backed away now. Therefore, he inputted a series of fast and accurate micros to grab Yin’s hand quickly before pulling her to the side.

It was incredibly swift control already, but it still wasn’t enough.

Yue Qiang himself had gotten out of the tiger’s area of attack, but the girl’s thigh was swiped by the edge of the tiger’s claw.

The white sheet wrapped around Yin’s body was torn to shreds. A fountain of blood sprayed out from her thigh and her HP was swiftly decreasing. The claw had probably struck an artery.

It was just a single swipe by the edge of a tiger’s claw!

After the tiger came away empty-handed, it quickly readjusted its direction and faced the duo. There was a momentary standoff between the two parties. It was only now that Yue Qiang finally got a clear view of the tiger’s appearance.

It was extremely fearsome!

Even though he was staring at it through the monitor, even though he knew that it was just a tiger that existed inside a game, Yue Qiang still felt his hair stand on end and his palm slightly clammy from cold sweat. Suddenly, he understood a little why Yin had told him that if he ever faced a real tiger, he would know exactly how impossible it is to beat a tiger to death with one’s bare hands. Those data and textures of a tiger in the old games were absolutely shit compared to the real thing. It was only thanks to this game – so realistic that it was nearly a reality – that a tiger’s true prowess was displayed in full.

It had incredibly high strength, and he must not allow it to touch him, for any contact meant death. Its speed was twice his own even after he activated Run. It was good at ambushing its prey, and had accrued many years of rich fighting experience… Yue Qiang thought that it wasn’t unjustified at all that these twenty plus Zhao Soldiers had perished under this tiger’s claws.

It was only thanks to the slight range advantage just now that he barely managed to save Yin. But now, they were too close to each other. If that tiger had leaped towards them again with the same speed from before, then Yue Qiang had zero confidence that he could save the badly injured girl at his side.

He threw a glance to the floor beside him with the corner of his eyes. Yin continued to sit on the floor with her eyes closed. The white bed sheet wrapped around her body was already torn apart and stained with some blood and dust due to the previous attack. Her entire injured leg was exposed on the outside; naked and bleeding. She sat while propping herself upright with a single hand. She appeared a little weak and fragile.

Just when the tiger’s second attack was about to arrive, just when one of them was absolutely going to die in the tiger’s jaw, Yin suddenly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were huge and her gaze was bright.

She stared at the tiger with deadly quiescence. The gaze carrying with it the breath of death shot straight into the tiger’s eyes as if it had a solid form of its own!

Yue Qiang could hardly believe it when he stared at the tiger and saw that both its eyes were tightly shut and bleeding just because of Yin’s momentary gaze.

The tiger had gone blind!

Yue Qiang had absolutely no idea what kind of attack this was, and in this realistic game world, he could not imagine what kind of attack it was either. Of course, he didn’t have the time to think about these things either. He knew that the tiger would definitely rampage at all directions after its eyes were blinded by Yin.

Without any hesitation, he activated his Run skill once more and retreated while carrying Yin again, and again.

Sure enough, after the tiger went blind, it immediately went berserk. A ferocious aura exploded from its body as the tiger began attacking its surroundings indiscriminately in a frenzy. The few nearby corpses on the ground were instantly grinded into minced meat.

Yue Qiang retreated seven to eight steps rapidly towards the back, before moving sideways for a distance and just avoiding the wave of attack by a hair’s breadth. The tiger’s rampage at its original spot did buy the duo some time and space in safety, however.

“I have no strength left in me any longer.” Yin sat weakly on the floor with closed eyes. She spoke quickly with a soft voice, “The tiger will rampage for a little while longer. You can take this opportunity to leave quickly through the cave entrance.”

Yue Qiang went blank for a short while before typing swiftly, “What about you then?”

With her eyes closed, Yin tilted her head slightly to the side and thought for a moment before speaking softly, “My memories seemed to be broken, and I cannot remember anything that happened before this. I can only vaguely remember that I seemed to be seeking death for a long time, but was not granted that wish. This is great, though. My chance to die has arrived.”

Yue Qiang went blank again, not really understanding what Yin was talking about. The girl did not explain further, and instead began to analyse the current situation with a soft voice. It was the exact same tone as her calm deduction from before, “Tigers are extremely smart animals. It might be blind now, but its hearing and sense of smell is still around. If you hesitate any longer, you will not be able to walk away. You can press close against the cave walls and creep out quietly. I can even help you by creating some noise here.”

Yin’s words and tone was gentle and kind. They completely lacked the massive fear that a person should have when they were about to die. It sounded just like a daily greeting like ‘hey, the weather’s great have you eaten’. But the more she acted like this, the more Yue Qiang felt that something wasn’t right.

Just what kind of person could put life and death behind them?

He hesitated for a short while whether to take the girl with him. After all, it would slow him to take a person with him, and it might generate noise that would expose their concealment. However, this little bit of time he took to hesitate had caused him to lose the chance to escape alone.

The tiger at the other side had already recovered from its manic state. Relying on its amazing animalistic instinct, it slowly but accurately walked towards the direction where they were hiding.

Yue Qiang no longer had anywhere to escape!

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