Chapter 25: Nice to mee~t you!!

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Nice to mee~t you!!

“Ah! Welcome back, Nest-san!”
“Um.. I’m back, Asha-san.”

We have once again returned to the town where our home is.
According to Aura and the others, Asha-san had been worried about me so I first showed up at the guild.

“It’s good that you look healthy.”

Asha-san checks me over for injuries.
I appreciate her concern but she’s been patting my whole body in the middle of the guild. The surrounding gazes are painful…….

“Er.. Asha-san, has anything been happening lately?”

Since she has been worrying about me, I can’t just tell her to stop so I change the subject instead.

“Ah, that’s right. Some famous guild members have come to town and will be holding adventurer classes while they’re here.”

Asha-san clapped her hands together as if remembering. Achieving my goal, I feel like the gazes around me have softened.

“Adventurer classes……?”
“Yes, it seems an active party has come from the capital and there will be a combat course, a logistical support course regarding healing and item management, and a control course that will point out the characteristics and weaknesses of various monsters.”
Oh, in that case……


“Yo! My name’s Dude! I’m sayin’ this myself but I’m the vanguard of a party that’s surprisingly pop’lar. From today on I’ll be mostly teachin’ ya ’bout combat so best regards!!”
“””””Nice to mee~t you!!”””””

I’m currently in the adventurer course specialising in combat. Incidentally, Aura and the others aren’t here.
As a healer, Tré took the logistics course, and the apparent genius of studying, Aura, took the control course. The one I was most worried about, Lily, ended up taking the logistics course with Tré, as she was good at cooking and seemed fairly dexterous.


“Then, first is how ta defend yourselves!”

Dude-sensei said this with an extremely natural expression, but everyone in the class just looked at him puzzledly, including me.

“Sensei, are we starting with defence instead of attacking……?”

One person voiced what we were all thinking.

“Yea, we’re beginnin’ with defence! Some people might say ‘offence is tha greatest defence!’ but I think that’s wrong! I think that defence is tha best offence!”

……Defence is the best offence?

“Try defendin’ against your enemies’ full body blows!! Ya can think of them as bein’ in a [deadlock] with just that!! Are ya gonna lose ta someone like that!! Ya won’t, right!!

I’ve never thought that before. But it might be true. Even I don’t think I can win if I come across someone my knife is ineffective against.


As expected of an adventurer, this kind of mood is really great. I also go along with the flow.

“Then I’ll be teachin’ ya how ta defend now!!

Our feelings were all in sync.

――――――[Aura POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Well then, let’s start the command course. My name is Mist. Best regards to you from here on.”

Right now I am taking the control course. The others have gone somewhere else, but I wanted to do what I can so I’m participating in this one.

“Then, let’s have you introduce yourselves starting from over there.”

There weren’t a lot of participants, but the number wasn’t little either.
The introductions finished one by one and came around to me.

“Um.. I’m Aura. I may be Nest’s slave but please treat me well……”

As expected, people will have something to say when I introduce myself as a slave. Nest didn’t treat me like a slave, but a slave generally receives a lot of scorn just by not having their master around.
I understood this from the matter at the capital.

“Hm? ……Ah! Well if it isn’t Aura-chan!”

It was one of the wives from the cooking class .


I thought they were all strangers but when I look closely, many of them were the townspeople to whom I’m obliged.

“I haven’t seen you around lately so I was worried.”
“Right, you haven’t been coming to the shop either.”
“Ah, I’m sorry. We went to the capital for a bit………ah.”

I had forgotten to talk politely because they were people I knew.

“It’s fine, there’s no need for formalities. If we force you to do such a thing, Nest-chan would stop treating us.”
“That kid’s magic is amazing!”

…………In this town Nest saved, everyone really are nice people.
It’s because Nest has been trying hard.

“Umm… Why did everyone join the adventurers class?”
“Hm.. It’s because we couldn’t do anything last time when the monsters attacked and had to leave it all up to the men. We’ve also got to work hard.”

So it’s the same as me…… I’ve also got to do my best so I can help Nest!!

“……….Umm.. May I start soon?”
“”””Ah, we’re sorry!!””””

Come to think of it, we’re in the middle of the adventurers class. Mist-san resumed the class with a wry smile.

……Wait for me, Nest, I’ll work hard so I can be helpful.
………I could hear some sort of warcry from far away, but I’m going to do my best!!

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