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Chapter 9: Exposed!

“Hello mister, is there anything you need?”

“I need a workout.” Yue Qiang said.

“Mister, workouts can be broken down into many different types. The simpler ones would be weight loss, muscle building, body remodeling; and it can also be categorized more strictly into aerobic, anaerobic or even more specialized options. May I know your specific needs?”

“I want to increase my vitality, and I want to increase my strength.” Yue Qiang said before he slowed down his speech and used heavier articulation, “I would like to undergo a significant change in a very short period of time.”

“Mister, exercise is a systematic process and it requires years of continuous training to bear fruit. It is not practical to wish for massive improvement within a very short period of time…”

The front desk receptionist had wanted to elaborate some more but she came to a sudden halt. He saw a woman in a small business suit, who appeared to be a senior management staff walking towards him. The front desk receptionist tensed up as she meekly said, “Hello m-manager, what brings you here today?”

The woman – who was called a manager – wore a mask of indifference as she waved towards the receptionist, “Your business is done here. You can go home now.” Once she finished she began to closely observe Yue Qiang.

Yue Qiang remained silent as he sized up the senior management staff-like female manager.

She had a delicate face and wore a light makeup that was very professionally done, and it gave her a smart and competent appearance. From the looks of her aura and the panic-stricken front desk receptionist, this woman was most likely the owner of this fitness club.

Yue Qiang’s expression did not waver, but he could hardly contain the excitement within his heart.

Did you know? This is the city’s most infamous business district, and at this place where every inch of land was worth an inch of gold, this fitness club had occupied an entire half-a-storey for itself. You could just imagine the owner’s wealth. Could it be that the woman standing before him is the owner of this fitness club?

Yue Qiang had never look at a ‘rich person’ so closely before and he did his best to size her up with a harmless gaze; especially the fabric on her clothes and the quality of her accessories. The white-collar beauty didn’t look like she was in a hurry to talk either as she too eyed Yue Qiang with great interest.

A long while after, she finally said, “Mr. Yue Qiang?”

“I am Yue Qiang.” Yue Qiang said calmly.

After re-confirming his identity, she abruptly pulled back her domineering aura and to his surprise, put on the appearance of a usherette. She pressed her thighs together tightly and skillfully switched her position from the opposite side of Yue Qiang to his flank. She then bowed and stretched out her slender arm towards Yue Qiang to make a half-bow welcoming gesture.

Her posture was perfectly standard and absolutely impeccable.

Yue Qiang had only ever seen those VIPs receiving this kind of heady mannerisms in high-end clubs on TV shows.

And to think that this woman before him, whom he had guessed her potential wealth and status would act in such a way towards him. It greatly surprised him, but he also felt stoked on the inside.

Concluding the formal etiquette, she returned to her usual posture and drew the trace of a beautiful and stunning smile on her face,

“Mister Yue, please follow me.” she said, “I am here because the lead had told me to expect your arrival.”

“Lead? Who is that?”

The manager did not answer. Instead, she simply made a leading gesture and began escorting Yue Qiang towards the front. Her hips were very thin and her hips very round, and since he was following from the back, Yue Qiang could easily get an eyeful of enjoyment. But even with such a fantastic view before him, he still devoted most of his attention to observe his surroundings.

There was no other reason. The decor of this place was simply too astounding.

From the outside, this fitness club would appear to be just okay. But when you actually stepped inside, without a doubt the only word to describe this place was ‘luxurious’. The countless machines he couldn’t put a name on was just the beginning. The sleek corner design, the handrails as exquisite as relief sculptures, the vertical mirrors that could be seen everywhere and so on; combined they gave Yue Qiang the illusion that he was a barbarian entering modern society. He could hardly imagine that a mere fitness club could be designed so luxuriously that it was like being in a palace or a dream.

At the end of the hallway was an open room, and the manager forcefully led Yue Qiang inside.

It was a room decorated in the image of a study. It was really dark inside and the only light in the room was from a lamp on the desk.

Sitting in front of the desk and with her back facing towards Yue Qiang was a woman.

The reason Yue Qiang could confirm without a shred of doubt that she was a she, even when he was looking at her back in such a dark environment was because her femininity was just too obvious.

Was she the ‘lead’ the manager was talking about?

Without giving him much time to think, this woman with her back towards him began to speak. Her voice was slightly deep and yet it contained a strange magnetism to it, “Your business here is done, you may leave.”

The words weren’t directed at Yue Qiang.

The manager who led him here answered with a soft ‘Yes’ and gently closed the door. Suddenly, Yue Qiang and that woman were the only ones left inside the room.

The lights were a bit dim and the atmosphere a little awkward, and Yue Qiang… felt a little nervous.

The woman did not look like she had any intentions of turning around. She was reading a book in front of the table, and on occasion, she would flip a page or stop and tilt her head in thought. It was as if this problem that she was thinking about was of paramount importance to her.

For a time Yue Qiang simply stood there by the door, until he finally recalled his own purpose and tried to say something. But it was this occasion the woman had picked to open her mouth and say,

“You are here for a way to improve your constitution, aren’t you?” her voice was slightly deep and incredibly attractive.

Originally he was going to say, “I’m here to workout”. He hadn’t expected her to point it out in advance, so he could only say, “That’s right.”

“The shorter the training time the better, is it?” she said again, “And preferably not more than three months?”

Yue Qiang flinched in his heart upon hearing the words ‘three months’. He did not reply immediately, and instead took the time to carefully recall his conversation with the receptionist earlier at the entrance. After he swiftly ran the dialogues once over his head, he was sure that he had never mentioned at any point of time the info ‘three months’ at all. What followed after the short recollection was complete astonishment.

How did she know that I only have three months left?

She did not give her much time to think as she continued, “Really, it’s not a problem if you’re just looking to workout. In fact you’re pretty tough to begin with, and you are strong enough to move bricks already. That being said, your vitality’s a bit weak and you get sick often, don’t you?

I’m very curious, though. Why would a man as attractive as you spend so much effort to train yourself, when you’re so loved by everyone that even flowers bloom in your presence? Isn’t it easier to find a rich wife and live comfortably for the rest of your life?”

The moment he heard her words Yue Qiang could no longer hold back the shock in his heart because those words she mentioned were pretty much the same as his own character’s stat descriptions! These descriptions were just generated this afternoon and he was absolutely sure that he had not shown them to anyone at all.

He asked loudly, “Who are you?”

Heeding his question, the woman turned around and stood facing Yue Qiang directly. Her body shape could only be described as perfect. She wore a fat baggy pants on her lower half, and although her pants were extra large, when she turned around and stood up he could see clearly the perfect contour of her legs and her hips. She wore only a sports bra on the top, showing off her perfectly smooth and firm abdomen. Her voluptuous breasts quivered underneath the tightly stretched sports bra. Her eyes and brows were especially vivid; whenever she spoke the corner of her eyes would lift up slightly, as if she found it amusing to have exposed some unsaid secrets.

“Me? My name is Duan Yi,” she put down the book in her hands and casually said, “Surname Lu Qiu.”

“You are free to call me by my first name or my last. It doesn’t really matter anyway. After all, I am the last person left in my family.”

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