Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 93

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Volume 1 Chapter 93:Lucky Cat

Peace Town was surrounded by green grass, but if you go east, the vegetation becomes noticeably sparse and the colour of the grass also becomes increasingly weird. At the same time the road was harder to walk on as you couldn’t really find any flat ground. Obviously, normally nothing would set foot on this land. Ling Chen raised his head and looked at the sky, it was grey, almost like a thick layer of black. Every time he moved a little more forward, he could clearly notice the light dimming. In front of him, the air was also beginning to turn grey.

Was this the undead gas getting stronger that the Peace Town residents were talking about?

Dying is life’s right, the undead gas will slowly devour life, especially if the life is fragile. In an environment where it is completely surrounded by the undead gas, death will come even quicker. The slight heaviness told Ling Chen that the undead gas ahead will get thicker, also because of the undead gas getting too thick, the whole way he didn’t see any birds or beasts, let alone people.

After travelling for half an hour, it was the last stretch of the Ghastly Grounds. Ling Chen slowed down a little just so he can focus on dealing with any sudden situations that might happen in front of him. At this time, a light flashed brightly into his eyes. The source of the light was from the sharp point on Xiao Hui’s head.

Xiao Hui had been sleeping on the Cloud Stepping Mare’s head and when its forehead point shined, its eyes opened in an instant. Its two ears stood up with a “whoosh”, then it quickly stood up, sniffing the air. It suddenly  jumped from the Cloud Stepping Nare and rushed towards Ling Chen making “wu wu” sounds, then quickly ran off to the left.

“ Xiao Hui, where are you going?”

Ling Chen just called out, but his already knew what it was. Before on the War God training grounds, when Xiao Hui suddenly sprang out, its forehead point also shined. Then, it brought back striker beads.

What did it realise?

Ling Chen followed Xiao Hui without hesitation. Xiao Hui intentionally slowed down so that the Cloud Stepping Mare could keep up. After running for not more than 100km, Xiao Hui stopped and stood by a 200m tall rock wall, exposing half its head from the rock, staring motionlessly forwards.

Ling Chen stopped as well. He climbed down from the Cloud Stepping Mare, and was about to speak when a voice that made his entire body go numb flooded his mind: “Shh, young master, do not make a sound, if you scared away that fat cat, it would be a pity.”

“Fat cat? what does that mean?” Ling Chen asked with his mind.

“Young master should go see, then he will understand, but, take light steps as that fat cat is very alert.”

Ling Chen didn’t make a sound and returned the Cloud Stepping Mare. He took light steps and walked to Xiao Hui’s side. Pressing his body up against the rock, he slowly moved and poked his head out from the side of the rock. Looking in front, his eyelids fluttered.

This is a rugged rock area, almost to the point where no vegetation exists. All there is are big and small rocks of different shapes. 50m in front of him there were 2 dozen metre high rocks, and where these two rocks meet, a gold obese body with its back turned to him was twisting around with its butt. Looking at this shape it seemed to be hugging something.

This was close to the Ghastly Grounds so it had at least a little undead gas but it still had an animal and that animal was golden!  But since its back was facing Ling Chen, he couldn’t tell what animal it was.

“What is that?” Ling Chen asked in his mind. Based on what Qi Yue said before, she seemed to know what this was. That is to say, this animal has existed for 10,000 years and it seemed like some kind of great thing.

Ling Chen had just finished what he was saying when the shining golden animal suddenly stopped doing the twisting action. “Swoosh!” it turned its body and in the moment it turned around, Ling Chen got to see its whole body. Its cat face was as big as a washbasin, its body was round like a ball, its limbs were short and thick, its four paws were exceptionally large, its yellow tail dragged on the ground, and the source of its golden light was not from its body, but from the golden bell hanging around its neck!

The standing posture of the golden fat cat was really funny.

Ling Chen used his Concealing Breathing Ability. If Ling Chen dared to say he was second, then no one would dare to say they are first. The fat cat alertly looked around for a while, but did not detect the presence of Ling Chen so it turned back around and started using its claws to play with something. At this time, Ling Chen’s mind received information from the “Holy Spirit’s Eye” from Xiao Hui.

[Lucky Cat]: category: spirit, level: 0, grade: none, HP: 894154198.

The cat was actually called Lucky Cat…

Okay, what its called is unimportant, but when Ling Chen saw its HP, he felt weak and and was about to fall.

one… ten… hundred… thousand… ten thousand… it was as if his eyes were deceiving him. Its health… its close to 900 million!?!?

Level 0 and without a class, the fat cat had almost 900 million HP!! This number would cause normal players to gasp in shock. Ling Chen shook his head quickly and continued to look at the information on the Fortune Cat. What exactly is this super monster!

[ Lucky Cat]: … numerous treasures from the ancient times released an aura and Nature’s breath of life combined together. After countless years of evolution into treasure creatures, they were extremely sensitive to all kinds of treasures and have a sensitive perception. It lives to collect all kinds of world treasures and travels for it. Its body contains lots of money and countless treasures. Rumour has it that whoever can catch it, can use its large amount of money and treasure to exchange for its freedom. But to date, it is unheard of anyone catching it.

Talents: High speed, extreme alertness, can see through any kind of stealthing.

Natural Skills: [Money Shield]: Any damage taken will cause money to drop instead. However much money it has is how much HP it has. The dropped money can be picked up right away by it but when its money reaches 0, it will immediately die.

[Money Attack]: Throws money out at a single target within 10m. It will deal however much damage as money is thrown. An unlimited amount of money can be thrown at once. Money thrown can be picked up.

[Money Escape]: While its free, it can rapidly throw down 100 gold coins. Then the forces of nature will teleport it to a random place on the Forgotten Continent.

[Treasure Strange Call]: Calls for a random piece of treasure to appear. The treasure has no attack power but can keep the target occupied while it escapes.

[Lucky Hand]: When close to the target it stretches its paw, stealing all the gold of the target in a moment and the target will not be aware of it.

[True lucky hand]: When close to the target it stretches its paw, stealing all the gold and items of the target in a moment and the target will not be aware of it.

Ling Chen: “…”

After reading the cat’s abilities, Ling Chen’s forehead had a fine layer of sweat.

This is such a strange monster, was what he was internally screaming.

Using gold as HP it has close to 900 million HP, which means it holds nearly 900million gold coins! 900 million! Even if the cat sat there without moving, he didn’t know how long it would take to take away all the money. Whats even more insane is that the money that it knocks out can be picked back up! The scariest thing is the money attack. The money thrown has no limit so if it decides to use all of its money in the attack…

It could deal up to 900 million damage in one attack!! It could even one shot mythical beasts!

As for its [Lucky hand]…

Ling Chen’s body shrunk as he subconsciously looked at his own backpack.

What kind of monster is this! Ling Chen groaned internally.

As if it heard Ling Chen’s internal voice, Qi Yue said with a smile: “Young master, that is not a monster. Its name is called Lucky Cat, it is a spirit! The spirit of Heaven and earth, which was conceived through the breath of countless treasures and Nature’s breath of life. It has 2 strong abilities, one of which, is to collect all kinds of treasures and it must be the most precious of treasures. Most treasures it doesn’t bother touching. The other ability…”

“Is to steal things?”

“Nope, to run away.”


“Lucky Cat’s ability to escape a battle is unique. Even if its the Moon God Clan’s top three Goddesses, they can’t guarantee to can catch it. Ever since it appeared, countless number of people on Forgotten Continent want to catch it. This is because catching it would make it possible to get the treasures on its body, but it seems like so far no one has ever succeeded. But, it still has a weakness.”

“What is its weakness?”

“Its timid… Even if the most common rabbits appear next to it, it will run away immediately. Hehe, young mater, do you want to try and catch it? If you can catch it, the loot would be ludicrous.” Yi Que softly said.

“… Do you think I can catch it?” Ling Chen grinned. The information on this fat cat clearly says that its “very fast, has high perception, and can detect all kinds of stealth”, but it doesn’t know what the system deems as “very fast”. However its probably significantly faster than his own max speed. Moreover, the fat cat has the “Money Escape” ability. Randomly throwing down 100 gold coins and it can be sent to any part of the forgotten continent… With this ability, who could possibly catch it?

“Nope!” Yi Que laughed softly, and answered simply. “But, young master could give it a try. The cat usually doesn’t appear in places where there are many people. Just being able to encounter it is a type of privilege that is hard to come by, so no matter what you need to give it a try. Even if you fail you won’t lose anything. Don’t be afraid of its money attack as the fat cat regards money more important than life. Unless it absolutely needs to, it won’t throw its money.”

Ling Chen didn’t say anymore. Holding his breath, he looked at the lucky cat again and just at this time, the cat stopped moving to look at its surroundings. Its alertness is not that high. Even in a place where there are no humans, he still frequently looks around. Unfortunately, just as Ling Chen moved out of sight the lucky cat happened to see him….


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