Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 69

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Volume 1 Chapter 69: Xiao Hui’s Shocking Ability (II)

It’s just a group of regular LV10 monsters, they should naturally exist here and are not monsters of the trial.

With Ling Chen’s current overall ability, LV10 regular monsters are garbage-like existences in his eyes, he doesn’t even need to look at them. He moved his feet, heading straight for the 5 plant faeries. When he got close his left and right hand both lashed out, two overlapping Crescent Slashes enveloping the 3 plant faeries at the very front. After a series of crackling breaking sounds the three plant faeries turned into a pile of dead plants without any surprise. Ling Chen’s feet didn’t move, letting the remaining two plant faeries charge to his front. Not even looking he slashed out another two Crescent Slashes.


The last two plant faeries also fell down. If it’s a single handed attack without any buffs, without a critical attack he really couldn’t one shot these plant demons. But with two Crescent Slashes at once, they’d have to die even if they didn’t want to.

The 5 plant faeries that were killed dropped a bunch of green leaves, there wasn’t even a copper coin.Ling Chen took a glance and couldn’t be bothered to pick them up. He knows these are not trial monsters, and how can this level of monsters be worthy of becoming monsters in the War God’s trial. He lifted his head looking forward… This place, perhaps it should be War God’s former residence, out of here, is the true trial ground.


Looking at the plant faeries that fell on the ground, Xiao Hui let out a series of excited cries and then thumpingly ran to the side of the plant faerie corpses. Stretching its neck and opening its mouth, immediately a large mass of grey light suddenly burst from its mouth, completely enveloping the corpses of the 5 plant faeries. The next second, under the grey light the corpses of the 5 plant faeries rapidly dissolved, dispersing into countless little particles and then following the the pull of the grey light flying into Xiao Hui’s mouth.

Everything happened under Ling Chen’s gaze. Just like that the corpses of the 5 plant faeries following the grey light were all engulfed by Xiao Hui, disappearing without any remains. Xiao Hui that had devoured the corpses of the 5 plant faeries closed its mouth, its face revealing a satisfied expression, but its body did not have any changes… Yet, the bodies of the 5 plant faeries added together are multiple time larger than Xiao Hui’s body, exactly where did Xiao Hui devour them to?

This is Xiao Hui’s “Soul Devour”?

While Ling Chen was bewildered, a white halo slowly floated up from Xiao Hui’s body.

“Ding… Your pet ‘Holy Spirit Beast’ Xiao Hui has successfully risen to LV1, HP+200, MP+5, Defense+20.”

Killing 5 LV10 monsters, the experience Ling Chen gained did not have any reductions, Xiao Hui also did not level up, this said that Xiao Hui will indeed not split his experience. It also doesn’t rely on experience to level up, instead after devouring 5 plant faeries Xiao Hui’s level directly upgraded… Its level up did not make Ling Chen surprised, but what made Ling Chen unable but to be surprised was… The one level that it rose actually added 200 points of HP and 20 points of defense! Ling Chen himself only naturally gains 10 points of HP from levelling up! If things continue according to this magnitude, when Xiao Hui reaches the current LV10 that he is at, won’t it have 4000 points of HP and 400 points of defense.

This is practically…

“Ding… Your pet’s innate skills ‘Holy Spirit’s Aura’, ‘Holy Spirit’s Gift’ unlocked.”

“Ding… Your Luck+1, Comprehension+1, your skills ‘Heaven Wind Technique’ level increased to LV3, ‘Item Manipulation Technique’ level increased to LV2, ‘Soul Sacrifice’ level increased to LV3.”

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

What… What’s going on!?

Luck increased, comprehension increased… the level of all skills that can be upgraded suddenly all upgraded one level…

What’s the case? Did something go wrong somewhere? Or is there a problem with my ears.

In his bewilderment, Ling Chen rapidly opened his stat page, looking at those 3 upgradeable skills of his.

[Soul Sacrifice]: Current Level: : LV3, Highest Level LV4, SP to Upgrade to LV4: 50000, An impasse skill that uses your life and soul as an offering in exchange for the most extreme attack strength. Only people with a strong mind and conviction can unlock and trigger it. After activating HP=1, Physical Attack Strength+300%, Magic Attack Strength+300%, the use any skill has no consumption (including HP and MP consumption), Duration: 20 secs, and cannot be stopped while in use, cannot use any method of HP recovery. Cooldown Time: 200secs.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV4: 2400. Ancient battle technique, after practice it can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 15%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV3: 1600. Ancient battle technique, after practice equipment that surpasses your current level can be equipped. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 2 levels.

Ling Chen: “…”

Heaven Wind Technique, Item Manipulation Technique… Even Soul Sacrifice that required a whole 10000 points of SP to upgrade all upgraded one level. The system notification that he just heard was not a problem with his ears?

Exactly what’s going on? Could it be that I’ve inadvertently triggered some kind of amazing reward? Or the system’s in disorder? Or is my mind in a trance.

Wait a sec, is it…

Ling Chen promptly closed the skill page, looking towards Xiao Hui’s two newly unlocked innate skills.

[Holy Spirit’s Aura]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV2: LV5, Using its Holy Spirit Aura that is void of evil and impurity to seek the protection of mother nature, upgrades the innate gifts of itself and all companions. Effect: Luck+1 and Comprehension+1 of itself along with the master and all pet companions. Effect exists even while not summoned.

[Holy Spirit’s Gift]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV2: LV20. Using Holy Spirit Force to bless the master, increasing the level of all of his/her skills. Effect: Level of all skills of master+1 (Ineffective towards skills that are already max level, directly takes effect towards new skills that appear later). Effect exists even while not summoned.

Looking at the two innate skills Xiao Hui just unlocked Ling Chen was silent for a long time.

He found the reason why his 3 skills suddenly upgraded, and also finally understood exactly what the “powerful support” Tao Tie talked about is.

Holy Spirit’s Aura, forever increasing Luck and Comprehension, adding one to Luck and Comprehension under a LV1 state and the highest level is LV20. This also means that after it reaches max level, it can very likely forever add 20 points of Luck and Comprehension! With the degree of value of the Luck attribute and Comprehension attribute, this is an incredibly terrifying amount! And compared to Holy Spirit’s Aura, Holy Spirit’s Gift was especially ecstatically powerful… Actually able to forever increase the level of all skills — This is a skill enough to make any player scream out of control after seeing it.

Heaven Wind Technique, Item Manipulation Technique and Soul Sacrifice all upgraded… In a way this is the same as making Ling Chen gain 10000 SP. Or else, who knows what year and month Ling Chen would be able to upgrade Soul Sacrifice to LV3. Moreover, Holy Spirit’s Gift also directly takes effect towards later skills, meaning that if he gains new skills in the future, the level of the new skills will directly upgrade one level!

Soul Sacrifice has currently already reached LV3, one more level and it’ll be max level. What it needs, is a whole 50000 points of SP. A number that can scare away the souls of people. Soul Sacrifice’s powerfulness is without doubt, shocking the 7 main class trainers into all kinds of erratic states is proof enough. But its upgrade difficulty is also extremely shocking, especially the SP required to reach max level. If Ling Chen continues to regularly earn SP like this, even if he doesn’t upgrade other skills who knows until what year and month he’ll need to toil until. But now… Holy Spirit’s Gift can upgrade to LV2 when Xiao Hui levels up to LV20. At that time its effect should be all skill levels+2, his Soul Sacrifice will also automatically upgrade to max level… Just this one skill, can save 50000 SP!

Xiao Hui that had just devoured 5 plant faeries seemed to still be digesting, its eyes lazily half opened. Looking at Xiao Hui at this time, Ling Chen increasingly felt it become cuter, cute to the point that he wanted to pick it up and kiss it a couple time… This kind of support ability isn’t just powerful, it can practically be described with “cheat”.


The eyes of Xiao Hui that had finished swallowing finally completely opened, its body shaking, seems like it let out a burp. It shook its head, another “Burp” sound… Suddenly, a dark green rock like item was coughed out from its mouth, landing on the grass. Xiao Hui’s eyes lit up, hurriedly running over to that little green stone and picking it up. It then ran over to Ling Chen with a “Fwoosh” placing the dark green little rock in front of him and then wagging its tale, opening wide its round eyes staring at him, a posture of asking for a reward.

This is the refined item after devourment in Xiao Hui’s Soul Devour description?

Ling Chen bent his waist, picking up this green coloured little rock.

[Plant Faerie Stone]: The crystallization of the plant faerie’s energy source refined from its body, has a pure life aura, after eating it can forever increase HP by 10 points.




Ling Chen’s mouth opened, one moment looking at the green stone in his hand, one moment staring at Xiao Hui that is wagging its tail, unable to speak for a long time.

This thing Xiao Hui refined out from devouring the bodies of the monsters… Is actually an item that forever increases an attribute!!

Before he didn’t really think too much of [Soul Devour] this innate skill, thinking this was mainly a skill Xiao Hui used to engage in self growth. Toward the items refined out after devourment he even directly thought of them as the leftover bones or something like that… Looking at this Plant Faerie Stone he realised how laughable his thoughts were. Plant Faerie is just a regular LV10 monster and what it refined out is an item that forever increases a stat. If it’s a higher level, higher grade monster… refined out would undoubtedly be an even stronger item!!

Right now at this moment, Ling Chen no longer had a hint of dissatisfaction  towards Xiao Hui’s characteristic of not having any attack ability, because its support ability entirely masked its flaw. He was even more clear how massive of an aid he’d gained from hatching out Xiao Hui!

“Good job, Xiao Hui!” Ling Chen crouched down lightly patting Xiao Hui’s head and complimenting saying. Xiao Hui that had gained his compliment was so excited that it continuously jumped around on the ground, its tail also wagging even more cheerfully.

Ling Chen opened his mouth, directly throwing the Plant Faerie Stone into his mouth.

“Ding… You have eaten special item ‘Plant Faerie Stone’, Max HP forever+10.”

Without surprise, Ling Chen’s max HP really increased 10 points. He turned his body, looking towards the plant cluster where the plant faeries shot out from before, suddenly thinking… If these plant faeries can respawn after death like regular monsters… Then, can him and Xiao Hui, unlimitedly farm Plant Faerie Stones here!! And then his max HP can increase unlimitedly…

Thinking here, Ling Chen’s heart beat started to quicken.

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