Disciple – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: A Retarded Final Battle

“Ru Lu!”

Qi Han was the first person to recognize the red figure who suddenly appeared right next to the door. Her entire body was encircled by devilish aura, as though her entire being was enveloped in black miasma. Her former gentle and frail look turned dark and sinister, as expected, one’s looks came from one’s heart. In just a short few months, her cultivation had already raised from the early stages of Demigod, to a Demigod Paragon… No, there were faint traces that she had gone beyond that.

“You vile creature! Where’s Hanxin? Where did you kidnap Hanxin off to?” Qi Han questioned with an expression filled with anger.

“Hanxin?” Mu Meiyan glanced at him, and a wrathful intent that filled the entire sky exploded out, even the devilish aura surrounding her had begun to swirl as well. With a sudden cold laugh, she gently waved her hand. A pile of black miasma appeared next to her, and inside, a human figure could be faintly seen. As the miasma receded, a girl whose entire body was stained in blood was hanged in mid-air. She had seemingly turned into a blood-covered person, as her entire body was completely dyed in red, and there were even some strange inscriptions engraved on her arms.

Zhu Yao had once seen those inscriptions as well. It was the same chain that Xiao Yi used to bind her soul in the past. This scene was unexpectedly familiar, so familiar that she felt it was drawing her back to that exact moment. Her heart sank, and for a moment, she had a little difficulty breathing.

“Release her!” Seeing his precious disciple being tortured in such a way, Qi Han’s eyes instantly turned crimson red. He immediately summoned his Sword Intent, and struck towards Mu Meiyan.

Mu Meiyan laughed out coldly, and simply waved her hand. A fierce windstorm instantly blew, and the sword intent which carried Qi Han’s Demigod might, was instantly dispersed by her, while dozens of wind blades struck towards Qi Han.

As his sword intent was dispersed, he suffered a spiritual energy rebound. Unable to dodge in time, Qi Han was struck head-on by the wind blades, and blood began to flow out like a tap from his body.

“I’m not even done playing yet? So how could I release her?” Mu Meiyan smiled even more complacently, and her finger moved. Several hundreds of small sparks instantly struck onto Yue Hanxin’s body, and Yue Hanxin who was merely barely holding onto her consciousness earlier, instantly cried out miserably. The more miserable her cry was, the happier Mu Meiyan became. Her eyes were filled with a venomous intent. “What all of you bestowed to me, I will have all of you taste it a million times in return! No one shall even think of escaping.”

“Hanxin…” Qi Han’s expression was filled with worry. He struggled to get up, however, he did not have the strength to do so. In front of his eyes, Mu Meiyan was once again about to make a move.

Taking this opportunity, Zhu Yao activated the enhanced light saber in her hands, and struck towards Mu Meiyan.

Mu Meiyan had long prepared for this moment. In a flash, her body dodged the attack. “Hmph, you’re estimating your abilities. With the strength you people possess now, even if it’s a sneak attack, you will still be unable to beat me.”

“Who told you I wanted to launch a sneak attack on you in the first place?” Zhu Yao rolled her eyes. Don’t think you’re all that, alright?

Mu Meiyan blanked, and only then did she react to what was actually going on. When she turned her head around, the black devilish aura that was chaining Yue Hanxin, had already been struck open. Yue Hanxin, whose body was completely covered in blood, was then held onto by Feng Yi who was already waiting down below. Her target was not Mu Meiyan in the first place. She simply wanted to save the person that was held captive.

“You’re courting death!” Mu Meiyan turned absolutely furious, and her face became even more sinister. In an instant, the pressure from her entire body was released. The moment the Ascension stage comparable pressure was released, everyone present was unable to stand stably. Some Nascent Soul practitioners had even almost fallen off their swords. This was the absolute suppression between the difference in cultivation levels, no one could resist it.

Excluding Zhu Yao!

“Why are you fine?” Mu Meiyan stared at Zhu Yao who was right at the center, looking as though nothing had happened.

“Uh…” She didn’t know as well. Ever since she reached the Demigod stage, she had never been suppressed by anyone’s pressure. Those who had higher cultivation than her would not easily offend her, and those with lower cultivation couldn’t possibly suppress her in the first place. Hence, she had never noticed that other’s pressure was ineffective against her. Could it be due to her Version 4.0’s dragon body? Because they were different versions, they weren’t compatible?

After Mu Meiyan was startled for a moment, she instantly reacted. Summoning out her own sword, she charged over. Zhu Yao pulled out the hilt of the mirror, circulated her spiritual energy, instantly turning it to a sword filled with lightning glow, and took her head-on.

What’s strange was, Mu Meiyan wasn’t that amazing as she had thought? Initially, she had thought that with Mu Meiyan’s current Demigod Paragon cultivation, she definitely would not have any chance of victory. However, the more she fought, the more weak points she found. There were even several times Mu Meiyan’s spiritual sword was about to land in her hands, yet, every single time, Zhu Yao would be blocked by the black devil aura surrounding her. And then, it would unleash a counter that was ten times stronger in force.

When she had managed to slice apart the devil aura with her mirror, she was hindered by Mu Meiyan’s five elemental mystic arts.

Zhu Yao began to feel that something was off. Not only was Mu Meiyan being strange, even the devilish aura on her body was strange as well. It did not seem to be as dense as that shadow before. Just what was off about this?

Zhu Yao once again circulated her spiritual energy, and attacked, yet, she was once again countered back by that surrounding devil aura with an even stronger force for the nth time. Zhu Yao shifted her body to dodge Mu Meiyan’s incoming black wind blade, retreated ten feet back, and stared at that face of hers which had already turned sinisterly twisted.


The hell, she finally understood what was off. Her face was too clean. Zhu Yao was actually able to see every detail of her face. The three letters ‘BUG’ that should have been written on your face had instead, disappeared. Currently, she was no longer that bug.

In other words, that Devil was not on her body.

Zhu Yao instantly understood something, and turned to look at the opened huge door of that divine palace, only to see the last ray of black light, which was rising from the depths of the seas, disappearing into the other side of the door.

“You finally realized it.” Mu Meiyan laughed out coldly. “But it’s already too late. Phantom has already obtained the body remains of that deity. He will immediately be reborn, and all of you will die!”

The hell! This woman was actually here to buy time. This divine palace was actually holding the body remains of the deity from the Higher Realm. Her master had said that the Devil had already suffered a severe injury, and it was basically impossible for it to undergo another body-takeover. However, if there wasn’t a need to even take over the body, a readily available physical body went without saying. The soul would only depart from a regular body after the death of the physical body itself, hence, there was no choice but to take over the body by force. However, a deity was different. The body of a deity would not corrode or decompose, even if the former owner had died, it could still bear another soul.

Just which unlucky deity was it? Dying was fine, but why did he have to leave his body intact? And putting aside that it had left his body intact, why the hell did he have to throw it down to the Lower Realm as well? Just what kind of hatred did he have with this world?

Seeing that everything had gone according to plan, Mu Meiyan began to laugh out wildly. On the other side of the white door, a green light suddenly shone. The snow-white door slowly began to crack inch by inch. Suddenly, a ray of green light flew out from inside, and that door finally shattered resoundingly, falling into the seas.

An additional white-robed man appeared in the sky. He was sitting within the green light, and there were still remnants of black light entering the man’s body. The black light was Devil’s true body.

“Hahahahaha…” Mu Meiyan looked as though she had finally gained what she wished for, as she laughed out exceptionally arrogantly. “Phantom has succeeded. Every single one of you, don’t even think of trying to escape.”

“You idiot.” Zhu Yao could not help but condemn that Mu Meiyan who was still unable to see the full picture. “We can’t escape, true. But do you think he will let you go as well? You will be next on his list.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Mu Meiyan ruthlessly glared at her. “Why would Phantom possibly…”

Before she could even finish, suddenly, the devil aura surrounding her body began to surge, leaving her body and flying straight towards the man within the green light.

“My cultivation…” Following after the disappearance of the devilish aura, Mu Meiyan’s cultivation began to regress at a speed visible to the naked eyes. From a Demigod Paragon, to an intermediate stage Demigod, to an early stage Demigod, and it had even begun to fall back into Nascent Soul. “No… Impossible, how could this happen?”

Flustered, Mu Meiyan looked at her own pair of hands, trying to contain the devil aura. However, she could only grab onto empty air, and intense fear surfaced on her face. “No… Impossible. Phantom promised me to help exact my revenge, help raise my cultivation, and turn me into someone strong.”

“He’s a Devil!” Zhu Yao smiled coldly. There was actually someone who believed that a Devil would keep his promise. Her cultivation originated from the Devil, and now that he had found a better body, naturally, he would not waste even a single trace of devil aura on her body.

Mu Meiyan was still grunting, exhausting all her strength to maintain her own cultivation, however, she was still unable to stop her cultivation from constantly regressing, from Nascent Soul to Azoth Core. In the end, it finally stopped at Foundation, which should be her own cultivation level. However, her own complexion was beginning to speedily turn from a youthful maiden, into a white-haired old grandma. For a mere Foundation disciple, her lifespan was indeed too long.

Everyone who was suppressed by the pressure had begun to recover at this moment as well, however, no one moved at all. Mu Meiyan, who was in front of their eyes, was no longer worth them making a move on. The one who was truly threatening them was that Devil who had successfully obtained a new body, and was currently merging with it.

“We can’t allow him to resurrect.” Feng Yi said solemnly, as she was the first person to charge out. However, before she could even approach him, she was forced back by that green light. The green light faintly emitted out the might of a deity from the Higher Realm. As practitioners of the Lower Realm, they were basically unable to approach him.

The surrounding devil aura was just about to be completely absorbed by the body, yet, everyone could only watch on powerlessly.

In the beginning, this was all just a sinister plot. That so-called divine palace had most likely been found by that Devil a long time ago, and he had even known what was inside. It simply did not have any method of entering the place. Hence, it exposed the divine palace, making it look as though a unique artifact had emerged. All this was in order to have someone else dispel the seal, so that that Devil called ‘Phantom’ could obtain the divine body.

And, she was truly able to release the seal. This time, she really had the thought of chopping her head off. Why did her hands have to be so meddlesome!?

Everyone’s face could not help but carry ashen expressions. Could it be that there really was no way to save them?

Suddenly, a heavenly radiance sliced through the skies and shone down. The sound of a bell resounded, and the sky which was covered by dark clouds earlier, suddenly scattered completely. As though the door of heavens was opened in an instant, petals began to scatter throughout the sky all of a sudden, as two profound figures slowly walked out of the heavenly radiance.

“They… They’re deities of the Higher Realm?”

Everyone was instantly a little exhilarated.

In the next moment, a pressure that belonged to a higher being, enveloped the entire surface of the sea in an instant. With a suppressive force that was hundreds of levels stronger than Mu Meiyan’s earlier, the Dantian of the Nascent Soul practitioners present instantly shattered, their cultivation was completely destroyed, and they fell into the sea. Even the several Demigod practitioners were unable to resist it.

Other than Zhu Yao!

Just like that time when she was unable to feel Mu Meiyan’s pressure, she was unable to feel a single thing from these two people either.

“Oh? There’s actually someone who is able to block against a Gold Deity’s spiritual pressure.” A doubtful male voice sounded. Zhu Yao was unable to see the looks of the people in the heavenly radiance clearly, however, she was able to discern that it came from the man on the left. These two were really people from the Higher Realm!?

“She sure is a pretty good seedling. It’s a pity that she no longer has an opportunity to head into the Higher Realm.”

Zhu Yao expanded her barrier, trying her best to protect even more people within her barrier, in order to reduce the effects of their pressure. However, the pain that everyone was feeling wasn’t lifted that much. The hell, could it be that these two people weren’t here to help them deal with the Devil? What’s the deal with suddenly making a move on them?

“Let’s get down to actual business then!” The other deity spoke, and his voice was even colder than the other deity. He suddenly stretched out his hand, and waved towards the green ball of light at the side. A ray of light flew out, forming into a shape of a cage, which enclosed the green ball. In an instant, the body’s speed of absorbing the devil aura slowed down.

While that deity who was the first to speak up earlier, looked towards the crowd of people, his gaze landed on Yue Hanxin who was being held by Qi Han.

“Is she the one?”

“It should be. She’s the only one who possesses the mark.” The other person replied.

That deity once again waved his hand, and Qi Han simply felt his hands were empty, as in the next instant, Yue Hanxin had already arrived in front of the two people.

“How did she end up like this?” The deity on the left frowned.

“It’s natural, seeing that she had reincarnated in the Lower Realm several times.” The other person sighed. “This has nothing to do with us. We only have to bring her back and hand her over to his majesty.”

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