Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 41

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Volume 1 Chapter 41: Reversal (I)




The agonizing roar did not grow any weaker, in fact the pain grew with each cry. Ling Chen’s every roar would immensely shake this black space. Fear grew on the face of the women clothed in black, even her eyes carried a hint horror.

Lunar Scourge….was trembling!

It’s strength was unable to conquer and invade his spirit, this human’s spirit was not only struggling and resisting…. this human now was also retaliating against it, trying to break its control!!

Impossible…How could such a thing happen!? This is absurd!!!

How could there be anyone in this world that could resist the power of Lunar Scourge!! This was an item that can even make the demon gods fear it.


Once again this black space trembled, it was swayed with a shock that was stronger than ever before. Suddenly a ray of light came within this black space, almost as if there was a thin crack inside this darkness.

Lunar Scourge….was being defeated!!

The women clothed in black could not believe what was happening. This young man’s strength was nothing but weak. If not for the fact that he is the only person to arrive at this space for so many years, Lunar Scourge would even find it disdainful to swallow his spirit and turn him into it’s puppet. But this weak human survived it’s power and was struggling under the immense pain. This entire time he has never given in, never collapsed and he never showed even a hint of retreat. His resistance only grew stronger….

This has never happened before…. Any living being that Lunar Scourge wants to conquer, no matter it be gods or demons, will never be able to resist it!

How can this mere human….

Even if the strength of Lunar Scourge was weakened by the dispersement of the three Saint Orbs and the twelve God Orbs, it’s strength was not a level that a mere human could handle!! The result of Lunar Scourge being unable to conquer this human was one that she knew of—-if it can not defeat its target , then it’s strength will be crushed, then….

It will be conquered by this human!!

The horror on the face of the black clothed woman grew as she thought of this. At this moment, she began to reevaluate this human whose face was being so distorted by pain that it no longer looked young. He was twenty years of age, with a hardened face and cold set eyes, but there was nothing else about his appearance that she deemed noteworthy. His strength could not even be part of the weakest of tiers and his equipment was just as worthless. This human that looks incredibly plain, one could even say insignificantly small…

Why does he possess such a terrifying spirit that can contend with Lunar Scourge!!

This human… What is he! Is he really just a normal human being? Or is his appearance just a lie!!



This black space shook again and more light came in. The black clothed women looked at Lunar Scourge….The black aura it emitted was being diminished little by little….

Lunar Scourge….was being defeating….it was trembling and retreating. It actually lost!!

How could such be a thing be allowed to happen!

A sweet intoxicating scent gently blew past the tip of Ling Chen’s nose. The black clothed women stood in front him, she was only five steps away from him. As she opened her red lips a sweet voice that could captivate this whole world came out of her mouth : “Little brother, do you really want to resist? Why don’t you obediently listen to this big sister and go to sleep….when you sleep, all the pain will go away.”


“Little brother, look over here….look into big sister’s eyes….”

Her voice carried a devil like seduction, as the spirit of Ling Chen was enduring this immense pain, he subconsciously lifted his head and glanced towards the black clothed women. As she came closer to him, he could more clearly see her face. And in that one glance, he was completely frozen with awe, her face carried absolute beauty. It clearly won over the young Shui Ruo who was still a fresh sprout. From her face, he could tell there exists a sultry allure that was carved deep into her bones. This enticement could not  be faked, and it could not be covered. This was a temptation that drew out one’s very soul and incited one’s lust to the very apex. Pretty girls could be found anywhere, but to have such irresistible appeal was something Ling Chen has never heard or seen of before.

This was a beauty that could bring disaster to countries.

In the single moment that she caught Ling Chen’s attention, she displayed a small seductive smile and glistening eyes, while slightly biting her red lips. Using a pair of soul inducing eyes, she revealed an absolutely alluring glance. She slowly strode forward, closing the distance between her and Ling Chen. And as she walked, the black cloth wrapped around the curving lines of her voluptuous body, causing her already sensuous figure to be even more enticing.

The black clothed women walked till she was only half a step away from Ling Chen. At such a close distance, her sensuous curves were even more visible, tempting him as a considerably sized buxom caught his sight, making him unconsciously focus his attention onto her. And in one flash, the pain from Lunar Scourge increased. Similarly, the smile on the black clothed women grew, her eyes looked as if they were covered in a light mist carrying an enchanting glance while she stared sweetly at him: “Little brother, say, do you think that…. big sister is pretty?”

This was the voice of a devil, a devil like women. Within all the women that Ling Chen has seen, there were none that could compare to the mesmerizing curves of her body. Her buxom perked up high against the black cloth, seeming to almost burst the seams of her robe, one could only imagine what laid underneath. The round curve displayed by the the black skirt of her robe also led to entice only more attention the the bounce and softness of the butt below. And at her was midsection was a thin ribbon that brought out an ever so slender waist. Her whole figure was presented underneath the black robe, revealing a allure that neither gods nor demons could resist.

You demon….witch!!

Under such an immense pain, he should not be able to divert any effort or attention to anything else. However his eyes were no longer under his control, they were completely glued to the black clothed women, and could not leave the sight of her figure. His will, spirit, and faith….were all starting to slowly dissolve ….and on the other side, the pain of the strength of Lunar Scourge was intensifying.


The pain never stopped, but along with this soul crushing pain, he was now also facing the test of temptation. The ultimate culmination of pain and the pinnacle of seduction….cause the stress on his spirit to crumble. He cried roars of pains, using the his uttermost most effort to try to close his eyes.



The dark aura emitted by Lunar Scourge continued to diminish, more light began to leaked into this dark space, and this time it carried the sound of something cracking.

Once again horror flashed past the black clothed woman’s eye, the strength this young man’s spirit surpass her evaluation. As unease flickered past her eyes, she began to lightly bite her lips.

Following the sound of fabric ripping, the black cloth she was wearing began to gently slide off the curves of her body towards her feet. What was left on her body was just a light veil of a half transparent black silk. However, this semi translucent veil clung more delicately onto her figure, completely displaying her sensuous curves, even slightly revealing a tender red in front faint white of her breast. In this brief alluring bit, this image was enough to instantly bewitch crazy infatuation within all men in this world.

Ling Chen’s eyes widened, unable to defend his spirit against such an attack, he let out an even more agonizing cry.

“Teeheehee” giggled the women whose flawless figure was now half unclothed. The sultry sound of her giggle was the most deadly nightmare invading Ling Chen’s spirit that was drowning under immense pain. Using her hands to hold up her buxom, as she began to slowing softly bend towards Ling Chen. Till she completely stopped in front of him, her enormous breast laid only inched away from his face. While flashing an exquisite smile, her hands suddenly began to slight pull away from each other.


Once again the sound of fabric tearing followed the motion of her hands, and the light veil of fabric was fully split, as a pair of enormous breasts bounced out. The white of her buxom was completely exposed in front Ling Chen, her breasts were not just of remarkable size, they also displayed an impeccable round shape. Her breast were as white as snow, almost as if they were a pair of flawless moons hanging in the night sky, this perfect shape could not be rivaled. Along with her exposed body, her soft silk skin initiated pure lust, white still retaining a fragile jade like quality, seaming to break upon touch.

The strength of Ling Chen’s spirit was being drained as he was almost crushed by Lunar Scourge….The temptation in front him was such a beauty, a beauty that no man could ever hope to resist. But to him, it was more frightening than the world’s most horrifying demon, bewitching his spirit to crumble. He felt his spirit to be mercilessly hammered by two enormous pressures with one bang after another…..

“Little brother, do you think my body is pretty? Do you want to try to touch this big sister?”

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