Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 45

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Volume 1 Chapter 45: Gemini Pearl(I)

His expression and mood quickly soothened, Ling Chen is always able to recover and adjust his mentality quickly under different situations. He stared at Lunar Scourge for a while, lifting up his head and asking: “This “Heaven’s Wrath”, what does it mean?”

“Heaven’s Wrath” is heaven’s punishment, “Heaven’s Jealousy” is the envy of heaven. From the meaning of the words, Heaven’s Wrath is clearly scarier than Heaven’s Jealousy. “The way of the shura, there is no return, determined to walk this path, heaven’s wrath you will suffer”, after “Heaven’s Wrath” is only a sentence that confuses people’s minds, making people completely unaware of its meaning. But Ling Chen is almost certain that this “Heaven’s Wrath” should be a negative effect even scarier than “Heaven’s Jealousy”. But what this negative effect is he also cannot interpret or clarify.

“This, I don’t know either.” Qi Yu gently shakes her head saying. Just this simple action brought up a roaring wave in the front of her chest, making Ling Chen’s eyes continuously jump, uncontrollably staring fiercely at her shaking breasts. He then silently bit his teeth and rapidly retracted his gaze, not daring again to look at her.

“How do you not know! You’re its item spirit!” Towards this answer, Ling Chen clearly didn’t believe it.

“But, I really don’t know. Actually, I can’t really be considered the item spirit of Lunar Scourge, I’m just a spirit that’s been sealed in here. I don’t know a lot of things about Lunar Scourge.” Qi Yue replied with a soft voice, that voice making Ling Chen’s entire body lose its strength.

Lunar Scourge cannot be taken off, do I really have to spend everyday with her from now on… Thinking here, a layer of cold sweat actually appeared on Ling Chen’s forehead. Being able to regularly spend time with such a woman is undoubtedly any regular man’s dream. But Ling Chen deeply understands the terrifying power of this woman’s natural seductiveness. He  is unable to not worry that he will be unable to control this woman, and will instead one day be controlled by his woman.

“Not the item spirit? A spirit that has been sealed here? What does that mean?” Ling Chen furrowed his brows asking.

“This, is my secret, I cannot tell you.”


Qi Yue suddenly gave a soft smile, red lips delicately opening, a soft voice carrying a fragrant air rising up beside Ling Chen’s ears: “Little master, do you feel that Lunar Scourge’s negative elements are a big nuisance? Lunar Scourge possesses the most terrifying strength, Lunar Scourge under a complete state will greatly surpass your imagination. Its existence, makes even the heaven’s afraid, and the person that can conquer Lunar Scourge, will suffer the envy of the heavens. So, regardless of who wears Lunar Scourge, the rules of this world will forcibly restrict his rate of growth. But, how can the might of Lunar Scourge be offset but such a little bit of negative influence… Little master, do you know, as long as you can find any of Lunar Scourge’s exclusive God Orbs or Saint Orbs… Just one, you will immediately know that its negative elements really don’t mean anything at all.

“Exclusive God Orbs and Saint Orbs… You and Lunar Scourge should have been here for a lot of years, right? Lets not talk about first whether or not they’ve already been destroyed by the god clan. Even if they still exist, that level of items has either been obtained by powerful beings or are located at incredibly dangerous locations that even the strongest beings are unable to reach. I don’t even know where they are, even if I did, what qualifications do I have to obtain them.” Ling Chen said sternly. The effect of a Faerie grade orb is already so amazing, how powerful Mysterious God grade and Saint Destroyer grade orbs are is easy to imagine. If he is able to obtain one,  it would definitely be enough for him run wild among players. But, orbs of this grade, regardless of whether they exist or not right now… If they exist, how could they be so easy to obtain. Don’t say Mysterious God and Saint Destroyer, even Heaven End grade items are things that even in late game are impossible for players to obtain.

What Ling Chen said is very reasonable. Yet, Qi Yue continued to have a slight smile like before, leisurely saying:”Little master, I will of course help you find them. The Moon God clan will indeed want to destroy them at any cost, but as long as Lunar Scourge is not destroyed, its exclusive God Orbs and Saint Orbs will also never be destroyed. At the same time, the 12 God Orbs and 3 Saint Orbs can only release their power when socketed onto Lunar Scourge. Others no matter if they are humans, gods or  devils, if they obtain one, not only will they be unable to use any of its power, it could even bring upon them misfortune, they would think that every second they have it is a second too long.

Qi Yue pursed her lips smiling, and then slowly said another line: “Little master, I understand the annoyance and worry that you have in your heart. But, all of your worries will all completely disappear… Because, right in this underground space, there exists an exclusive God Orb!”

Ling Chen was dazed for a moment, and then quickly asked: “Where!?”

There is an exclusive God Orb here? It’s a God Orb… a Mysterious God grade energy orb!! The level of value of a Mysterious God grade energy orb is even comparable to a piece of Mysterious God grade equipment!! If he is really able to obtain such an item right now… that’s a Mysterious God grade item! Then, even if it’s the negative effects of “Heaven’s Jealousy” he can completely accept them.

The eagerness in Ling Chen’s expression made the witch smile even more bewitchingly: “It, is right with that big guy that is protecting this place before here. Although that big guy has already slept for too many years, he’s already lost his sense of alertness, allowing little master to walk over here so easily.”

The big guy guarding this place before here… Tao Tie!?

“The nature of the big guy is greedy and short tempered, making him guard this place for so many years has really been too hard on him. Who knew that he actually really endured for so many years, not leaving even until now. Lunar Scourge’s Gemini Orb is on his body, right now you have Lunar Scourge, he will not hurt you. In addition he will unconditionally give the Gemini Orb to you on his own. If he’s in a good mood he might even give you some other gifts. Little master, do you want to go find that big guy right now?”

“Lets go!”

Ling Chen did not hesitate, directly walking towards the passageway back to the sixth area. He really wants to offset the negative effects brought by Lunar Scourge. He especially wants to know… how powerful of an ability does a legendary Mysterious God orb possess.

Qi Yue gave a slight smile, following behind him and maintaining a distance of 2 to 3 steps. Even though Ling Chen is walking in front, he can still smell the hazy fragrance coming from Qi Yue’s body. He admits, this atmosphere made him intoxicated. This woman behind him, once you get caught in her charms, virtually any man would be unable to escape. While walking the images of him heavily rubbing her breasts before constantly appeared in his mind. He secretly shook his head many times, but the more he wants to put aside these images the more he cannot do so. Moreover that unbelievably soft and silky feeling flooded his mind unable to be forgotten… Even the impulse of turning around and grabbing towards her breasts appeared in his mind many times, to enjoy that ultimate feeling.

A spirit as strong as his, being able to maintain his composure even while facing Shui Ruo’s naked body so many time, this is the first time that he has the feeling of being unable to control himself towards a woman.

Witch, witch, witch!!

“Little master, are you thinking about whether or not you want to touch my breasts.” Behind him Qi Yue’s soft voice traveled over.

Ling Chen’s feet staggered, and then his footsteps quickened, not even turning his head and walking forward. Behind him, a series of charming, bewitching laughter rose up.

This time Ling Chen did not purposely hide his aura. The instant that he walked out of the passage, an endlessly massive sense of danger came from the front, making him abruptly stop his footsteps. Tao Tie’s massive body once again appeared in his vision. Right at the instant that he stepped into here, Tao Tie woke up from its deep slumber, being accompanied by a series of deep, earth shattering roars…


The deep voice made Ling Chen’s ear drums and entire body feel very uncomfortable. Tao Tie’s body stood up, when it stood up its body reached a height of more than 50 meters. In front of its colossal body Ling Chen felt as insignificant as an ant. Only now did he discover that its eyes are actually not on its head, but under its armpits. Under each armpit a black and green eye bigger than Ling Chen’s body opened, a terrifying gaze locking onto his body… Or to be more precise, locking onto Lunar Scourge on his wrist.


The aura of danger suddenly weakened by a lot, the awoken Tao Tie did not launch an attack, instead facing Ling Chen and releasing a thunderous voice like a human’s.

Tao Tie’s voice was like it came from space, its vibration made all of the blood in Ling Chen’s body boil. The pressure from a Mysterious God beast cannot be looked down upon, even Ling Chen feels like he is suffocating when facing this massive beast. He believes that if this Tao Tie forcibly locks onto him with its aura, he won’t even be able to move, don’t mention fight it. Mysterious God beasts are creatures that players can absolutely not defeat… This is not nonsense, but common knowledge.

Ling Chen breathed in a deep breath. Right when he is about to answer, Qi Yue who was behind him walked beside him, opening her mouth first and saying: “Hey big guy, not seeing you for so many years, I didn’t think that you would still be guarding here. I’m actually a little moved you know.”

“I may be greedy, brutal and called a beast of extreme evil by the world, but I am never ungrateful, I especially don’t go back on every word that I’ve said… 10000 years, for me it is just a short flash. Only I didn’t think that just 10000 years have passed and another person that has gained Lunar Scourge’s attachment has already appeared. Little girl, looks like your destiny may be a bit better than expected. Exactly what the future will be like, everything still needs to depend on your own hard work. My promise is to protect Lunar Scourge before it can find a new host, but that does not include protecting and helping you.”

Tao Tie stood there not moving. When the sound of his voice travelled over, Ling Chen did not see its massive mouth move at all, he doesn’t know where the voice comes from.

“‘Another’ person that Lunar Scourge has attached to…” Is it that 10000 years ago, Lunar Scourge was attached to a person? Don’t know if that person was like me and conquered Lunar Scourge, or if that person became Lunar Scourge’s puppet.

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