Chapter 26: Then, they were hit.

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Then, they we hit.
“We’ll be startin’ with the basics of defence, an’ that’s [not getting hit by the enemy]. Cos if ya just pointlessly take their attacks, you’ll just wear yourself out! It’s important ta see through your enemies’ attacks an’ avoid them as much as ya can.”
“”””Osu!!!!””””Under Dude-sensei’s guidance, we commenced the adventurer’s class. The adventurer class started under Dude-sensei’s guidance. He told us that [defence is the best offense] and taught us to defend immediately.
The training method was simple.
Everyone would stand in a line. One-by-one they head to Dude-sensei. Then, they get hit. Finally, they return to the end of the line.
That’s it.
We were really supposed to avoid the hits but as a famous adventurer, his attacks weren’t that easy to avoid.

In the beginning, everyone tried to dodge but now we think of ways to soften the blows.
In that sense, Dude-sensei’s attacks hurt and were unavoidable.
Although I say that, it didn’t really hurt when my face was struck. However, I thought it would be troubling if I was the only one not hurt and it raised suspicions, so I let out an ‘urg!!’ sound, practice dodging earnestly and continue to be hit.
By the end of training, everyone’s faces were red and swollen, and there were even people with bloody noses.

“Well, that’s all fer today! My teammate can use recovery magic so y’all can go ta her for healing after this!!”
“Ah, I know recovery magic so I can do the healing.”

I mean, the others will probably worry if we go back like this……

“But can ya heal so many people? It’s quite a lotta people.”
“There’s no problem if it’s only this much.”

Besides, most of the people undergoing this training were from the town so they should know that I can use recovery magic.
Everyone lines up in front of me and I heal them one at a time..

“……Why’s he here if he can use recovery magic ta such an extent……?”

At a distance, Dude-sensei seemed to be muttering something but decided to focus on the treatment.


――――――[Tre POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Okay, so let’s start!!
“””Thank you for the instruction.””””

We were now taking the logistics course.

“My name’s Childe! I may look like this but I can cast recovery magic, you know!

Childe says, sticking her chest out confidently.

“So Tre-chan, what do you think is the most important in this logistics course?”

Childe-san asks me, after everybody has introduced themselves.

“Um.. I think it’s to help everyone in the vanguard as much as possible……”
“Yes, that’s also important, but I believe that the most important thing in this logistics course is to [know what you can do]!!”
“To know what I can do……”
“Right! Try thinking about it, okay everyone? In front of you is an injured ally and a really strong enemy. However, you have no way to heal your ally and the enemy is targeting the town you are staying in.”

Everyone imagines the situation.
In my case, the ally would probably be Master……? Let’s pretend that Master isn’t able to heal himself……

“If everyone was in that situation, what would you guys do?”

……I wonder what I would do in that situation. I don’t think I could abandon Master but then the town would be attacked……

“Nest can heal himself so it should be okay.”

Lily exclaimed beside me.

“Oh, so that person called Nest can use recovery magic!”
“Yeah, that’s right!!”
“So if that Nest used up all his mana and couldn’t use recovery magic, what would you do?”
“Hmm.. I dunno!”

Lily says she doesn’t know while tilting her head.
The people around laugh but I can’t imagine that situation happening in real life.
Master heals so many people every day at the guild.
Everyone might think that’s normal but I can use recovery magic and yet it’s impossible for me.
Unlike other magic, recovery magic consumes a lot of mana. If I do my best, I can also heal a lot of people in one day but that’s because I take a lot of breaks.
I don’t continually heal for a whole day without rest, but I don’t think I could do it.
Furthermore, Master doesn’t seem particularly tired after healing everyone and he continues as normal the next day.
For that Master to be unable to use recovery magic…
If there was an enemy like that, it would probably be useless even if we let the town know.
Well.. I really don’t think there would be such an enemy though……

“Ah, is there anyone here who can cast recovery magic?”

Childe-san asked near the end of the class.

“I can use recovery magic……”
“Really! You can use recovery magic even though you’re so young, that’s amazing!”

There were other people who could use recovery magic, and they all assembled around Childe-san.

“Um.. you see, the reason I gathered you guys is because I expect many injured people from the combat course my teammate is running, and I’d like your help in treating them. There’ll be quite a lot of people and I don’t think I can handle them all by myself.”

That’s the course that Master was taking but as expected, there really would be injuries……

“Ah! They’re here!!”

Childe-san looks behind us and exclaims.
Approaching is a large man who appears to be Childe-san’s teammate.

“Ah, Chil. I wanted to talk about tha treatment but…”
“Yeah, there are several people here who can use recovery magic so it’s fine!!”
“About that… Actually, there was someone in my group who could use recovery magic…”
“Yea, an’ that guy healed everyone already.”
“Eh? Why is someone like that in your group!?”
“Yea, I wonder too.”

Childe-san’s expression said ‘I wanted him to come here!’ Sorry but there’s no doubt that’s Master……

Yup, Master really is amazing―――

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