SPO – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – The Girl Wrapped In White Bed Sheets

The sudden female voice that rang out in this bloody site nearly caused Yue Qiang to jump out of his seat. He hurriedly turned his head towards the direction of the voice and found a girl sitting on a small, open space.

Her eyes were closed.

She was an incredibly beautiful girl. Yue Qiang could very responsibly say that he had never seen such a beautiful girl be it in a movie, anime or a game. It was difficult to imagine how radiant her beauty would be once she opened her eyes, if she was already this beautiful with her eyes closed. But this still wasn’t the main point.

The main point was that she was wrapped inside a big, white bed sheet, it was loose enough that her round and mellow shoulders and a calf was left in the open. She did not appear to wear anything else inside.

Her skin was snow white, and the bed sheet was also snow white.

Her being was incredibly dissonant with the grey dark cave and the bloody dark red tones of this place. The blood in the surroundings did not touch the white sheet at all!

This girl had appeared abruptly at this place!

Yue Qiang had looked around the hall once when he first entered the cave. There was definitely no one at that spot before!

The current situation was simply too bizarre, and his nerves were strained to the max since a long time ago.

However, the girl continued to close her eyes with a calm expression on her face.

“It’s a tiger.” she said, “Judging from the murder scene, every one of these bodies have a broken spine. Some of these wounds were direct bone fractures at the center of the spine. They were obviously caused by massive impact – probably the result of a horizontal slap of a tiger’s claw – and you can see obvious bite marks on some of these wounds. Large felids, especially tigers, are most proficient at attacking their prey from the back after pouncing, breaking its back and dragging it to the ground. The wounds happens to verify my assumptions. It’s just that this tiger is so powerful that it breaks a person in half with just a single slap!”

When the girl spoke her eyes were closed the entire time. Yue Qiang could not fathom how she could possibly observe and learn the bodies on the ground and the details of the wounds so clearly. Yue Qiang actually could not point out any mistakes from her observation and analysis for a time.

“Who are you, how did you appear in this place, and…”

“You can call me Yin. As for the rest, I believe there are nothing more important than analysing the current situation right now. Although I wish to know very much about your circumstances as well.” The girl with only a single character in her name said with her eyes still closed, and her tone calm, “The second reason I deduced that these are the actions of a tiger is smell. Tigers are extremely territorial and will not any other living creatures to enter their territory without permission. They will mark their territory with their excreta, and even the thick stench of blood in this hall right now cannot cover that powerful, spicy odor. Therefore…”

“This place isn’t a hall in a cave at all. This is a tiger’s den!”

Yue Qiang was sitting in front of a computer, so of course he couldn’t smell anything. The half-log with the words ‘Mo Family’s Great Camp’ was hung outside the cave, and there were also artificial features inside the cave, and yet Yin had called this place a tiger’s den. This would have been hard to believe, but hearing her analysis and seeing the ravaged site, he found himself believing a bit that this was done by a tiger.

However, could a mere tiger have such unbelievable prowess? You must understand that these people were all Zhao Soldiers, and there were more than twenty of them in total! Yue Qiang even identified two Zhao Sergeants wearing leather armor amidst the bodies.

“It was a tiger who had committed these atrocities from the beginning to the end. This is deduced from the distribution of the bodies on the ground.” Yin continued, “If these twenty plus soldiers believed that they could beat the tiger, then they would without a doubt gather as a group and attack it in unison. However, the bodies are scattered at nearly every corner of the hall. This means that the soldiers had given up on resistance completely and fled in every direction. But the tiger killed too quickly, and it needed only an instant to kill one person. Some of the soldiers may have escaped outside, but these remaining twenty were completely slaughtered without any resistance at all!”

Yue Qiang bit his lips and observed the girl. Yin’s… observation was incredibly thorough. She had nearly deduced everything that happened previously based on the traces left behind at the scene alone, and her thinking process was bold but not illogical. He just wondered how she managed to ‘see’ so clearly with her eyes closed.

Yue Qiang was close to believing everything she said, but there was still a hint of doubt in his mind.

It was still the same question as before.

It was just a tiger. Could it really be this powerful?

Yue Qiang had never seen a tiger before; he had never even seen one in the zoo before. His impression of tigers came mostly from games, such as a level one mob was a wild dog and a level two mob was a mangy wolf and a level three mob was a wild boar and a level four mob was probably a tiger. To him, a tiger was nothing more than experience points and health bars. The other half of his impression came from allusions such as ‘Wu Song Fights The Tiger’.

In Water Margin, Wu Song had soloed the tiger and came out with a successful KO. Originally he had even planned to use his staff as a weapon, but had accidentally swung it on a tree branch and broke it in half. In the end, Wu Song fought the tiger in melee combat and took it down. Besides that, there were also the story of Li Kui slaying four tigers, Zhu Hai scaring a tiger to death so on and so on. In conclusion, Yue Qiang’s impression of a tiger was that it’s very weak.

“The reason you kept quiet for so long is because you do not believe that a tiger can be this strong, do you?” There was a trace of mockery in Yin’s tone, “If you ever saw a real tiger, even one that is kept in the zoo, you will understand exactly how impossible it is to beat a tiger to death with one’s bare hands.”

“This tiger’s prowess may be exceed your usual tiger, but the difference will definitely not be too great either. This is because a tiger has absolute dominance over man in a fight!”

“If you still do not get it, then you may take the difference between weight classes in combat sports as reference. Skill and combat style may be very useful in unarmed combat, but the biggest deciding factor is without a doubt body weight. A 70 kg boxing champion might be very powerful, but he would have nearly no chance of victory if he was matched up against a 100 kg boxing champion. Moreover, the weight difference between a human and tiger was not just thirty, forty percent, but three, four times the difference. With such a massive disparity between weight and speed faster than a human’s, the difference between strength is naturally even bigger than before. In a head-on confrontation, there is almost no chance a man can defeat a healthy and mature tiger at all.”

But Yue Qiang still had some doubts about the matter, “If this is really a tiger’s doing, then I have one more question to ask. Why did the wound left behind by a tiger claw is in the form of four straight lines? According to my knowledge, the number of claws a tiger has should be five at the front and four at the back, shouldn’t it? Unless it attacked using its enemies using its rear limbs?”

“Your knowledge is passable, but your observation skill isn’t thorough enough.” Yin said coldly, “You only saw the number of straight scratch marks, but neglected the distance between them. Other than scratch mark caused by the dew claw at the farthest side of the paw, there should also be four evenly-spaced straight wounds as well. However, the actual situation is that there were only three scratch marks, and the distance between two of them happens to be exactly twice the average distance between two claws. From this we can deduce a very obvious fact, and that is this tiger has an injured claw and cannot exert its full strength. That is all.”

Yue Qiang was utterly won over at this point. This girl’s observation and deduction skills were practically godlike. To think that she could deduce so many information based on the limited circumstances on-site. If they really ran into a tiger later, and if the tiger’s condition was really as she said…

He had just thought up to this point when his eyes immediately grew wide. Looking towards the back from Yin’s shoulders, he could see a crouched, dark shadow moving with incredible speed towards the front, and it was now no more than ten meters away from Yin’s back already. Its back was slightly uplifted in the exact posture of a pounce, and Yin still hadn’t realized it one bit.

She said, “So the problem now is…”

“The problem now is that you’re about to die!” Without thinking, Yue Qiang activated his Run LVL 2 and rushed forwards.

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