Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 68

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Volume 1 Chapter 68: Xiao Hui’s Shocking Ability (I)

[Holy Spirit Beast] (Xiao Hui): Type: Beast Pet, Level: LV0, Grade: Celestial, Owner: Ling Tian. Attached on its own, will never betray. A strange beast of unknown origin, has a cute appearance and a very peaceful and docile nature. Hates fighting, does not seek any battle ability, thus it does not possess any combat ability. But it has a body with strong vitality and agility, along with mysterious strength of unknown attributes. Has a mysterious aura that makes even mother nature want to get close to it, very easily causes other life forms to have a good impression of it, makes even the most evil creatures hard to develop the desire to attack it.

Looking at Xiao Hui’s introduction, even though Ling Chen was prepared he was still a bit disappointed. When Tao Tie entrusted the egg to him, he said that the creature hatched will essentially not have any combat ability, instead it will give him some powerful support. The first half of Tao Tie’s words has come true… Xiao Hui’s introduction clearly writes that it does not have any combat ability… Directly none at all.

Attributes: HP: 2000, MP: 50, Physical Attack Strength: 1, Magic Attack Strength: 1, Physical Defense: 200, Hit Rate: 1, Dodge Rate: 1, Critical Hit Rate: 50%, Pierce Rate: 50%, Movement Speed: 300.

Ling Chen: “!!”

Xiao Hui’s stats were particularly extreme, physical attack ability and magic attack ability are all at a point that they could not be lower, inferior to even the lowest level creature the LV1 buck-toothed-rabbit. That super flamboyant pierce ability and critical ability are entirely just for show. But its vitality… At a LV0 state its actually has a whole 2000 HP! More than 5 time of the currently LV10 him! Ling Chen was confident that even a Heaven End pet couldn’t have 2000 HP at the initial level… Defense, is also as high as 200!

Its movement speed is especially shocking, actually reaching 300! Almost triple of his!! HP can be rapidly increased following the increase of level and through the use of many different methods, but the increasing of movement speed is extremely difficult. Players can basically only depend on boots/shoes or special items along with the movement speed added by mounts to increase movement speed. Even assassins that change to their final class, their movement speed basically cannot surpass 200. Yet Xiao Hui’s initial value is 300.

“It does not have any combat ability. But it has a body with strong vitality and agility”, its stats perfectly explained this line.

Honestly speaking, regardless if it’s its HP or movement speed they all made Ling Chen’s teeth itch with envy and jealousy. If these two attributes appeared on him, he even dared to go straight to the territory of LV30 monsters right now. Unfortunately, Xiao Hui who is carrying this powerful HP and movement speed does not have any combat ability, the two abilities… Evidently exist for protecting itself and running away.

Then what exactly are its support skills? Ling Chen expectantly looked towards its talent and initial skills.

Innate Gifts:

  1. Can freely move about on land and water. Is especially sensitive towards dangerous aura, can sense the approaching of danger beforehand. Is very sensitive towards the smell of high-grade ores, energy crystals, energy orbs and all kinds of treasures. Can discover and accurately locate their locations from a long distance.
  2. Unless it attacks or taunts others on its own, it usually will not be attacked by any creature.

Xiao Hui’s innate gifts made Ling Chen slightly stunned. This beast thats appearance looks like a puppy can actually freely move about underwater. It can predict in advance the arrival of danger… it can even discover high-grade treasures!! Just this one point is already a relatively strong assist ability!

In the game world, there are countless player that personally head towards dangerous mines excavating all day and night to forge the weapon of their dreams, hoping that they can obtain a high-grade ore enough to forge their dream weapon. Sometimes even a dozen days of effort will be all for naught. If Xiao Hui really does have this kind of ability and its sensitivity and discovery range are enough, then if he reaches a place with treasure, won’t it be able to discover the exact location right away?

As for its second innate gift it more or less made Ling Chen a bit speechless. As long it it doesn’t provoke others, other creatures will not mess with it… If he had this ability, wouldn’t he be able to leisurely travel across all of Forgotten Continent right now.

Innate Skills:

[Holy Spirit Shield]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV5, Level required to upgrade to LV2: LV20. An invisible shield that is always protecting around the surroundings of the Holy Spirit Beast’s body, can forcibly decrease all damage received by 30%. When HP is higher than 70%, will not die after receiving a lethal blow and HP will be reserved at 1. HP recovers 5% every second, after death can directly revive on the spot, HP will recover to max, will not have any losses, can revive 3 times a day.

Ling Chen: “Holy mother of freaking Jesus!!”

Just Xiao Hui’s first ability made Ling Chen so shocked that he almost erupted… [Holy Spirit Shield], this is absolutely for sure the most OP defense skill Ling Chen has ever seen in his life! All damage forcibly decreased by 30%, can never be one-shotted when HP is above 70%, HP automatically recovers by large amounts, can revive on the spot 3 times a day… Gathering all kinds of outrageous defense effects in one!

Even scarier is this is still just the level 1 state of this defense skill! What kind of state max level of LV5 will be is practically unimaginable!

Ling Chen opened his eyes wide staring at this petite little creature that looked like it could be randomly stomped to death, as if wanting to see where exactly its hidden shield is!

This little guy doesn’t have any attack ability… But its self defense ability is honestly outrageously strong.

[Soul Devour]: Cannot be upgraded. Matures by devouring the bodies of dead creatures, and at the same time using holy spirit force to refine the parts that cannot be absorbed, spitting out an unknown item of the respective attribute.
[Note: The growth of the Holy Spirit Beast is not through experience, but through Soul Devour].


Devouring the bodies of creatures? Ling Chen glanced at the petite creature, wondering how big of a thing that small body of its can swallow. As for what it spit out after refinement… hope it’s not bones. But the information in the note made him take notice… Its growth is actually not by absorbing the owner’s experience but instead relying upon itself and devouring the bodies of creatures. He’d never heard of this before.

Xiao Hui really has too many unusual points.

[Holy Spirit’s Aura]: Current Level: LV0, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV1: LV1, locked, effect unknown.

[Holy Spirit’s Gift]: Current Level: LV0, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV1: LV1, locked, effect unknown.

[Holy Spirit’s Eye]: Current Level: LV0, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV10: LV1, locked, effect unknown.

Xiao Hui had a lot of initial skills, but besides that scaringly powerful Holy Spirit Shield and that kind of strange Soul Devour, the rest are all under an unawakened state, although two of them only require to reach LV1 to awaken. Repeatedly reading Xiao Hui’s skills again, Ling Chen then picked up Xiao Hui examining him, trying hard to find some areas that are different from a puppy’s.

Whatever… I should deal with the trial in front.

Xiao Hui, from now on you’ll need to go adventuring with me, lets go!”

Ling Chen did not recall it… Monsters won’t automatically attack it anyways, even if it is hit by a large area super attack… Ling Chen will definitely die before it. Towards the name “Xiao Hui”, Xiao Hui clearly didn’t have any objections, following Ling Chen’s steps it also obediently followed over in excitement… With its movement speed that reached 300 it bypassed in front of Ling Chen in the blink of an eye, making him open his mouth in jealousy.

Before stepping out of the stone room, Ling Chen confirmed his current stats… Basic attack strength has surpassed 300, this is also the strongest attribute he possessed. SP reached 930 with the reward just now, it can already upgrade Heaven Wind Technique or Item Manipulation Technique one level.

Thinking for a moment Ling Chen put 800 SP into Heaven Wind Technique, a series of lights flashed by and Heaven Wind Technique successfully upgraded.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV3: 1600. Ancient battle technique, after practice it can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 10%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

Looking at his remaining 130 points of SP and the 1600 SP required to upgrade Heaven Wind Technique again, Ling Chen let out a depressed sigh. This is the ancient battle technique the warrior trainer talked about that had been lost for 10000 years, its effect is indeed shocking, but the SP required to upgrade it is also equally shocking… Adding the effect of “Heaven’s Jealousy”, it was even more shocking.

Walking out of the stone room, the scenery before him instantly lit up. What displayed before Ling Chen’s eyes was not the oppressive atmosphere filled with murderous intent that he’d envisioned, but instead a massive garden filled with crisp green vegetation along with colourful flowers!

This place is…

“Woof…” Xiao Hui let out an excited shout, moving its four limbs and running forward in joy. It then jumped up high, allowing itself to fall on the grassland. After it landed on the grass it rolled around in comfort, displaying an incredibly satisfied posture. But suddenly, it jumped up from the grass with a “Fwoosh”, arching its body and staring straight at the cluster of vegetation not too far away from it, its mouth letting out a low growl.

Ling Chen also detected something, knitting his eyebrows and looking towards the direction Xiao Hui is facing, Soaring Cloud and Sand Blade simultaneously appearing in his hands.

In the vegetation cluster there was a series of wiggling, following a couple of emerald coloured figures sprang out, heading straight for Ling Chen. Focusing his eyes and looking over… they’re actually a couple of plants that can move… There’re even green leaves sticking on them.

[Plant Faerie]: Type: Demon, Level: LV10, HP: 360, Originally a regular plant, afterwards under the influence of the strength left behind by “War God” it came alive and had weak strength. Likes auras of purity, will automatically attack outside beings that can endanger them.

[Xiao Hui really is very strong]

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