SPO – Chapter 11

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Translator: Craxuan
Editor: darklord5555

Chapter 11: Never-Before-Seen Training Program

When Yue Qiang woke up, he found himself lying on top of a huge bed.

He was the only person on the bed. And yet there were the traces of twopeople having slept on the bed.

He closed his eyes tightly, then reopened them.

His head felt incredibly clear; the drowsy feeling that usually accompanied morning awakenings was completely absent. It was still dawn outside, and the wall clock on the wall said six ten. So, it was early in the morning. He was used to waking up in the afternoon and having lunch + dinner + supper as his three meals per day, so he actually found it a bit weird to wake up in the morning. However, he could feel that his body was in a pretty good condition.

Suddenly, he started as if he had just remembered something.

This wasn’t his little rented nest, and the bed beneath him was also not the single bed he was used to.

This was a supersized bed at least half the size of his rented apartment.

He had never slept on such a huge bed before. Scratch that, he had never even seen one this big.

Last night, I… Yue Qiang carefully recalled what happened last night.

He had found a top class fitness club, and then met with a woman with a very unique name and interesting demeanor. And after that… there was nothing; nothing except that he had just woken up on this enormous bed.

Yue Qiang shook his head and sat upwards with a bitter smile.

Since he had woken up at a luxurious big bed and not his tiny nest, at the very least, proved that the Game, the ‘Charisma’ the game had granted him, and everything and everyone he had encountered afterwards was not just a dream.

Instinctively, he began to examine his surroundings.

This was a very luxuriously decorated room. Bright, spacious, atmospheric and simple. It shared a similar decor to the study last night.

Maybe I am still somewhere inside the fitness club? Perhaps this room is right next to the study last night, and is that woman Luqiu Duanyi’s bedroom?

He wasn’t given more time to think. A wandering figure soon entered his view, and it was none other than Luqiu Duanyi. The woman had such a gorgeous body that it was neigh impossible to miss.

She was holding a large men’s sportswear in her hands, and she said, “Are you awake?”


“How was your rest last night?”

Yue Qiang gave it a thought before replying with a hint of wry smile, “I don’t even remember when I fell asleep, so obviously the quality of this sleep could not be any better.”

“That’s great.” Luqiu Duanyi said with a smile on her face. She didn’t seem to realize that Yue Qiang was quite wary of the fact that he had mysteriously fallen asleep and just as mysteriously woken up on this huge bed, and continued speaking with a most ordinary and homely tone, “Now put on these clothes. The countdown for your training starts now.”

Seeing the slightly dumbfounded look in Yue Qiang’s eyes, she laughed and added, “What’s wrong? Have you forgotten your original goal already?”

Yue Qiang shook his head and said, “No. I simply thought that when a gentleman is dressing, the lady should know to leave him in private.”

“Eastern ladies would not like your Western jokes, oh master of charms.” Apparently Luqiu Duanyi thought it pretty interesting when she heard his answer and laughed aloud. However, her expression quickly turned serious and calm as she said, “You have thirty seconds to change your clothes. I’ll be waiting for you at the study outside.”

Yue Qiang quickly finished dressing, and when he walked out of the bedroom swiftly he saw Luqiu Duanyi, a table of excellent-looking breakfast, and a single form.

Is the training about to start already? He first picked up the form and began to read it.

But he put it down very soon after.

“Are you sure the content on this form is the workout routine you’re putting me through?” He asked in surprise.

“That’s correct.” Luqiu Duanyi said seriously.

Yue Qiang had thought that the top class fitness workout routine would be comprehensive, systematic and diverse. For example, it might involve how many sets of bench press per day, how many reps of squats per week, how much force to use or how heavy an equipment and so on. But to his surprise, he did not read comprehensive training program on the form. Instead it was a comprehensive eating program.

That’s right, it was going to teach him how to eat.

It defined in great detail the kind of food ingredients Yue Qiang should consume. He had to admit that it was quite the rich list, and Yue Qiang did not recognize more than half of the food ingredients on it. As for the other half that he did recognize, Yue Qiang was surprised to find potato and yogurt being the large majority of it.

Other than that, it also defined the number of times Yue Qiang should eat every day. He took a close look at the number, then read it again, and again. That’s right, his eyes weren’t deceiving him; he had to eat SIX meals a day.

The form had even specified his sleep: He had to sleep 4 times a day until he wakes up naturally; there was no need to worry about time. This sleeping ‘duty’ must be completed, and if he really couldn’t fall asleep then he could drink the mineral water on top of the coffee table.

Finally, at the very end of these descriptions on how to eat, drink and sleep was the exercise plan he had been looking. However, in comparison his exercise plan was outrageous simple.

Jogging (on the treadmill), run until you’re so tired that you can’t run anymore.

“This is my training program?” Yue Qiang looked through the entire program once more and looked towards the serious-looking Luqiu Duanyi at his side.

“This is a workout program especially tailored for you.”

“May I… know the principles of this setup?” After a moment’s hesitation, Yue Qiang still asked, “After all I do have some basic understanding on the subject; something like 8 to 12 reps for each set, 4 to 6 sets every time, alternate training between big muscle groups and small muscle groups and so on. Shouldn’t a comprehensive training program include these things?”

Luqiu Duanyi’s expression had been very serious for a while now, and it was like she was a completely different person compared to last night. She said coldly, “The only thing you need to do is to obey (T/N: Or we can do this RWBY Cinder Fall style: Don’t think, obey!).”

Yue Qiang’s expression also became serious, “Alright. But I have one last question.”

“Say it.”

“Can I go home during the training period?” He remembered about his game progress.

“Three days later, you will have one chance to return home. The time limit is… a full day; enough for you to do what you want to do.”

And just like that, Yue Qiang’s workout plan, hmm, a.k.a indirect national salvation and roundabout level up plan had officially begun.

He thought that the plan’s name could maybe be changed into something more appropriate though. For example – the pig farming plan?

The main course of his breakfast was potatoes and milk, and the rest were food ingredients which names he couldn’t make head or tails of. Some of these food ingredients were very tasty, and some he couldn’t swallow at all.

There was also another very important rule in his training program, and that was his mealtime must not be shorter than half an hour. This was in complete contrast to the principle he usually practiced where he takes 3 minutes to cook instant noodles and 1 minute to eat so he could save more time for gaming.

After the meal there would be a 30 minute meal break, and after that it would be that extremely simple exercise plan where he jogged on a threadmill until he was so tired he couldn’t run anymore.

Yue Qiang had long since forgotten the last time he went out to play. He didn’t even last 5 minutes on the treadmill before he ran out of breath.

“If you’re tired then go to sleep.” These were the exact words Luqiu Duanyi had told him.

“But it’s only seven in the morning; an hour after I woke up. What kind of sleep is this?”

“You can treat this as unprotected sleep.”

And so Yue Qiang went back to the room and slept. Maybe it was because he ate too much, or perhaps it was because he was too tired from jogging, but this unprotected sleep of his was exceptionally comfortable.

Two hours later, Yue Qiang sat in front of the dining table.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve already eaten breakfast.” He said with a wry smile.

“You can treat this as snack.”

The amount of snacks was obviously huge. It was still the same potatoes plus milk main course, but the rest of the nameless food ingredients did change quite a bit. It was still the same thirty minutes meal time and thirty minutes meal break, and after less than ten minutes of jogging, Yue Qiang was once again breathless.

“What? Sleep again?”


“And what kind of sleep is it this time?”

“Maybe you can treat this as… taking a nap?”

This time Yue Qiang could fall asleep no longer. So he walked to the coffee table, unscrewed the mineral water he opened yesterday and took in a big gulp.

Soon enough, he began to feel very sleepy.

He opened his eyes forcefully and asked Luqiu Duanyi in a very serious tone, “Are you absolutely sure this can increase my st… improve my constitution?”

When Luqiu Duanyi saw Yue Qiang’s serious look, her own expression had relaxed instead. She picked up the book she kept flipping and reading last night, and answered him with a somewhat casual tone, “You don’t have to ask me. In any case, you’re going to find out three days later in a very precise manner through the use of numbers.”

Yue Qiang didn’t even hear her last sentence before he fell into sleep.

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