Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 40

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Volume 1 Chapter 40: “Heaven”

An unknown isolated island, a place called “Heaven”.

“Oh! My dear HELL, I welcome you to ‘Heaven’. I believe that this time you will continue to bring me surprises.” A hunched old man as thin as a stick, wearing a white lab coat and white rimmed glasses turned around. Using the words skin and bones to describe him could not be more fitting. Especially his head, it is practically no different from a skeleton’s, but the pair of old eyes behind the white rimmed glasses radiated a terrifying glow like that of a poisonous snake.

Behind him is placed one after another 1 meter wide, multiple meters tall cylinder shaped vessels. Inside they are filled with or green, or blood red, or deep blue fluids. Countless tubes and circuits connecting them… And within each vessel, is reflected the figure of a person… That’s right, people! From their body figures, they are also one after another undeveloped children.

“This time it really is a surprise.” A tall black clothed man threw the ragged clothed boy in his hand onto the ground. The boy looked only 8 or 9 years old, being thrown on the ground he did not move, his breathing could virtually not be felt, his condition as if dead.

“Hoho, it’s actually a person that has contracted the Isrock virus…” The white clothed hunched old man saw this boy’s situation with just a casual glance: “Ohohoho! Hatred! I feel hatred from his body! So young and yet able to release such a deep-rooted hatred. My dear HELL, you have indeed given me a surprise, because this is exactly what I need. Coldness and hatred, are what a top-tier killing machine need to have the most. Although, only hatred is not enough, 1309 of the 1352 children that you’ve brought over the years have already died from my experiments, just how long can he last. Trash, do not have the qualifications to become one of my great works.”

“Humph, he is infected with Isrock and was buried alive by his family. Two days later I dug him out, he was still alive. I believe that his willpower will not disappoint you.” The tall man gave a cold snort saying: “Why don’t you cure his Isrock first.”

“Humans really are stupid animals, not even able to deal with a little Isrock virus.” The hunched old man walked over grabbing the little boy’s arm, casually throwing him into one of the big containers filled with green fluid, and then not giving him another glance: “3 minutes later, all of the Isrock virus in his body will die. The vitality of this kind of small virus is practically as fragile as an ant’s.”

“Humans are stupid animals? Are you not a human?” The tall man said coldly.

“Hoho! My dear HELL, please do not put me on par with those foolish humans, this for me is a great insult. How can those insignificant humans compare to me, Dr. Maniac that is about to become a god. Oh, of course, those foolish humans does not include you, because you are the god amongst humans. Humans in your eyes are as insignificant as ants.” The hunched old man pushed his white rimmed glasses, glancing at the boy immersed in green fluid, his eyes flickering a cold light that made the hearts of people feel cold: “Those 1352 children are all geniuses that you selected from all over the world, they are indeed gifted… But, there were only 200 that could endure up to 3 times the spiritual shock and not go brain-dead, and only 43 that endured until the current 5 times spiritual shock… Oh, no no, right now it’s 44, what kind of surprise will they bring me. Then, this child that you brought today, let’s start him off from 5 times.”

“5 times? Have you gone crazy!?” The tall man knit his eyebrows: “These 43 have only endured until now by slowly becoming accustomed to the slowly increasing spiritual shock strength. Starting at 5 times right away, there  simply is not a single person that can withstand it.”

“NONO, my dear HELL. You need to know, what I need are real geniuses. To become my product, it is necessary to be able to bear 10 times the spiritual shock and bodily pain and not have the mind collapse, especially not die. I do not need trash.”

“Humph, do whatever you want.” The tall man did not speak anymore, turning around and leaving. He is disgusted with the smell here, or to be more precise, he is disgusted with everything here.

“My dear HELL, Heaven always welcomes your arrival.”



“Awake, he is still wide-awake. Directly bearing that 5 times  spiritual shock that surpasses a regular human’s limit and is actually still awake! Genius… This is the genius that I’ve always desired!”

“Hahahaha… very good! You will be like the rest of my genius text samples, going to bear higher intensities of spiritual shock… Go savour to your heart’s content the wonderfulness and pleasure of Heaven, hahahaha! If one day you have the qualifications to become my work, that will be the greatest honour of you life, hahahaha…”


“My dear HELL, I welcome you to ‘Heaven’. Oh, this time you come empty handed, that really makes this scientist very disappointed.”

“You think that geniuses are very easy to find? Out of 10000 people it is hard to find one person that reaches your minimum requirements. I came because I want to know, how many are still alive? I don’t want my effort from all these years, to only gain a pile of dead bodies!”

“Keke, my dear HELL, you have come at just the right time. Because right now the amount of people living, is only 2.”


“When the spiritual shock was increased to 6 times, only the last 7 test samples remained, when it increased to 7 times… Kekekeke, there were only 2 alive! Hahahaha… At first I thought all of their minds would be destroyed, and then be turned into mincemeat by me, who knew that there would actually be 2 still alive. My dear friend, this is your credit, you have given me two real geniuses.” (TL: The mincemeat here could be referring to turning their minds into mush, or their bodies or both)

“Which two?”

“He, they are number 17 and number 1353.”

“Those two?”

“These are the highest grade test samples that only appear every few thousand years. I can no longer bear for them to die… No, not only can I not allow them to die, I will use all possible methods to allow them to live well. And then, I will bit by bit increase the strength of the spiritual shock. First make them completely accustomed to 7 times spiritual shock, and then start to increase it from 7 times, continuing to increase it until the critical point where they are about to completely break, and then allow them to harden themselves from the spiritual torture, until they become accustomed, and then continue to increase it again, from 7 times to 8 times, and then from 8 times to 9 times, from 9 times increasing it to 10 times… Kekekeke, just like that bit by bit, making them evolve into monsters among humans! Becoming my greatest works!! Kekekeke…”

“You really are a maniac. I believe that you should know better than anyone else how great the torture they will bear in this process.”

“Thank you for your praise, my dear friend. Don’t worry, I will not forget the promise. After all, I can use electric waves to stimulate their minds and use drugs to strengthen their bodies, but only you, can teach them this world’s most terrifying killing techniques.”

“Three years later, I will return.”

“My dear HELL, Heaven always welcomes your arrival. I believe that the next time you return, you will see the two most outstanding products.”

In a gloomy hall, there are erected two massive glass apparatuses, inside they are filled to the top with green fluid. Two tender bodies float within, only blurry figures can be seen under the cover of the green fluid… along with innumerable thick tubes stuck into their bodies.


“My dear HELL, I welcome you to ‘Heaven’. Not seeing you for 3 years, the smell of blood on your body is still so intoxicating. Then, let me guess how much human blood you’ve been stained with these past 3 years.”

“Don’t give me your nonsense, you know my reason for coming here, how are your works?”

“Kekekeke, believe me, you will definitely receive a most satisfying answer. Under my drugs, their bodies have become even scarier than a monster’s. Their minds… Kekekeke, their minds can currently withstand 15 times spiritual shock, hahaha… You did not hear wrong, it’s 15 times! Even I am scared by this result to the point that my entire body is shaking. That’s right, when I saw this result, my entire body was shaking. I actually felt fear, me, this Dr. Maniac am actually startled to the point that I feel fearful of my own work…. Right now their spirits are too terrifying. If they then go through the teachings of you, this monster, they will become the entire world’s most terrifying killing machines, the most frightening monsters! I cannot imagine, who horrifying of a nightmare their enemies will face. I believe, after they leave here, the entire world will tremble in fear because of them. And they, are all my work, kekekeke.”

“Humph! You’re not afraid that these killing machines will have a day where they kill their puppeteer?”

“Keke, my dear HELL, you can entirely relax about this point, how can I, Dr. Maniac make this kind of most idiotic mistake. Only if their minds have the ability to bear 20 times the spiritual shock and not break, or else the mental control that I’ve set on them is something that they will never be able to break. They will forever follow my any order, even until death they will never betray me. My dear HELL, could it be that you think that their minds are strong enough to bear 20 times of spiritual shock?”

“20 times? Humph, even a god cannot do that.”

“That’s right. So, they will be forever under my control, they will never do anything that you don’t want to see.”

“No need for any more nonsense, bring them out to see me. It has already reached our agreed time.”

“Keke, my dear HELL, you are the person that understands me the most, you should know that I never break a promise with a friend. Then… No.17, No.1353, come out and take a look at your new friend… Oh, no, he is your old friend, it is him, that brought you guys to this beautiful Heaven. From today onwards, you guys will leave Heaven. Kekekeke, prepare to cry and shout, beg, and struggle… Because, the place that he is about to take you guys, is a true hell.”

“…No.17 and No.1353, they don’t have official names?”

“Names? Kekekeke, a very good suggestion, how can my most greatest works not have names. They are life that I created, they are the most greatest works of me., this person that is about to become god, their names–”

“Adam… Eve…”

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