Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 91

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Volume 1 Chapter 91:Heading to Silent Soul Ridge

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Ling Chen began to go through his backpack. The gold coins dropped from 55 lizards barely added up to 10. There were also many low level potions and there was only one white equip that could be sold at the store. The Flaming Komodo Dragon had only dropped one equip, a level 15 silver undergarment.

[Tenacious Leggings]: Category: Undergarment, Grade: Silver, Equip Requirements: level 15 and level 15 or above in any occupation. It is unknown what these leggings are made out of, but they are extra solid, however it seems to be hiding a mysterious power. Attributes: Defense: +20, Strength: +7, Stamina: +7, Earth resistance: +3%.

Even with a Lord type Boss, it was not easy to get gold equips. If golden equips dropped so easily, even if it was not a bad avenue [TLN: Thats what raw says, maybe its referring to the place where the Lizards spawn?] , it wouldn’t be rare to the point of the early stage (maybe low quality?) artifacts. Even though the Tenacious Leggings were available for all occupations, its attributes were particularly useful for Ling Chen, so he equipped it without hesitation. He then continued to go through his backpack, then he realized, he had over a thousand elementary strength crystals!

Even if he just sold it to the store, he could make over 80,000 gold coins!! This number of gold coins at this stage was an astronomical figure. There was nothing he couldn’t buy, at least in Azure Dragon city, with the income that was brought in by Xiao Hui. Looking at these elementary strength crystals, Ling Chen was filled with energy, and rushed towards the nearby newly spawned Red Eye Lizards. Dedicating the vast map to leveling, with the denseness of the repawned groups of monsters, coupled with Ling Chen’s high level, no one could take his kills. Here he could achieve a leveling speed that would leave other players breathless, whilst also making a large profit.

[Red Eye Lizard]: Category: Beast, Level: 15, HP: 650, Strangely shaped lizard that possesses red pupils, its body will occasionally shoot out sparks, due to this it commonly creates small scale fire disasters on The Plains. Talent: Fire resistance 30%, immune to common poison attacks, higher defense, fast move speed.

Methods of attack: [Tail Whip]: Suddenly whipping their tail to hit a single enemy, after hitting it will move back 2 body lengths, attack speed is fast, hard to prevent.

That day, Ling Chen killed a days worth of Red Eye Lizards and even with Heaven’s Jealousy on his body, his experience still steadily rose.

Ling Shui Ruo was online for 8 hours before being called by Ling Chen to go offline. When she went offline, her level was almost level 3. This was obviously to the credit of the two “sisters” she brought, otherwise she would lack attack damage as a trainee priest, and with one person it would be very hard to level up. Letting Shui Ruo play for 8 hours a day was already Ling Chen’s limit. He could see that Shui Ruo really liked Mystic Moon. When leaving the game she made a sound of dismay. In the past, her world was just spent dully sleeping, but now, her life finally had some excitement. She finally found a way to enjoy something that normal people enjoy.

After Shui Ruo went to bed, Ling Chen returned to the Mystic Moon world, continuing to eradicate the Red Eye Lizards. Altogether, his time spent in a day online was around 10 hours. He needed to spend a large amount of time taking care of Shui Ruo, so his time spent online could not be compared to those leveling like madmen. Moreover there was the “Heaven’s Jealousy” which covered his head. Nevertheless, because of the speed in which he killed the Red Eye Lizard, he was second to no one in in terms of leveling speed.

He spent the whole evening killing Red Eye Lizards.

The second day, again, he killed a days worth of Red Eye Lizards. Looking at these giant lizards crawling all over the ground, his eyes were getting numb. Dead or alive, there was no difference in his eyes.

The next afternoon, Ling Chen’s level 12 exp bar finally filled, leveling to level 13. Ling Chen let out a sigh of relief. Leveling is a very boring affair, these past two days were boring to an extreme level. It was just him in this place, there wasn’t even a shadow of the other players. No one talked to him, not even a snatching monster, passerby, or even a robber, the only one by his side was Xiao Hui following him around, then it was all just Red Eye Lizards and occasionally 1 star, 2 star or 3 star elites. After leveling up Ling Chen paused for a bit. Nearby, more Red Eye Lizards were spawning, seeing these giant lizards crawling around made Ling Chen felt like throwing up.

“Ding… congratulations your pet spirit beast ‘Xiao Hui’ leveled up, now level 12, HP +200, MP +5, defense +20.”

Xiao Hui’s leveling speed was faster than his own, he only just reached level 13 and Xiao Hui reached level 12 at the same time. The difference between their levels was only 1 now. Ling Chen couldn’t help but feel a little jealousy.

It was already 4pm so Ling Chen no longer stayed in the Red Eye Lizard territory, but instead he took out his return scroll and went back to Azure Dragon City.

Ling Chen first went to the pawnshop, getting rid of all the white equips and items that he doesn’t use, getting over 50 gold coins. After thinking about it, he took out 30 elementary strength crystal and sold them for 240 gold coins. Then, taking roughly 300 gold coins straight to the equip store he bought 600 bottles of instant 800HP restore green potions and 1200 bottles of instant 200MP restore dark green potions. Even though there were a lot, it only used up 9 storage spaces. A reserve like this would be enough to last for a long time. He then counted up the rest of the elementary strength crystals, and headed straight for the Azure Dragon City delivery store.

Azure Dragon City’s largest delivery shop was empty, because this store regardless of whether you are selling or sending, it was only for the players. Seeing Ling Chen come over, a middle aged female boss came over and welcomed him with a smile: “How are you, young brother, you must be from a different world. Is there anything you need delivered? The shop is newly opened so there are great discounts. One small item per day only costs 5 gold, a bigger item would cost 10-100 a day and after the sale we only take a commission of 5%.”

The consignment shops set up by the NPCs in this virtual game are very shady. This was generally accepted, not only did it take a fee for storing the items by day, it also took a large commission when goods were sold. So, generally players bought consignment goods from other players, particularly those who were powerful. There were consignment shops by prestigious guilds, with low fees and also low sales commissions, some don’t even need a commission. But at present, there was no way there was a consignment shop opened by players, so this was his only option.

“A consignment of 3000 elementary strength crystals.” Ling Chen showed his 3000 elementary strength crystals then he then took out 15 gold coins. The consignment was not calculated by piece, but by class. Regardless of the number consigned, it was counted as one. Items as small as potions, scrolls, and as big as weapons with identical attributes. Even if you come up with 80,000 pieces of the same object, it will all be automatically placed into the same spot by the consignment shop. Elementary strength crystals were considered a small object, so all 3000 of them only needed 5 gold coins a day, so 15 gold coins were enough for the consignment of 3 days.

All 3000 elementary strength crystals almost blinded the consignment shop female boss’ eyes. Her mouth was wide open, it was wide enough to put a rubber ball in. Only after a while did she stammer: “Young brother, where did you get all these elementary strength crystals, its simply amazing!”

“Do I need to report the source of the items I’m trying to consign?” Ling Chen asked with a wry smile.

“No need, no need.” the female boss shook her head, quickly taking all the elementary strength crystals and the 15 gold coins. “15 gold coins, consignment for 3 days and a total of 3000 items, how much did you want to sell the items for?”

“150 gold coins.”

“Okay. If there is a sale, after the commission of 5% is deducted, it will be transferred to your bag automatically. If three days had passed and not all the goods have been sold, and you don’t return to renew it, all the goods that are not sold will be returned directly to your backpack.”

When there is a sale to a player the gold coins will be automatically given where ever you are, this is the biggest advantage of consignment at an NPC shop. Consigning with a player store means you’ll have to collect the gold yourself. So, even though consigning with NPC store is shady, many players will still choose to do so. 

If 3000 elementary strength crystal were sold to the pawnshop, one could make 24,000 gold coins!! Ling Chen obtained these, in a span of 2 days and 1 night. At the moment he has consigned them at the Azure Dragon City store, selling at 150 gold each, cheaper by 50 gold coins than the equipment shop. 50 gold is by no means a small amount and from the tonight, there will be a lot of players going into Azure Dragon City. At that time, there should be a lot of a players going to buy it.

After dealing with everything, Ling Chen called his Cloud-Stepping Mare, and headed east. After leveling to level 13, he had already decided not to stay, but instead headed directly for the Silent Soul Ridge. Although he had a month for the task, its always better to be early than late. It was over 200km away, with his current speed, and if the mare doesn’t stop, he should be there in roughly 10 hours. Of course, this was an impossible ideal… Travelling along the unpredictable terrain and potentially facing monsters, it is likely that it will take several times longer.

Ling Chen didn’t expect it to be too bad. When night began to fall in the real world, Azure Dragon Square started bustling with player silhouettes, but it was still only a small amount. These players are all the top Chinese players, and when it was midnight, Azure Dragon Plaza started to have groups of players appear. The centre transfer hall was packed with players. Upon reaching the next day, the scary gangs frightened the 7 Job Instructors who couldn’t wait to dig a hole and escape.

[TLN: Heaven’s Jealousy makes him require 2x more exp to level up I believe.]


[After several boring chapters, its time to finally get down to business. There will be a mysterious businessman, Lolis, attack pets… Xiao Hui is a pure support pet, but it is completely different to the evil pure support in the Evil Dragon. The next kind of pet that will appear is a pure attack pet, but it will also be completely different from the evil pure attack pet in the Evil Dragon… do you think a God Horse monster will appear?]

[TLN: Not sure what Evil Dragon is..]

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