Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 34

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Volume 1 Chapter 34: Soaring Cloud

[Gold Vein Chain]: Type: Moon God Bracelet, Grade: Gold. Equipment Requirements: None. High grade moon god bracelet made from golden beads, can be socketed with energy crystals of any grade, cannot be socketed with energy orbs, Sockets: 4.

This is actually a gold grade Moon God Bracelet!!

After entering the Mystic Moon world Ling Chen had encountered Moon God Bracelets for the first time. He was very confident that equipment of this magnitude was very valuable. Equipments, such as the Moon God Bracelets of the same grade are much more valuable than equipment of the same grade or accessories. This was because the equipping of Moon God Bracelets has no level requirements and can be used by all classes. Just this setting alone has determined the rarity of Moon God Bracelets. The effect of the Moon God Bracelet is to add stats through the energy crystals and energy orbs… completely additional stats. And the addition is proportional, this mean that as you get further in the game the additional effects will get stronger. At that time if a player does not have the additional stats from a Moon God Bracelet then they will undoubtedly be thrown far behind by the rest of the players.

Gold Vein Chain is a gold equipment, it can be equipped with 4 energy crystals of any grade. In comparison, the current metal bracelet he is wearing is practically a piece of trash. A Moon God Bracelet that can be socketed with 2 energy crystals and a Moon God Bracelet that can be socketed with 4 crystals, the difference between them is almost the same as having two less pieces of equipment equipped. The Gold Vein Chain and Sand Blade are both gold grade, but without any exaggeration its value cannot be matched by even 100 Sand Blades. He even had reason to believe that even if the average level of players reached LV100, players that would possess a gold grade Moon God Bracelet would still be incredibly few.

He carefully put away the Gold Vein Chain… a priceless artifact, using these two words to describe it is not at all too much. If this Gold Vein Chain were to appear in public, who knows how big of an uproar it would cause.

Two pieces of  silver equipment and 3 pieces gold equipment. Ling Chen rubbed his hands a bit excited. Overcoming levels, soloing a Faerie BOSS in itself is an impossible task, naturally the gains are also of a similar level. He swiftly moved forward, going around the Greedy Giant Toad’s corpse in a circle, and picking up the last 3 trophies — A green scroll, a 1 meter wide item that looked like a rag, and a bead emitting a red glow.

[Power Scroll — Avarice Sound Wave]: CC type scroll, after use will release dangerous infrasound waves to disrupt the target’s’ mind, causing all targets within a 50 meter radius to fall into 10 sec. of confusion. Scroll will disappear after use.

Avarice Sound Wave is a scary skill belonging to the Greedy Giant Toad. The effect is far superior to even when the Greedy Giant Toad used it, making all enemies within a 50 meter radius to fall into confusion, moreover lasting for 10 seconds. The degree of scariness is easy to imagine. If it is used in a group battle … 10 seconds of confusion is more than enough to make a large team crumble.

[Dark Cloak of Concealment]: Special item, wearing it will cause the body to enter a “Stealth” state, unable to be discovered by beings of Faerie  or below power. It also has a certain chance of escaping from the senses of beings with strength above Faerie level. Cannot attack when stealthed, stealth condition will automatically release when cloak is removed, can be used for a total of 300 seconds. Remaining Time: 300 secs.

Ling Chen: “…”

A cloak that can stealth for 300 seconds… Even though it’s not an official cloak equipment, its effect is far more superior to regular equipment.

[Heartless Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Faerie. Attribute: Fire, Effect: Critical Hit Rate+15%.

Ling Chen jerked his hand, almost throwing away this orb releasing a fiery red light.

This is an energy orb… it is the incredibly rare energy orb that the Village Chief mentioned that a regular person wouldn’t even be able to see it in a lifetime.

Its effect is to add a whole 15% of critical hit rate!

Adding 15% critical hit rate… this is such an OP stat! So strong that people practically wouldn’t be able to believe it!

The Novice Village Chief said, the power held within an energy orb far surpasses that of an energy crystals. Right now Ling Chen truly felt the strength of energy orbs… An additional 15% critical hit chance, he looked at it again and again, still a bit suspicious of what he is seeing and whether it is real or not. His current critical hit rate is 7%, and as long as he sockets this orb into the Moon God Bracelet, his critical hit rate can reach 22%. At that time out of an average of 5 attacks at least one will be a critical hit. And this is just at the initial stage. After some time once his equipment matures, gathering some equipment that adds critical hit rate will become a certainty. At that time he will be able to activate a critical hit with an average of four attacks, maybe even 3, just thinkin of it is already terrifying.

This is also just Faerie Orb, the lowest grade energy orb. If so, then what kind of unimaginable effects must the Heaven End, Mysterious God, and the seemingly non-existent Saint Destroyer Orbs have.

The only regrettable thing is… energy orbs are not something that all Moon God Bracelets have the qualifications to be socketed with.

The metal bracelet he has on his hand right now cannot equip the Faerie Orb and the Gold Moon God bracelet he just gained also cannot hold such Orbs.

Holding onto the orb for a long time, he still couldn’t settle down the excitement in his heart. Today is his 4th day entering the game, but he has already gained such a powerful item… He felt more and more that even though the process of killing the Greedy Giant Toad was unimaginably difficult, but the rewards were proportional. Heartless Orb of this kind should not be appearing at the current stage, but on the other hand, is a LV10 Faerie BOSS something that player’s at the current stage kill? Don’t mention killing it… being able to fall down the abyss and not die, who can manage that?

The Village Chief said, only Faerie Grade and above Moon God Bracelets can be socketed with energy orbs. Looks like he needs to find a Moon God Bracelet above Gold grade, or else, this Heartless Orb that makes his blood boil will end up becoming a pretty decoration.

Once again checking all of his trophies; Over 300 gold coins, 20 bottles of intermediate potions, 2 pieces of silver equipment, 3 pieces of gold equipment of which includes a priceless Gold Moon God Bracelet, 1 scroll,  1 special item and 1 energy orb. It can be called a scarily huge harvest. Ling Chen walked another circle around the giant toad’s corpse, not discovering anything else. Right when he was about to move towards the entrance to the sixth area, the corners of his eyes suddenly moved, his footsteps stopping.

Staying silent for a little while, he walked to the left side of the corpse, lifting his foot and heavily kicking it over.

Towards the massive body of the Greedy Giant Toad, this kick of his could be considered nothing but scratching an itch. It should not have made its body move an inch… But the Greedy Giant Toad’s corpse clearly being under a very unbalanced condition, with this kick, the corpse actually directly leaned over to the right and then lied back down in a more balanced position.

And at the spot that it used to lay, a glaring silver light reflected into Ling Chen’s eyes.

There is a nearly 2 meter long spear with a body of complete silver!

Ling Chen felt lucky in his heart. Before when he was prepared to leave, he suddenly thought that the Greedy Giant Toad’s body is overly large. In the process of falling down, could it have squashed a portion of the drops under its body? After all, items are dropped at the instant of death, and from dying to entirely falling on the ground the giant toad had used a small period of time. There being the chance that items were dropped first, then the toad fell later, and its body also being overly large, there certainly existed such a possibility… And with a try he really did find another item underneath the toad’s body.

The spear is also a weapon that apprentice warrior’s can use. The attack added by a spear is greater than a two handed swords of the same level and grade. At the same time it has a larger attack ranger, but the spear’s attack speed is the slowest out of all weapons. Besides some super high quality spears or abnormal spears, normal spears all have an attribute that decreases attack speed.

He took a step forward, grabbing the silver spear in his hands… Right at this instant, a system notification suddenly sounded beside his ears:

“Ding… You have gained Faerie equipment ‘Soaring Cloud’, proudly becoming the first player in the world to gain a Faerie equipment. The China region that you are in has become the first war zone for a Faerie equipment to appear. The said event has been logged into the World Hall of Fame. China equipment ranking chart unlocked. Your ‘Soaring Cloud’ is number 1 on the equipment ranking chart. The system will release a global and war zone notice, do you wish to hide your personal information?”

F…Faerie equipment?

His motion of picking up the spear froze. Even with Ling Chen’s strong mind he still could not help himself from directly blanking out at this point.

The system notification rang by his ears twice… He didn’t hear wrong, what the system mentioned is really a Faerie equipment.

A Faerie equipment named “Soaring Cloud”!

This silver spear that he had almost missed, the very one that he is now holding in his hands, is actually a Faerie spear. A Faerie equipment that surpassed silver, surpassed gold, and even in late game was still incredibly rare.

“Ding… The system will release a global and war zone notice, do you wish to hide your personal information?”

Not gaining his answer after a long time, the system had to give another reminder.

“No need to hide it.” Holding the spear called “Soaring Cloud” in his hands, Ling Chen straightened his body responding.

Right away, a resounding notification sound reverberated throughout the entire Mystic Moon world.

“Ding… Global announcement! All players in the world please pay attention, China warzone player ‘Ling Tian’ at 10:09 this morning gained the first Faerie equipment in the entire world. The said event has already been recorded into the World Hall of Fame, China warzone equipment ranking chart unlocked. Player ‘Ling Tian’ gains system reward: Gold: 500, Fame: 500, SP: 200. May all players continue to work hard, creating even more glorious success.

“Ding… Global announcement…”

“Ding… Global announcement…”

“Ding… China warzone announcement, player ‘Ling Tian’ has proudly gained the first Faerie equipment, triggering the condition to unlock the equipment ranking chart, China warzone equipment ranking chart unlocked, players may now look at it.

The first time the global notification sounded, the entire Mystic Moon world fell into a death like silence, and then went into complete mayhem.

Faerie equipment? Someone at this stage gained a Faerie equipment?

Wha, what, wait, how, what, what kind of joke is this!!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ I WANT IT!!!!

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