SPO – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Price to Level Up

Yue Qiang really did come here to workout.

When he went out this evening, he had already planned tonight’s operation. The first step would be the substantive test of his ‘Charisma’. He wanted to use those ridiculous and somewhat laughable actions to test if he had truly acquired ‘Charisma’ in real life.

And the matter of fact was that he succeeded. He could even freeload at every luxury venue using his ‘Charisma’! However he was not carried away by this almost joke-like ability, in fact, it rang a warning bell in Yue Qiang’s head. It was just like the time he was on the phone and heard the school beauty say, “I am the class beauty Rao Xiao Ting”.

He instinctively felt that something was wrong, yet he couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong either.

Of course, as of now it… it didn’t look like resolving this doubt seemed too urgent of a matter. Right now, the most pressing problem was to know how to level up inside the game.

Yue Qiang had an idea about this issue.

He remembered clearly that his initial in-game stats were pretty similar to himself in real life. In that case, if he trained his body and improved his physical fitness by working out, then would it possibly increase his in-game stats too?

He had made a rough estimation on the blacksmith Tan Xiong’s constitution before, and it was probably impossible to reach a similar level in a short amount of time. But if it was to increase his ‘Strength’ and ‘Vitality’ stats by a few points out of thin air through the use of modern scientific methods, he believed that it was doable.

Naturally, this would require incredibly scientific arrangements, detailed training programs and meal plans, and there was no way to know how the final results would turn out. However it was a potentially feasible method, so he decided to give it a try. Besides, why shouldn’t he utilize his high level of Charisma? At the worst he could also seduce the little girl at the front counter and be exempt of his bill or something.

It was with these thoughts that Yue Qiang came to this high class fitness club, but he did not expect the scene that unfolded before him afterwards.

He never expected that he would run into a woman – what did she call herself again? Lu Qiu Duan Yi – with such a weird name. What was even more unexpected was that this woman seemed to know his situation inside the game.

He instinctively became alert.

This woman called Luqiu Duanyi noticed his vigilance. She showed a soft smile, walked until she was beside Yue Qiang, raised both arms then rested them on his shoulders. She had deliberately pressed close against him; Yue Qiang could even see his own reflection from her pupils.

“Take it easy.” She said.

Yue Qiang did not let down his guard, “What is this place, who are you, and how did you know -”

“Haven’t I told you earlier? I am Luqiu Duanyi. You can call me directly by my surname. This is just like… when you go to school, and there are always people with compound surnames such as the usual Ouyang, Dongfang and so on. Didn’t you just call them by their surnames to save yourself some breath?” She said casually as if she was making idle chatters, “As for what this place is, you can see it for yourself this is a fitness club, yep, a top class fitness club.”

Luqiu Duanyi moved away from his body and twirled lightly around him, “I am your fitness coach. That’s right, I guessed that you are probably here to look for a fitness coach. I believe that, in this field, you would not find a more professional fitness coach than me.”

Luqiu Duanyi waved her arm gently and interrupted Yue Qiang’s attempt to speak. She went on to add, “You’re wondering why I know you so well? Yes, I simply guessed them; and in truth it isn’t as hard as you would expect.”

“Nowadays there are more and more strange men and bizarre happenings in society. Even a boss from a big company would sometimes play a sucker by pretending to be a beggar to date car models or get some fun. So what’s so strange about someone like you who goes out in slippers while intentionally wearing the wrong socks?” She said, “What is it? Are you wondering how I determined your constitution? This is actually quite simple for people in our line of work. From how developed your muscles are, to even something like a hunched back, we are able to tell a lot about your physical condition. As for your charm… The way our receptionist and executive manager treated you did not slip my eyes, you know?”

She chuckled and walked to the side as she said with a careless attitude. At the same time, her hand pressed some unknown buttons, and somewhere in the room the lighting grew brighter and brighter. Beneath the light, a mini bar-like furniture appeared right before their eyes, and from the bar counter she picked up a scarlet liquid and poured it into a glass. She took a light sip, then poured another glass of boiled water and walked gracefully back to Yue Qiang’s side, passing him the drink.

“Do drink some water. You reek of alcohol.” she glanced once at Yue Qiang meaningfully before adding, “Since you have decided to work out, then you should stay away from all alcohol from now on.”

Yue Qiang licked his dry lips. He was feeling very thirsty, but despite holding a full glass of clear water, he did not drink it.

This woman before him – Luqiu Duanyi – there was nothing wrong with her explanation. If she truly was a veteran fitness coach, then she could definitely grasp in detail a person’s physical and health condition through muscle development and other external factors. However this wasn’t Yue Qiang’s concern, but rather that the words she had used to describe her body when they first met each other.

Her chosen adjectives just happened to be the exact same as the system’s? Where in the world would you find such a coincidence?

Yue Qiang was about to press for some answers, but after a moment’s thought he held back the impulse. At the beginning, this woman seemed to be telling him something. On the other hand, her latter explanation made it look like she was trying to hide that something too. Could it be… that she was hinting that anything related to the game could not be said directly?

Yue Qiang decided that he would set this particular question aside.

After all it was still early, and three months was actually not a short time. If she really is going to become my fitness coach, then there will be plenty of opportunities for contact later. I can afford to take it slow.

Having made his decision, Yue Qiang’s mind also slowly returned to a calmer state. He sat down on that ridiculously huge sofa in the room, grabbed an unopened bottle of mineral water from the table and took a sip, saying, “You are correct, I am here for a workout. I wonder though, how far can Miss Luqiu temper my body in just three months’ time?”

When Luqiu Duanyi noticed that Yue Qiang did not drink the water she gave him and instead grabbed an unopened mineral water for himself and drank that, the trace of a subtle smile flashed across her face. She said, “Well, obviously I can’t turn you into Schwarzenegger. But it will be sufficient to meet your needs.”

When she said those words, there were deep meaning in her eyes.

Again, to describe someone’s physical fitness with the words ‘sufficient to meet your needs’ seemed really strange, but if it was used to describe ‘stats’ instead then it would be perfectly fine.

It looks like she really does know something. Yue Qiang thought quietly to himself, but on the outside he said, “Okay. But I don’t have money to pay the training fee.”

Luqiu Duanyi snapped her fingers crisply, and threw herself entirely onto the sofa. Her shapely body sank deep into the sofa cushion, and then she raise both her legs high up into the air before resting it on the coffee table. She did not mind showing off her lean and straight legs right before Yue Qiang’s eyes at all. He could hear clearly the two words tumbling out of her mouth, “It’s free.”

“Is there any other price that I have to pay?” Yue Qiang asked cautiously. He did not dare to treat Luqiu Duanyi like the rest of the babes of the night who had been ‘dominated by his Charisma’.

“Yes.” She stuck close towards him again; their distance minimal, her breathing distinct, “Sleep with me.”

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