Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 33

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Volume 1 Chapter 33: Sand Blade

“This… This is impossible! There has to be some kind of mistake somewhere!!”

The middle aged female doctor wearing a thick white gown took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes, unable to believe the information recorded on the result sheet before her eyes.

“Doctor, what’s the result?” Ling Chen calmly asked.

“A large part of the Isrock virus is actually under an inactive condition, the activity of the other half has also noticeably decreased… This is simply impossible, Little Cui, immediately check the instruments, and then take some more blood again for assessment. There is definitely a problem with this result.” Putting down the result sheet in her hands, the middle aged doctor told the equally dressed nurse beside her.

“There’s no need, this result is already enough.” Ling Chen and Ling Shui Ruo smiled at each other, waving his hand towards the doctor, and then pushing the wheelchair,  walking towards the door without even turning his head: “Doctor, I think that we won’t be coming back again in the future.”

“Thank you auntie, thank you for your care during this time, good bye.” Ling Shui Ruo turned her head, smiling towards the middle aged doctor and waving her hands. And then, leaving together with her brother, disappearing from the vision of the dumfounded doctor.

“They, don’t actually believe the results, right?” The doctor once again flipped through the result sheet and x-rays, shaking her head as before: “The Isrock virus has lost its activity, even though it’s not dead, but it’s like it’s hibernating… The death of the Isrock virus is not uncommon, but losing activity in such a large group, this is simply impossible, never even heard of. there’s definitely a problem somewhere. If they think it’s true then that’s not bad either, hope it can bring that girl some happiness in the last moments of her life.”

Walking on the streets, the bright sunlight made people intoxicated. (TL: I think it just means that it’s really nice outside)

Ling Shui Ruo got a big tub of ice cream, holding it in her hands and slowly eating it. Feeling that sense of coldness that started from her tongue and spread throughout the rest of her body. Soon, her lips and cheeks were covered with dots of cold cream or chocolate. Where they went, many people stopped their footsteps, just staring at the appearance of Ling Shui Ruo eating ice cream, as if seeing a beautiful angel that accidentally fell into the mortal realm, completely stunned. Sometimes, a person beside them will hurriedly whisper something in their ears, and then their faces will turn white, their expressions turning from amazement to pity and sympathy.

Even though she is only 16, she is already incredibly beautiful. People who have seen her cannot help but wanting to know her name, and with that, more and more people knew her, and more and more people knew that she is infected with Isrock… As a result, as they walked they drew in a lot of stares, but no one dared to get close. And because of that, their two person world has been very peaceful, basically without any disturbances from a third person. Or else, with Ling Shui Ruo’s looks that are enough to make angel’s jealous, even if they wanted peace it would not be possible.

“Brother, when I recover, let’s go back to Zhong Zhou, okay? It’s very peaceful there, there’s our old home, that is the place that I was born and grew up, it is also the place that I met brother.” Ling Shui Ruo closed her eyes, recalling those unforgettable scenes in tranquility. (TL: Zhong Zhou appears to be the old name for Henan Province though I don’t really know)

“Okay!” Ling Chen agreed with a smile. His only purpose in bringing Ling Shui Ruo to Beijing was to search for a hope to cure Isrock. Because Beijing is the capital of China, it is the area with China’s most advanced medical practice. If Shui Ruo completely recovers, then they no longer have any reason to stay here. Beijing is too busy, too noisy,  and is also hiding too much darkness, it is not a place suitable for them. Coming to Beijing for two years, he always longed to return to that home that even though wasn’t very luxurious, was always so warm.

Walking past the distribution point for the Mystic Moon game device, Ling Chen turned his head and looked over. Even though today is already the fourth day of Mystic Moon’s opening, a long line still waited in front of the distribution point. At the beginning, this is also where Yun Feng discovered him, and took the initiative to give the 23113 medicine.

Maybe, it really is destiny.

I, Ling Chen, never owe anybody anything. What you gave me, can be considered the greatest favor that I have ever received. Then, your sister’s matter, I believe that when the time comes you will not be disappointed!

Exactly what kind of girl is she… that girl called Yun Meng Xin?

How much has she planned for the guild that she wants to create… and how big has it grown?



Returning home it was already 10 in the morning. Taking a trip to the hospital and back, Shui Ruo was already very tired, quickly falling asleep after being carried to bed by Ling Chen. Ling Chen lied back on the sofa, his head still having an evident feeling of heaviness, but he did not continue to rest, instead quickly entering the game world… He did not forget, he still hasn’t collected his trophies from that hard battle!! Items dropped by a Faerie BOSS, at the current novice stage, are definitely OP level.

“Ding… Welcome to the world of 《Mystic Moon》, we hope you have a pleasant experience.”

Appearing in the place early morning yesterday he went offline, the first thing that entered his eyes is the giant corpse of the Greedy Giant Toad. Faerie and above creatures, their bodies and drops will never disappear. This is common knowledge in the virtual game world. Beside the giant corpse is sprawled a multitude of items that made his eyes blind.

Truly items dropped from a Faerie BOSS, just the scale is enough to shock people.

At his feet is a big pile of gold coins and potions. There are at least 100 gold coins, as for potions… they are all higher grade potions not sold in the Novice Village item shop.

[Green Potion]: Intermediate HP recovery potion, after use HP immediately recovers 800 points, Cooldown Time: 5 secs.

[Dark Blue Potion]: Intermediate MP recovery potion, after use MP immediately recovers 200 points, Cooldown Time: 5 secs.

10 of each of the green potion and dark blue potion were dropped, these potions that cannot be bought in the Novice Village can save his life at critical moments. Ling Chen put them away one by one.

Surprises always have to be left until last to enjoy… Ling Chen first purposely picked up all of the gold coins and potions, only then looking towards the other items. At his feet, there are two pieces of equipment releasing a silver glow… They are a silver coloured helmet and a silver coloured bracer.

Two silver equipment!!

[Silver Helmet]: Type: Head Equipment, Grade: Silver, Equipment Requirements: Any class LV10 or above. Helmet forged from silver, flickers a mysterious silver radiance, Attributes: Defense+13, Strength+5, Constitution+5, Water Elemental Resistance+3%.

[Silver Bracers]: Type: Handguard, Grade: Silver, Equipment Requirements: Any class LV10 or above. Bracers forged from silver, flickers a mysterious silver radiance, Attributes: Defense+10, Attack+8, Hit Rate+6, Critical Hit Rate+2%.

Before, he was still thrilled about gaining a silver equipment Mind Saber, but now, he simultaneously gained two silver equipment. Truly worthy of being silver equipment, the stats added are completely superior to iron and copper equipment. Maybe during mid, late game silver equipment will be common and not considered top tier gear, but at the low stat stage of novices, the stats they add can allow a player to directly leave the rest of the players in their dust. Just take the silver helmet for example, 5 points of strength, 5 points of constitution, what it gives is 10 basic attribute points that can only be gained from levelling up twice, the equivalent of throwing white geared players behind two levels. And this is just a helmet, if the entire body is silver… the difference is especially easy to imagine.

But for this reason also the chance of silver equipment appearing at the novice stage can be said to be very low, just having a piece of copper equipment is already worth flaunting.

Like so, his body will soon be covered with 3 pieces of silver equipment, taking a glance at his current equipment, Ling Chen looked forward… in his vision appeared two dots flickering a golden radiance.

Ling Chen’s heart immediately started to race, golden radiance, could it be… gold equipment!?

Rapidly moving forward, Ling Chen picked them all up.

[Sand Blade]: Type: Two Hand Sword: Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any warrior profession LV10 or above including apprentices, Colour like yellow sand, a mysterious sword that bears a heavy earth elemental strength. Attributes: Attack+35, Strength+10, Agility+5, 3% chance to add 5 secs of  “Petrification”.

[Sand Blade]: Type: Two Hand Sword: Grade: Gold, Equipment Requirements: Any warrior profession LV10 or above including apprentices, Colour like yellow sand, a mysterious sword that bears a heavy earth elemental strength. Attributes: Attack+35, Strength+10, Agility+5, 3% chance to add 5 secs of  “Petrification”.

Ling Chen: “…”

That’s right, it is gold equipment, the gold equipment that has a god knows how much less chance of appearing than silver equipment. And it’s just perfectly a two handed sword that he can almost use. Finishing looking at the stats for the first sand blade, Ling Chen couldn’t hold it back and started laughing. Even he didn’t think that he would gain a piece of gold equipment at the novice stage. Although after seeing the stats for the second gold equipment he felt a little dazed…

Sand Blade… same name, same stats… it was actually two of the exact same equipment!!


A monster dropping two of the same high-grade equipment at once, this seems to be unheard of.

But nonetheless, right now he possessed two pieces of gold equipment that regular players… even top-tier players couldn’t even dream of.

The only sad thing is that he is still one more step away from LV10, right now he can’t equip any of the stuff.

Although it appears that there weren’t just two pieces of gold equipment. Under his feet, at the place the 2 sand blades used to be, there is also another circle of gold light flickering. It’s just that this circle of golden light is a lot smaller, being squashed under the sand blades causing Ling Chen to not be able to notice it at first glance.

Ling Chen bent his waist and picked it up, this is a chain strung together by golden beads… Should be a bracelet, there are a total of 8 of the golden beads, of the 8, four of them each had a small hole that is the same size.

Could this be… (TL: Yes, yes it is. You don’t need to keep asking could this be when you can figure out in a second and also already know the answer)

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