SPO – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – Tiger Hunting (2)
If Yue Qiang faced a healthy tiger head on, he would have no chance of victory.

Back when he hunted enemies in the past, he had always relied on Run LVL 2 to provide him the extra agility needed to avoid most damages. Although the tiger was heavy and huge, its agility was even higher than Yue Qiang after he activated that skill. Its eyes might have been blinded by Yin through some unknown method, but its terrifying strength and reaction speed still gave Yue Qiang no opening whatsoever to exploit.

The tiger closed in slowly but resolutely towards them. Yue Qiang could only pull Yin with him and retreat again and again. Very soon they were backed against a cave wall with nowhere else to run.

Yin continued to close her eyes, but she could sense everything that’s happening right in front of her. She suddenly asked with a strange tone, “I see that you’re empty handed all this time. Why don’t you try that weapon behind your back?”

Yue Qiang was cautiously controlling his character to shift backwards and could not afford a third hand to type and respond.

“Is it because that the weapon is not sharp enough that you chose not to use it?” Yin said thoughtfully, “Your weapon seems to be coated with heavy metal poison, and it was forged not too long ago. Its effects should be pretty good. If… if you can hit the tiger’s injured eyes again, then maybe you just might have a chance to survive this.”

Heavy metal poison? Is she talking about the Goldmaker Pill I just used?

Yue Qiang’s mind spun rapidly. At first, the reason he did not use his iron rod and readied his fists instead was because that the attack power of his iron rod was just too low. He might as well be scratching the tiger’s itch. On the other hand, his fist style was powerful and deadly. He could deal more damage in a single hit before spending more time contending with the tiger. However, there was a problem. It he used his fist style, then the distance between the tiger and him would become incredibly short. If he was unlucky, and the tiger managed to touch him even once, there was a high probability that he would die right away.

But he remembered now that Yin had reminded him.

It’s doable. Regardless, I’ll really be fighting with my life on the line this time.

He equipped his iron rod and threw a Basic Jabbing Skill at the enemy.

He missed its injured eyes and jabbed the bridge of its nose instead. It slid towards the side.

It was just one attack, but the tiger had already found out Yue Qiang’s position.

It did not pounce at him, and instead extended a front paw and slapped the iron rod hard towards the side.

The iron rod abruptly bent under the strike, but it did not break from the center. Yue Qiang knew that the iron rod’s passive ‘Toughness’ had played its role, but he himself was hurt from the attack!

– 23!

System Message: You are jarred by the tiger’s paw! You are no longer able to grip your weapon steadily, and your accuracy has decreased!

He could no longer decipher this tiger’s strength at all. He lost 23 health just from the aftershock damage transmitted through the iron rod alone, and he was even gifted a minus accuracy debuff from it. If this tiger paw was to slap onto a person’s body, it would definitely result in an instakill. No wonder it was able to break all those soldiers’ spines in half!

If that’s the case, then let us fight to the end!

Yue Qiang’s own courage was drawn out by the battle, as he controlled the iron and jabbed repeatedly at the tiger’s eyes.

I jab, I jab, I jab jab jab!

While he was controlling his character to attack, he still had to keep an eye on the tiger’s claw attack and dodge out of the way. Thankfully, although the tiger was extremely swift and agile, its blindness caused its attacks to lose purposiveness, allowing Yue Qiang to evade every one of them.

After jabbing six, seven times in a row plus countless evasive actions, just when he thought he wouldn’t be able to dodge the tiger’s next attack no matter what, the most beautiful words in the world appeared at the bottom of the screen:

Battle Message: Wound attack! Deal 15 damage!

It was an insignificant amount of damage, but what Yue Qiang looked forward to was the poison damage that would happen after the successful attack. He did not stay and rolled twice in a row to the side and ran far, far away. The screen spiraled twice before coming to a stop, and when he looked at the tiger again, he realized that its health bar had turned to green and was falling continuously. That was the sign of a poisoned enemy!

It works!

A series of – 11s and – 12s began to pop up above the tiger’s body in dense rows. The place Yue Qiang struck was the tiger’s eye sockets; the wound that was created due to Yin’s attack. This wound was very close to the brain, which was probably why the poison damage was beyond his expectations.

After suffering this attack, the tiger let out a terrible earthshaking roar. Although it was poisoned and its vital spot was severely damaged, its life essence was not harmed and thus it continued to rampage at every direction.

Yue Qiang made up his mind on the inside.

I’ll need to gamble my life one more time! Otherwise we’ll all be dead.

His mind began planning an even crazier idea as he looked at less than half full stamina gauge. Resolving himself, He scooped up his iron rod and charged forwards.

Yin, who had been sitting by the side suddenly acted. She abruptly tore apart the white bed sheet wrapped around her body, revealing a large amount of skin at the same time she tore down a large piece of cloth, causing a loud ripping sound.

The tiger’s attention was instantly drawn to the sound of tearing cloth.

Yue Qiang knew that Yin was trying to increase even a sliver of chance of success for him, even at a great risk of her own life. He no longer hesitated and charged towards the tiger at top speed.

It was still the same iron rod and the same location. He stabbed the iron rod deep into its eye socket!

– 45!

It was an extra deep wound attack!

In the face of grave danger, his hit became unbelievably accurate, and he actually managed to strike deep into the tiger’s eye socket in one hit.

Yue Qiang did not stop there; hitting the iron ron into its eye socket wasn’t his final aim. Without any pause whatsoever, he followed up with a slap at the back of the iron rod with every bit of strength he got!

The iron rod was already embedded deep within the tiger’s eye socket, and it sank a few centimeters deeper again from this position.

These lethal few centimeters allowed the iron rod to enter straight into the tiger’s brain!

The fearsome beast was on the verge of death with a pair of blind eyes and a poisonous iron rod deeply embedded in its eye socket. It had gone crazy and lost its mind already.

In its madness, the tiger used its greatest strength to slap horizontally at the iron rod with its paw!

Right now, one end of the iron rod was gripped tightly in Yue Qiang’s hand, and the other end was embedded deep inside the tiger’s brain. But this slap sent the more or less sixty kilograms Yue Qiang flying, whereas the other end of the iron rod ground the tiger brain into a gruesome mess.

The tiger had actually killed itself!

Yue Qiang was sent flying seven or eight meters by the tiger’s final strike prior to its death, and when he landed he had less than 50 HP left.

It was ultimately a hard fought victory.

From the beginning to the end, the entire battle absolutely did not take more than a minute. During this period, Yue Qiang was never struck directly and suffered only two aftershock damages, but he had already lost more than half his HP. If the tiger wasn’t blinded from the very beginning, the only fate that awaited him was only instantaneous death. Even then, thanks to a fierce and tenacious resolution, a rich microing experience, and the perfectly timed reminders from the mysterious girl and calculation, he finally, just barely, took out a dangerous enemy.

After the final strike, he let go of the mouse and keyboard in his hands and did not move for a long time.

Although his body wasn’t exhausted, the tension on his mind was in no way lesser than had he faced a tiger in real life.

He rested for a full half minute without moving before he finally picked up his mouse and zipped it across the screen aimlessly. When the cursor hovered onto the tiger’s corpse, the cursor changed appearance to indicate that there were items that he could take.

When he saw the change in his cursor, Yue Qiang suddenly froze for a second. He didn’t know why, but suddenly moved the cursor to hover over the girl instead. He right clicked and stopped at the character status option.

Compared to checking the rewards he got from killing the tiger, he was a lot more curious about this girl with obvious eccentricities who had appeared in this cave abruptly.

Yue Qiang did not check straight away, because he knew that in this game, the act of checking another person’s stats would be known by the other party. That was why he typed and asked first, “Can I see you?”

Yin tilted her head and made a confused expression.

Yue Qiang no longer said anything and clicked open her status.

Name: Yin

Class: Patient

He skipped right through the usual stats and scrolled to the very bottom of the window. There was an option there that he was most concerned about:

Memory Unlock Rate: 0%

It was at this moment many thoughts flashed across Yue Qiang’s mind.

Memory unlock rate again, is it?

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