Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 46

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Volume 1 Chapter 46: Gemini Pearl(II)

Qi Yue pursed her lips and smiled: “The words that you say are still so annoying you big guy. Although, him and that guy from last time are different you know. Last time, is because he was strong enough, having the qualifications to become Lunar Scourge’s puppet. But this time… Lunar Scourge initially wanted to destroy his mind so that he didn’t spread word of any of the stuff here. Because with his strength he does not have the qualifications to become Lunar Scourge’s puppet. But he was not destroyed, right now he’s even become my little master.”

Tao Tie: “…”

A long silence… Ling Chen felt a gaze that made his entire body tense looking attentively at his body.

“To think that this kind of thing would happen, Lunar Scourge, was actually conquered by a human. No doubt it is related to the fact that all of Lunar Scourge’s pillars of power have been dispersed, but this human is also definitely not an ordinary human. Being able to pass through here under my awareness is already enough to highlight his extraordinariness.” Tao Tie’s voice rose up, his tone no long calm.

“Yo, big guy, that’s a very dishonorable excuse. Little master being able to enter inside is entirely because you were sleeping like a log, that’s it.” Qi Yue’s fine eyebrows slightly raised, saying insultingly.

“…” Tao Tie’s massive face revealed a slight sense of embarrassment. He very rationally chose to not argue with Qi Yue about this topic, instead facing towards Ling Chen: “Human, do you know how shocking of an accomplishment you have achieved. Completely conquering Lunar Scourge, this is an unprecedented event, even the strongest Moon God at the time was unable to do so.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“I said before that this has a big relation with Lunar Scourge’s power being scattered. Under a complete state destroying your mind would be an insignificant task for Lunar Scourge. But no matter what, you are the first person to conquer Lunar Scourge. You are also the first master of Lunar Scourge, and that little girl. You are also the person that is about to make Lunar Scourge resurface in the world after a 10000 years of silence. Obtaining Lunar Scourge you will gradually gain the world’s strongest power. But, you will also receive the most difficult mission… You, need to in a short period of time, before the Moon God clan discovers the reappearance of Lunar Scourge, collect all 12 God Orbs and all 3 Saint Orbs. After that, you will possess the power to confront the entire Moon God clan. Because once they discover the reappearance of Lunar Scourge, they will definitely do whatever it takes to destroy you and Lunar Scourge. If you do not have enough strength to oppose them, you will be unable to protect Lunar Scourge and especially yourself.”

Ling Chen suddenly lifts his head, the muscles on his face twitching.

If Lunar Scourge is discovered, I will suffer the full power of the Moon God clan…

The f*ck…

Being hunted down by the Moon God clan… Ahhhhhh!

Lunar Scourge’s negative impact isn’t just “Heaven’s Jealousy” and “Heaven’s Wrath”, it will even lead to being hunted by gods!!

Any random oracle from the Moon God clan is already the god of a continent. Being hunted by the entire Moon God clan, is there something even scarier than this!!

Ling Chen immediately felt that Lunar Scourge on his left wrist was like a hedgehog. But right now even though he is its master, he is completely unable to take it off.

“Human, are you afraid?” While Ling Chen was tangled in his thoughts, Tao Tie’s heavy, deep voice suddenly sounded beside his ears.

“Afraid?” Ling Chen shakes his head and then lifts his head, staring straight  at Tao Tie’s massive pupil: “No, I am nervous. Nervous towards the uncertain feeling that Lunar Scourge has brought to my potential fate. You need to know, nervous and afraid are two completely different thing. There is only one thing in this world that can make me feel afraid, but it is definitely not death and destruction!”

Ling Shui Ruo’s Isrock, was once the only thing that he was afraid of… Ling Shui Ruo’s safety, right now is still the only source that can make him feel afraid. Death and destruction? He can no longer remember exactly how many times he has danced around the edge of death. That kind of thing, how can it make him afraid.

“Hehehehe, human, I like your answer. That’s right, from your eyes I truly cannot see ‘fear’ this kind of thing. Even though I have not seen the world for 10000 years, but of all the humans that I have seen there is not a single one that has eyes as deep and dark as yours. Looks like, you are a human with a story. Being able to conquer Lunar Scourge has also determined that you will not be ordinary. Even without Lunar Scourge, in the future on Forgotten continent you would still be able to spread your name throughout the entire world. This is the first time that I have developed interest towards a human’s past, but I will not ask you. You who have obtained Lunar Scourge, regardless of your past, your future has been determined. Have you really thought about it?”

“A future that has been determined? What do you mean?” Ling Chen suddenly frowns.

After a short silence, Tao Tie’s gaze fell upon Qi Yue’s body, and then returns back to Ling Chen: “Looks like the little girl did not tell you. No matter, what I care about is only the survival of Lunar Scourge, what does your fate have to do with me. Another bloodthirsty demon appearing on Forgotten continent also has nothing to do with me. Human, even in the eyes of the lowest of the gods amongst the Moon God clan your strength is unbearably small. They can exterminate you into nothingness in the time it takes to snap their fingers. Go look for the God Orbs and Saint Orbs, the little girl will direct you. Only by collecting all of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive orbs will you have the strength to confront the entire Moon God clan… and I mean the entire Moon God clan.”

Ling Chen: “…”

The determined fate that he talked about… exactly what is it? Is it the fate of being destined to go against the entire Moon God clan?

“Then, take this!”

Ling Chen was about to ask when a white light suddenly flashed past his eyes. A white pearl slowly floated down from up high, falling towards his position.

This… is this one of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive orbs that Qi Yue said is in Tao Tie’s hands?

Mysterious God orb… Thinking of these 3 words, Ling Chen’s heart immediately started o jump uncontrollably, “babump babump”. He looked at this white pearl falling down, and then stretched out his hand, carefully holding it in his hands.

The pearl is about as big as his palm. Ling Chen is just right able to hold it single handedly. In the entirely silver, semitransparent sphere, a “♊” is fuzzily displayed.

That is the the symbol for the gemini constellation of the 12 zodiac constellations!

“This is the exclusive orb for Lunar Scourge’s third socket… the Gemini Orb. Right now I hand it over to you. It, can increase your strength by 1 time… no, by even more. Believe me, it will stimulate your desire to look for the other orbs. During that time when all the orbs were disperse, I went through great pains and found it, but also only it. The rest of the orbs, from now on will have to depend on the combined efforts of you and the little girl. Work hard, human.”

Tao Tie’s voice shook Ling Chen’s ear drums. Ling Chen did not respond, instead looking towards the attributes Tao Tie spoke about at the first moment…  A Mysterious God orb, exactly how strong of a power does it possess?

[Gemini Orb] Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attributes: None: Can only be socketed on Lunar Scourge.

Effect: Can simultaneously equip two weapons, and the effects of the two weapons stack (The two weapons include one-handed and two-handed weapons. When simultaneously equipping two weapons, two-handed weapons can be held singlehandedly, stats and control will not be affected, and the two weapons will not affect or interfere with each other.

Ling Chen: “!!!!”

Staring at the Gemini Orb’s stats, Ling Chen looked at it for a whole 30 seconds.

These are the stats of a Mysterious God orb!? Before this he thought that  the orb would inevitably be very powerful and so he already had enough mental preparation. But seeing this Gemini Orb’s stats with his own eyes, he still stared at it stunned for a long time. These stats aren’t just amazing, they’re practically insane!! Way stronger than what he thought it would be!

Simultaneously equipping two weapons, this kind of situation is not uncommon. A lot of virtual game world all have classes that can equip dual weapons, like dual sabers, dual sword, dual daggers… But, being able to equip 2 two-handed weapons at the same time is completely unheard of. The reason two-handed weapons are called two-handed weapons is because under the restrictions of the virtual game world’s rules the support and use of two hand is required to use them. They’re overall stats are also inevitably a lot more superior to single handed weapons of the same type… Being able to equip 2 two-handed weapons, moreover the usage of the two weapons do not interfere with each other. This means that 2 attacks can be launched at one time with the dual weapons, casting two of the same or different skill, completely the same as one person displaying the attack ability of 2 people… This is practically a godlike attribute!

Even scarier is that the stats of the simultaneously equipped weapons stack! This means that regardless if it’s the weapon equipped in the right hand or the left hand, when attacking they can both exert the combined stats, effect and even skills of the two weapons!!

This is practically…

This kind of effect made Ling Chen virtually unable to find any descriptive words to describe its powerfulness. Not only can can two attacks be launched at once, each attack also greatly surpasses the attack strength of a single handed weapon, the  increase in ability is more than 1 fold! For instance, after he reaches LV10 he can equip Soaring Cloud in his left hand and Sand Blade in his right. Then he can use both hands together to cast  Full Power Strike or Crescent Slash that have no cooldown time. At the same time, what he’ll be hold in his two hands will be two weapons that are the same as having the combined stats of Sand Blade and Soaring Cloud… A Gold and a Faerie, their stats after stacking will be one that surpasses Faerie!

And this, is all gifted by this little orb!

Gemini Orb… Gemini… Allowing one person, to be the equivalent of two people, two even stronger people!

Looking at the Gemini Orb’s stats over and over again, Ling Chen’s mood could not calm down for a long time.No wonder Qi Yue said that I would be about to be willing to accept Lunar Scourge’s negative effects, and no wonder Tao Tie said the the Gemini Orb would stimulate his desire to find the rest of the orbs. The ability of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive orbs are actually powerful to such a degree!

Ling Chen took a deep breath and then lifted his left hand, using the method of socketing normal energy crystals and bringing the Gemini Orb near Lunar Scourge’s third socket. The moment they made contact a silver stream of light flashed by, the Gemini Orb had already quickly shrunk. With the system notification of “Socketing Successful”, Lunar Scourge’s third hole released a silver glow.

“Ding… Gemini Orb successfully socketed, you can now simultaneously  equip two weapons of any type, and the stats of the dual weapons will stack, when using them they will not affect or interfere with each other.”

“Ding… Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill unlocked.”

Ling Chen was dazed… Socketing an exclusive orb will also be accompanied  the unlocking of an exclusive skill!? This Luna Chain not only can be socketed with 15 orbs, it also has it own exclusive skills!?

He did impatiently look towards the newly unlocked lunar skill. Instead he called out Mind Saber and then Wolf Fang Blade… One two-handed sword, one one-handed sword, just like that were being casually held in both his hands at the same time. On his stat page, regardless if it was attack strength or each of the basic attributes, what was displayed was the combined values of the two swords!!

Author’s note:
[PS: I am a Libra, and so it has been determined that the Libra Orb will be the coolest, most amazing orb, do you guys have a problem with that, huh? Um… if you have any suggestions for the orb of your zodiac, you are welcome to leave a comment.]

So yeah, I think it would be cool if you guys also left a comment about what you would want the ability of your zodiac orb to be and what you think the effects of the zodiac orbs and saint orbs in the book will be.

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